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Completed, Japanese warrior monk (Romeo kit)

Discussion in 'Brutal Honesty - Critique Center' started by YellowBear, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. YellowBear Active Member

    hi friends

    i have finish this kit, after a little break coz day-time job

    all comments are gladly welcome
    but i will point certain point that i would like to ask

    1. white color, this is my best attempt, but i am still not happy with it. i don't like the shade that it turn out, grey-ish - also cannot do shadow and hi-light properly on white - (in real life it look a bit smoother :p)

    2. face, i want to improve color of face - any suggestion?
    3. Weapons / blade , for this i want to use my experience with NMM (very little) to make it looks a bit better, but honestly, i don't really like how it turn outs
    4. black armor/ how we do hilight and shadow with something that is really black like this? i want to emphasize on the edge of it as it has little pattern, but when i put grey color aroud as to hi-light - it looks ugly

    i am looking to get new lense / macro lens / but anyone has suggestion on my lens? i am using tamron 17-50mm - cannot really focus the face properly

    IMG_9288_compress.jpg IMG_9289_compress.jpg IMG_9290_compress.jpg IMG_9291_compress.jpg
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  2. YellowBear Active Member

    oh. another things

    after look at the picture, i don't think i like my color choice
    it make the figure looks a bit dull/
    what do u think?
  3. Bailey A Fixture


    Overall the figure looks good. I agree with some of the points you brought up. For whites try to avoid shading with pure grey. I like to mix in an off white like beige or khaki. For the black armor you might want to treat it like NMM and go more extreme with transitions between highlight and shadow. But that really depends on the look your going for with the armor. I see it and I think almost a glossy finish... but perhaps that is incorrect for this subject.

    I rather like the face. I think you got a nice variation of colors and good placement of highlights and shadows. If I were to change anything it'd be go farther with the extreme highlights and try to do a little more with the eyes.

    All in all, nice job.
  4. YellowBear Active Member

    You are spot on with the eye, when I look at it more and more it gave the feeling of un-finished. I am thinking of adding lower eyeliner and a bit more shadow where eyes meet nose
    You also right with the grey mix for the shadow of white. I will try other color like u said.

    Thanks for the comment
  5. FigureLover A Fixture

    I like your colour choice, the burgandy overcoat looks great against the white. My belief is that your face should be a bit more darker to make it more Asian looking, for a caucasion face its pretty darn good. I take it you are using Vallejo paints (gathering from the background), and as I'm unfamiliar with them, I cant suggest a colour to use. The whites arent tooooo bad but as suggested above, a more buff type colour would have been better to shade than using grey, as it gives you easier transitions from your highlight white to the shadows. As for the blacks I tend to paint either dark grey or blue first and then add washes of black over the top, this gives a softer definition and not the stark contrast if you hand paint the highlights after. It is my own personal opinion that if you are after a realistic interpretation of a historic figure then dont do NMM for metals, stick with your shaded metalic colours. As for fantasy based subjects, I think this style suits them perfectly and I applaud those who can do it as it looks outstanding.
    Hope this helps
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  6. YellowBear Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. Definitely there are helpful.
    My next project, I consider to do white again to try your suggestion
  7. Bailey A Fixture


    I've been working with white recently too. I just posted some pictures of my attempt along with the details of my color mixes. Take a look and see if you like the effect of using off white instead of grey. You may want to tweak my mixes, use more white, perhaps even mix in some grey with the off white colors. I'm still learning and I certainly haven't figured out all the answers!


    And, my apologies to the other Ben, but I have to disagree about the NMM. I have seen some fantastic historical work using NMM, especially in the napoleonics. I do think the NMM technique should differ between fantasy and historical. I think in fantasy it can be more exaggerated. Of course, all that being said, I've never done it on historical figures and stick with shading metallic paints. But one of these days I'm going to give it a try.
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  8. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks a lot David
    from your example, it motivate me to try, so i duck up my old unfinished project and try on that
    will show how it looks soon
  9. YellowBear Active Member

  10. John Bowery A Fixture

    I like the colours and the face a lot. For the white I only see two colours? but that could be the photo's. Try to get a little more of the transitions smoother. I like the above suggestions also.
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  11. YellowBear Active Member

    thanks for the comment john, you are absolutely right. i notice from other friends work, i will try to create more variety

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