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Review Comparison between 2 figures, same subject, same scale.

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Zastrow.cuirassier, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Comparison between 2 Officer of TERCIOS, Rocroi, 1643 (French victory;)) 75mm.
    Two quality brands ROMEO MODELS & MINIATURAS FORTES, two artists of great talent, Antonio Zapatero and Diego.F.FORTES.
    I make no comment.
    You get the photos.
    it's up to you.
    Write a review
    The Boxes ( O.K one is in a bag)
    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (1).JPG

    ROMEO Figure
    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (2).JPG

    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (3).JPG

    The Bodies
    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (4).JPG Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (5).JPG

    The Heads
    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (6).JPG

    Arms & swords
    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (7).JPG

    Detailing parts
    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios (8).JPG

    The Base
    Comparaison pour PF 75mm Tercios.JPG

    Différences : 2 choice of heads for MINIATURAS FORTES figure, no base for its figures, Plume for the ROMEO figure.

    The last thing quite important, the price, without shipping and with VAT:
    ROMEO MODELS : 47 €
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  2. housecarl A Fixture

    Diego's for me, crisper casting, and it's resin.;)
  3. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I don't understand why Romeo have become so expensive-they used to be priced a shade cheaper than Pegaso now they are 20% dearer if you buy them in the UK. I know Historex have a tendency to make on the currency exchange (Not alone in that) but I assume the price differential is pretty consistent everywhere?

  4. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Just checked the Historex website ..............................Pegaso 75mm £38.45 Romeo £45.80

    Is that differential the same in Spain, Italy, France? Sorry I don't mean to hijack the thread but I suppose it started with a price:quality comparison.

  5. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Price in France, Cinecreatif.com France
    Pegaso : 45€ / 37£
    Romeo : 48€ / 39£
    Bestsoldier Italy
    Pegaso : 45€ / 37£
    Romeo : 45€ /37£
    http://casa-della-maket.com/crbst_1.html (Swiss)
    Pegaso : 45€
    Romeo : 45€
    SKminiatures UK
    You have to mail to Steve (normaly Steve have always good price)
    El Greco UK
    Pegaso : 37,5£ /45€
    Romeo : not listed
    Pegaso : 69,95US$ /51€/41,8£
    Romeo : idem
    Coloradominiatures USA
    Pegaso : 70 US$
    Romeo : 70/75 US$
    I can continue with other internet sellers, hold, however they do not automatically have the full range in stock account.
    be careful in shipping and customs fees.
    Normally, European sellers may sell off EC resident without VAT (about 19 ​​to 23% depending on the country).
    I gave you the sellers from whom I buy most often, and they are normally serious and professional.
    Last advice, compare price, but do not forget that with the exchange rate, bank charges (if the seller does not take Paypal), and transportation costs, it is sometimes better to buy figurines in their country of production.
    for Customs charges for residents of the EC, you do have to pay duties and taxes if the goods and transport exceed a value of 45 €.
    Also avoid shipping EMS, Fedex, UPS, expensive, and they'll automatically charge fees for customs presentation (a real scam).
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  6. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Well one is metal, the other resin
    I prefer the metal, just because there is far less cleaning and assembly, all those big pegs ...
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  7. debrito A Fixture

    The overall look, special the face, of the Romeos fig is much better; my vote goes to Romeo...
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  8. trevi Member

    In Samarkanda Miniaturas (Spain)
    Romeo: 45€
    Pegaso: 45€
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  9. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

  10. pmfs A Fixture

    Diego´s figure is good value for the money, two heads option, resin, less weight in shipping, 35 euros almost same price of some 54mm figures around.

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  11. gerryj199 PlanetFigure Supporter

    The Romeo figure looks better sculpted to me. More realistic, and IMHO much closer to the inspirational painting. I'd vote for Romeo.
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  12. blaster Well-Known Member

    Excellent photo comparison. Rgds Victor
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  13. Comic-Club Member

    What a comparison !
    I am really new in this scale (usually be in 1/6 Garagekits)
    In this case, by viewing the Pics I think that the Resin Piece has more details and the surface is cleaner.
    AND plus a second Head variation,
    I vote for the Resin one.
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  14. Marco22 A Fixture

    a great idea to compare those two figs!
    altough I prefer metal fig as I seem to be "holding" something, it is clear that resin figs are having crisper details than A few years back...

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  15. Alexander Zelenkov A Fixture

    Romeo has better sculpting.
    But metal... I hate metal! Resin figure has better casting, not so expensive, provide better detailing, easy for assemble. Why you prefer metal? Does metal has any advantage or it is irrational feeling?
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  16. silencer TW New Member

    I am a newbie of miniature figures, I like white metal then resin, even though resin material has better details and easy to assemble but the metal figure bring me more fulfilling and satisfying before painting. I love the feeling cold and heavy of the figure and the shining looks after polish it.It is fun besides painting.
  17. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Why we love metal
    Have a look a the movie " The Patriot ", you can not get your revenge with resin :D
  18. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Although resin usually results in 'crisper' mouldings, this is not necessarily so. You only have to think of the quality of David Grieve's white metal figures, and we have all seen/bought resin figures which have been poorly cast. I agree that in this instance the resin figure has been much better cast.

  19. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Sorry to derail slightly, Mike while I agree that David's metal figures were good, the same figures cast in resin are definately crisper.
    I have compared the 2, metal and resin of the same piece side by side. Resin always gives crisper detail and smoother surfaces, it is the manner and care by which it is cast that matters and bad castings are usually due to sloppy mould making and inexperience/laziness in moulding and bad quality control.
    David has said to me that if he was producing today he would be using resin.
    This piece looks like it has been done correctly and both are certainly fine pieces.

    As said, sorry to derail
    Best wishes
  20. MCPWilk A Fixture

    I don't suppose he could be tempted back.....................

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