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For Sale Coming soon, laser cut paint racks Vallejo/Andrea etc

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by TCSloan, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. TCSloan Guest

    I doubt he wouldve viewed it too kindly if I had posted these on his thread.
  2. Hecky_uk Active Member

    I don't get it. I keep mine in a box. Cost me jack.
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  3. Don Well-Known Member

    Me, I would buy from and deal with Jon as I have seen his super products and after all he has been making them for a few years. So I dont think he is hijacking your thread, things like this are fairly common on here and yes I WOULD buy from Jon

  4. TCSloan Guest

    really? so if your offering something for sale and someone else makes a post in your sale thread "look I have one! buy from me" ...you wouldnt think that?
  5. Don Well-Known Member

    Not really, I think this is a very open forum and benefits from being so. Over the years I have seen many incidents of people wandering off onto a different subject such as a better model ( not for one moment suggesting your model being any less than Jon's) or a different way to do things. One member has already suggested the money saving device of a box, a system I have used for many years.
    I mentioned it because only last Euro I managed a good look at Jons and liked whatI saw.
    One final point I may mention is that YOU did invite a reply by asking who would buy from Jon.

  6. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Back to the practicality of the oil rack ,it looks a good idea and works well in the art shops ,but most of my oil paints no longer accept caps as they are clogged with hardened paint, maybe this system would make me keep them clean.

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  7. TCSloan Guest

  8. DEL A Fixture

    TC....Ron's point above is worth thinking about. We oil painters all have precious tubes of paint that wouldn't win any beauty contests and are so scrunched up the wouldn't hang well :arghh:
    Suggest you might look at a few small oblong slots to hold these base first.
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  9. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    I don't see a problem with Jon offering something that the original poster doesn't sell at this time. Nowhere did I see a storage unit for oil tube paints being offered by TCSloan. He has every right to offer us an option.

  10. Jimmy S Well-Known Member


    I think I got mine from the same place Hecky......
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  11. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Really Ron? I think you are like me and actually enjoy rummaging through the chaos to find that last squeeze of burnt umber from the favourite tube you bought 10 years ago!! Honestly, clean is way overrated...

    Sorry didn't mean to re hijack ..or is or re re hijack... oh bollocks....someone start a new thread quick!!
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  12. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Why is burnt umber always the worst offender:playful:
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  13. DEL A Fixture

    as the song goes.......a little bit of brown let me down.........
  14. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Snooker comes to mind...............(had to clean that up for our American friends...)
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  15. Helm A Fixture

  16. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

  17. DEL A Fixture

  18. Helm A Fixture

    I think there may be a serious paint rack war brewing :facepalm:
    Better call the U.N ....millions of innocent modellers will be displaced by the fighting :woot:
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  19. Don Well-Known Member

    Steve if anyone approaches you in the street and tries to sell you tube and jar holders, dont do it, just run away and tell an adult!

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  20. Jimmy S Well-Known Member


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