WIP Colonial British Army in Zulu war. scale 1/9

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by offo, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Grod A Fixture

    These look great Pavol in particular Stanley Baker.
    I'd like to see you do the full cast.....although 4000 zulus may be a step too far.
    Keep up the great work Pavol.
  2. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Do you have a planned release date? Really like them, especially Sgt Major Bourne(y)
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  3. MMM A Fixture

    we're aiming for mid November, we'll be sure to put a post on PF and Facebook when ready

  4. Funky50 Guest

    Great busts Ross........Suddenly occurs to me. Why has this taken so long for these 3 characters to come out it seems to me they've been shouting for someone to release them for ages...lol again Great release mate put me down for a set...Kevin
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  5. Huw63 A Fixture

    Really superb set of busts.


  6. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Thanks Ross. Looking forward to it(y)
  7. stoffy01 A Fixture

    Hi Palo,
    Brilliant stuff, if I have to be picky it's probably the helmet is a little off but other than that they're very close looking.
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  8. Jimbo A Fixture

    All three are good..I really like the Stanley Baker best though(y)
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  9. Gellso A Fixture

    Lovely work on these Pavol.

    They should do really well.

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  10. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    From one of my favourite films, like to see full figure versions.... Any chance Ross ???
  11. MMM A Fixture

    I wouldn't rule out a full figure in the near future, possibly something for Moz to take a look at for us

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  12. Nap A Fixture


    Full figures ...Ooooh that would be in the mind of my mate Jimbo" legs" Evans !

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  13. baronband Well-Known Member

    A full figure Lt Chard mmm (y)

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  14. mick3272 A Fixture

    Looking at these three fine busts if asked to put them in order of likeness to the character I would say Chard, Bourne, then Bromhead.
    I asked the wife what order she would place them . Bourne, Bromhead with Chard bringing up the rear who she could not recognise Stanley Baker at all.
    Just goes to show we all look at things in a different way.
  15. stoffy01 A Fixture

    My 8 year old daughter just saw that part on the redoubt and feels sorry for those Zulu, I'm afraid I'd agree, poor buggers.
  16. Funky50 Guest

    Love to see a full 200mm figure of Bourne ....always loved the old Tiny Troopers range
  17. Richie A Fixture

    Hi All,
    I have been messaged and emailed quite a few times on this new set of releases and it seems my silence is thunderous.

    I am a big fan of Mitches Military Models and Pavol Ovečka aka Offo. I have marveled at some of their former releases such as Ivan Kozhedub, Audie Murphy, Jimmy Doolittle, Karl Otto Alberty, Oddball and Mitchell V.C. to name a few. They are formidable likenesses. Therefore I would like to be constructive in my opinions and not destructive, after all this period is my undying passion and I too have waited for these.


    I have to say that I like Chard/Baker and it’s a great likeness. I also like the open tunic; this gives the painter the chance to paint him as the soldier in battle and opportunities for weathering. I think all the key facial features have been captured very well and I like the stern look on the face.
    6.jpg 3602301_tml.jpg


    I think with Bourne/Green the key facial features have not been achieved like in Chard/Baker and the portentous look is missing. Green’s facial hair is incorrect and Green sported the same style mustache in other films. The corners of this most distinctive mustache are not turned up. Green also had a very thin set of lips and the bottom lip is too full. Looking at the side profile of the bust face the nose is more Romanesque and bent over clearly not the case on Green in his side profile picture. I also think the chin could be tweaked on the side profile. I personally would have liked to see Bourne/Green shouting, like the scene - shouting for the stretcher bearers.

    The Foreign Service helmet has already been mention and it looks stunted in size, the shako plate curled over and it’s compensating for this. I also think the profile shape if off, this may be down to not having the dimensions for a F.S. helmet.
    bayonetcharge08-04-13-031.jpg bourne-hitch-and-allen.jpg Bourne.jpg b3.jpg


    I had shown my wife this one and she has been subjected many times to viewing Zulu and other Michael Caine films which I own. She asked who it was!

    Unfortunately I think this also and it does not resemble Caine in my eyes. I also think it is a poor choice of movie still to sculpt from and there are so many better ones from the film that could have been chosen. I think he should have been in the same style as Baker/Chard, open collar and sporting the Sam Brown webbing. For me I don’t like the cape or awkward smile on the face. Looks like some unknown officer going into the mess for dinner and does not sum up a character from the movie Zulu.
    11a.jpg caine-zulu_opt.jpg michael%20caine%20Zulu-Screencap-michael-caine-2662268-570-330 - Copy.jpg Zulu-Screencap-michael-caine-2662246-570-330.jpg Zulu-Screencap-michael-caine-2662266-570-330.jpg

    In conclusion, if the features had been captured on all three like Chard/Baker then it would have been a world class set that I hoped it was going to be and I had such high hopes for these in the hands of Offo as his previous sculpts have been superb. I hope my observations have been on the constructive side as I would like to see these tweaked and nailed. Other people may see these different and I respect those opinions as I tend to lean on the open minded side and observations about my own work and this has forced me to make changes for the better.

    But this film and these characters are so iconic and inspirational to me I just want them to be perfect.

    I know these are probably past the point of no return, if they were mine I would delay the release and revisit them.


  18. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    First let me state I am in no way a sculptor and the skills of Pavol Ovečka are truly amazing. I too am a fan of the movie Zulu and even wore out a VHS tape of the movie watching so much. My wife bless her also loves the film and has had to sit through it numerous times. I would agree with Richie's statements above. I believe Chard is very well done and looks very much like Stanley Baker. Colour Sgt Bourne Nigel Green not so much and as he was a very strong character in the movie would have been better presented as Richie mentioned shouting orders. Michael Caine Bromhead is my least favorite of the set. I too was hoping for an action bust as it were of him. I too have been waiting and hoping these would see the light of day. I don't mean to sound greedy but had hope the bust would have been a little more animated. Still a very nice set. Perhaps at some point there could be a second one. Cheers, Brock
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  19. Helm A Fixture

    Richie that is a master class in constructive critique mate nice one hopefully some of the points can be rectified, others alas may be beyond saving. That aside it is still a feat of sculpting beyond anything I could dream of
    By beyond saving I mean too late not that it is beyond Offo's skill because that I don't think is any doubt
  20. offo A Fixture

    Hi friends, Richie Thank you for your comments.;)
    Always I work from several photographs, and civilian and also from various movies. Character faces are a lot of changes on individual photos. Therefore, it is my job so mix. The Green mustache are made. But so is weaned away from the face. It's then very fragile. It is difficult zaformováva.
    As for expression, and clothing. Make them all in the same uniform I had little inventive. For me as an author is always interesting when it's different. And I did Cain Photo / commissioning up / where the casing with beautiful clasps with a lion's head.
    And it does so no combat appearance. But just a smiling face.
    I am glad for your comments.
    However, I must state that all my work may not like everyone.
    So it just is.
    Last but not least, this series was just inspired by the movie Zulu. But under that name probably it will not be mentioned, because it is a work that has copyrights.
    I hope that this will be properly understood.

    Thanks again and I hope that he will find its fans set.:)
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