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Collecting Series 77

Discussion in 'Post Your Own Articles & SBS' started by Michael Mahoney, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Michael Mahoney Member

    Seventeen months ago I embarked on a mission to obtain all of the Series 77 Americans and Classics. At that time I had 4 kits from way back, but now that I am retired I wanted to finish the collection. Thanks to eBay alerts I was able to finish the quest today when I received, fittingly enough, A65, the last figure in the American series.
    I have paid on average, underline the word average, $36.92 per kit.
    In the meantime I have completed 11 American and 4 Classic kits with 2 on the workbench. Each of the kits is exquisite and a joy to paint. I usually have 3 kits on the bench at any given time in various stages of work, and no more than that. My goal is to complete 1 kit per month.
    Advice: if you like a line of figures and want them in your display case, buy them asap. They will not go stale in your workshop. You can always resell if you change your mind. Do not start several kits with an attitude of "I'll get around to them." Leave them intact in the box until you are ready to do the whole process. Use eBay alerts to keep you posted on new listings you are searching for. The service is free. The hunt is fun!
  2. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Michael,

    I know you have been hunting for a while-pleased to see that you have achieved your objective. Many of these stand the test of time and it is nice to have a series in the display cabinet, same bases, same style of sculpting etc. I have a friend with all of the Le Cimier Marshalls and it looks really nice as a collection.

  3. Michael Mahoney Member

    Thank you for your kind words.
    Yes, the uniformity of collections is nice. All of the figures are stand alone, but some can be combined for vignettes. I have the two WWI figures on a single base looking at a captured German helmet, and am still considering what to do with General's Lee and Grant.
    Last year I had a month-long exhibit at the local library and the feedback was all positive. Great conversation starters according to the librarians and folks were spurred to check out books on their favorite subjects depicted by the figures. I had figures with appropriate historical books on display.
    These figures are 20-30 years old and Mr. Bird is deceased so there will not be anymore, but they are still beautiful.
  4. fafo Member

    i have full collection of series 77. all americans. mostly of them were purchased this last 2 years on ebay. no boxed but completed. if you still looking for some may be i can help. send me your email and will have a look.
  5. Michael Mahoney Member

    Dear fafo,
    Thanks, but I have all of the Americans and Classics. The Classics are completed and in the display cabinet. I have 18 Americans left to do with five on the workbench at this time.
    Once completed this will finish out my bucket list for miniatures.
  6. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Michael


    That's a special collection you have do share your completed pieces as well as ongoing projects here

    Look forward to the bench-time results

  7. yellowcat A Fixture

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  8. Nap A Fixture

  9. grasshopper A Fixture

    Felix advised my wrt lead disease, and after some bad eBay decisions resulting in some useless junk, I’ve done well and avoided the true trash...recently I avoided a large scale series 77 due visible omitting and scaling .. I began with the original Series 77 and still have a couple from back then... there is sound chemistry to what Felix is saying. Most certainly not all white metal is created equally viz the results from a maker using the moulds of a certain now out of production top class brand with different alloy and having vastly uneven quality. So annoying because working on metal remains so much fun vs resin...
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  10. yellowcat A Fixture


    I am glad I can help. I think this is the one you are referring to. A prime example of a typically lead disease/lead rot. All parts are tarnish/blacken covered with grey residue and the surface is full of pits and peeling away. YUCK!

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  11. grasshopper A Fixture

    That’s the one..totally shot and they guy wants $150USD..I actually messaged him and was told there was nothing wrong with it..and the vendor is Canadian!
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