Discussion in 'Figure News' started by gpldsl, Jul 31, 2020 at 3:25 AM.

  1. gpldsl Active Member

    Hi at is super hot here in Italy and we are ready for a small stop first of ROME 2020.
    But I wanna show at all, our "last"? one of the series kids...

    When we are using mobiles, laptop, or whatever electronic device there is someone in the opposite parts of the world that is working for it.
    Sadly this precious minerals are in poor Africa Regions...

    here the last childhood busts called "cobalt" sculpted by Mujin for

    we are working to devolve an amount for an Etiopian school... we will see...

    bust is in scale 1:10 and it will be release in September 2020 bambino minatore 1.jpg BAmbino minatore 2.jpg bambino minatore 6.jpg BAmbino minatore 7.jpg Schermata 2020-07-22 alle 09.09.32.png
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  2. karlw New Member

    Excellent bust and I really appreciate the subject matter, being not the usual killing machine called soldier.
  3. fogie A Fixture

    Another wonderful and emotive piece from this gifted sculptor - a glance at his FB page
    shows some equally magical things to come - highly collectable in my view.

  4. gpldsl Active Member

    i have nothing against soldiers be clear... (soldier bust, airplaine, tank etc..).but i think that painting miniatures could be much just windows to shows different aspects...
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  5. gpldsl Active Member

    i have a great feeling with Mujin...all process usually starts from some books that i read, then i spent some weeks or month looking for references...trying to understand in what way i can use it in my company, and then i talk with Mujin to explain story and showing him what i am looking for...then his hands starts to makes it real... :) sometimes we win sometimes not...;)
  6. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Well in fact a cobalt mine in Katanga looked like this


    And an european coalmine circa 10 years before like this


    and stil in Katanga today ( it's not a child but a Chinese )
    cobalt today chinese.jpg

    And you need 1 Ton minerals to get circa 25g
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  7. grasshopper Well-Known Member

  8. gpldsl Active Member

    dear Mirofsoft you are missing a BIG , enormous , huge point...i don't take care if it is cobalt, gold, arsenic or whatever...(i lived in south africa for a scientifi research and trust in me , situation due diamonds is a tragedy)...what I am doing is just put the painter and modeller in the other side of this hobby.
    I don't give and i don't judge anybody if they like to paint an SS soldier...painting rifle or sword full of blood a choiche....and i will accept...but i like to show also what there is behind what we decide is my personal point of view... :)
  9. gpldsl Active Member

    and this is the other side of our society...maybe we hate but we can't be blind forever

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  10. Henkm Active Member

    Excellent work and a very sympathetic idea. Obviously you can't capture every aspect of reality in a single bu (and if you could, I bet it would be nice to look at).
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  11. gpldsl Active Member

    for sure...we wanna just open some doors on other subject in this world...:) that's it...everyone keep some aspects in his soul... :)
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  12. Dolf Active Member

    Another beautiful bust in a very special and wonderful series of busts! (y)

    Congratulations for your dedication and perseverance on bringing something new and some fresh air to this hobby! (y)

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  13. gpldsl Active Member

    thank you DOLF...we try to do our usual...;) sometimes works sometime no.. ;)
  14. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there my friend

    I have said this in another thread ...Scientific release pieces that have such meaning and a very moving story in each one

    This is another for sure guys certainly do open doors to another world ..BRAVO

    Great sculpting by Mujin

    Thanks for sharing nd supporting FOTM

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  15. gpldsl Active Member

    Hi NAP... thank you so much...i have no presumption to teaching anything to anybody...but i have some years on my backpack and some experiences that i would love to tell, and this busts are working for me ...that's it...;)
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