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Coal mining gnoome

Discussion in 'Brutal Honesty - Critique Center' started by gforceman, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hello all,

    Included I post 2 pictures of a figure I'm currently working on. It's a 54mm resin casting by Blacksmith miniatures. They've done a whole serie of gnoomes like this one all inspired by the illustrations of Moinge. Again, all acrylics and inks and I'm trying to paint like there is a blueish light on him coming from behind. I have no title yet, so all suggestions are more than welcome.

    Enjoy the weekend, and for all the cyclist fans : Vive le tour de Flandres!


    coal2a.JPG coal2b.JPG
  2. Mjølner PlanetFigure Supporter

    It looks great so far, I really like your skin tone. What colours have you used?
    Can hardly wait to see him finished.
  3. megroot A Fixture

    You nailed it Gino.
    Looking to the next step.

  4. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    Thank you very much, I appreciate it a lot.

    Hello Mjolner (sorru I'm writting this with an normal "o", that o with a bar isn't on my keyboard.

    These days my skin painting is quite chaotic, but I'll try to describe it.

    On the black primer I first start to sketch my highlights with titanium white (Schminke). Over this I apply 2 to 3 glazes of the following mix : equal parts of basic flesh (sc) and resurrection flesh (f&g) plus a dab of black (sc) and violet ink (si). Over this I applied another glaze of red leather (VMC) to warm up the skin a bit. Next I repainted the highlights with Titanium white, but on smaller surfaces then the first time, and all the shadows using black. Again a glaze with the basic mix was applied and if you find the skin a bit too cool at this moment, reapply the red leather glaze. Now I started to paint the highlights again but this time with a thinner layer of the basic mix but with more resurrection flesh this time. I keep increasing the resurrection flesh until I reach pure resurrection flesh. I then begin adding titanium white to the resurrection flesh to paint even lighter highlights. Shading was done with thinned down violet ink, second layer had prussian blue (R&D) added and for the third Black ink was added. And now starts the real fun. Around the eyes, the tip of the nose and the hollow of the cheeks a glaze of blood red (SC) and black was applied but only in the shadows. More black was added for the deep shadows. Over this a thin layer of blood for the bloodgod (GW) was added. To tie the red to the normal flesh I used a glaze of magenta ink (liquitex) was placed on the border between those two colours. at any moment during the painting, I sometimes added another glaze of the basic mix whenever I found an effect to strong. This doesn't have to go over the whole face, but can be used locally. Finally I painted the extreme highlights with thinned down Titanium white and the deepest shadow with pure black. again, if I found the effect too strong I went over it with a glaze of the basic mix, then re-applying the highlight/shadow but with a somewhat thinner version than previously. The 5'O clock shadow was done with a glaze of usa olive drab (VMC)

    SC = scalecolor (scale 75)
    f&g = Fantasy & gamecolor (scale 75)
    SI = Inktensity (scale 75)
    VMC = Vallejo Model Color
    R&D = Rawler & Doney
    GW = Games Workshop

    I hope this has answered your question. If something isn't clear, just let me now and I'll try to explain.


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  5. Matt McGrath Member

    Very impressive work on the skin tones!
  6. John Bowery A Fixture

    Well done.
  7. gforceman Well-Known Member

    odd1d.JPG odd1b.JPG Thanks for the comments guys.

    As I'm new to this 2 source lightsource painting is something very new to me, and I need to correct many, many mistakes, work is progressing very slowly. I'm more or less happy with how the effect comes through at his face and beard, but at his hat I still "feel" something ain't right.

    Anyway, here are the pictures, and all comments and any faults you might see, would be very much appreciated.


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  8. pmfs A Fixture

    Who knows, never forgets Gino! :joyful:

  9. gforceman Well-Known Member

    odd3d.JPG odd3f.JPG Hello,

    Here's some mor work in progress. I hope you like it?


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