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Cleaning up seam lines

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by stev1eran, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. stev1eran Member

    I have seen advertised in a number of magazines and also on the Historex Agents site a tool called a micro chisel, which is used for cleaning up seam lines etc on metal, resin and plastic figures.
    I wondered if any planeteers have used this tool and whether it is worth buying one.
    Any thoughts?

  2. DaveCox Member

    I don't reckon that it'll do anything that I can't do with a sharp knife and a piece of wet'n'dry; so I won't be getting one.
  3. poetwarrior Member

    Xacto #11, 12 and 16 blades work great for me.
  4. Roc Active Member

    I try to buy figures with minimum mold lines, but if I have to clean mold lines I also use an exacto knife.

    Roc. :)
  5. Guy A Fixture

    I guess the tool I use depends on how severe the mold lines are and what material the figure is cast out of. For resin I use an x-acto knife first and then if the mold line is thicker I use a sanding board. On larger figures I have an electric file / sander that works beautifully and comes with an assortment of files and sandpaper grit.

    On large mold blocks I use a bench disc sander carefully to take the mold block down. Verlinden figures are famous for their waist mold blocks and without the sander it would take forever to do these by hand. Some of the guys who live close to me and paint figures bring the figure over to the house to use the disc sander for removal of the mold plugs.

    Michael Roberts sells a detailer which has a slower speed than a dremel and works great for those hard to get at places that a file can't get.
  6. stev1eran Member

    Thanks guys,

    thats answered my question and saved me a few pounds - better off putting towards the next recruit to the grey army :lol:

  7. mikec55 PlanetFigure Supporter

    "I try to buy figures with minimum mold lines, but if I have to clean mold lines I also use an exacto knife."

    Just out of curiosity, which manufacturers seem to have the cleanest figures?

  8. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    OK, OK....that would be me! I admit it, I love the disc sander. It is ssoooooooooooo fast and it just eats up those big ol' resin blocks!
    Thank you Guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a more serious note, Steve if it is any consolation I have a couple tools from Mission Models (if that is indeed the manufacturer of this chisel) and they make fantastic products. I have considered one of their chisels myself and will likely still get one in the future. I am a perfectionist, and although I agree, an x-acto does a nice job, I like to have several options around should the need arise. I like to say its all about the right tool! Good luck,

    Jay H.
  9. KeithP Active Member

    In my semi limited experience, I have had the most "clean" figures from Pegaso, Elite, and Metal Modeles.

  10. Einion Well-Known Member

    Hi Steve, a small chisel is useful for certain tasks - like paring off surface detail - but I have a couple of chisel-like tools (originally made for engraving Chinese signature blocks) and while there are a few figure-modelling jobs they're great for you can certainly live without one.

    I'd suggest making one of your own, you'll have to learn to sharpen one you buy anyway as a blunt chisel is next to useless so making it from scratch would be good practice :)

    @Jan 10 2006, 10:06 PM
    Just out of curiosity, which manufacturers seem to have the cleanest figures?[/quote]
    Depends on which day you buy them :lol:

    You can virtually name the maker, particularly if they cast in white metal, and someone will have had a badly-cast model from them, even if the majority of people have only good things to say about them.

  11. Roc Active Member

    The manufacturers that in my opinion produce the cleanest figures are:
    Pegaso, Andrea, Pabelo Miniatures ,Seil and Time Machine Miniatures.
    I have never been disappointed by these companies.

    Roc. :)
  12. mikec55 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Andrea, Pegaso, Metal Modeles, Elite, Time Machine.--just the ones I figured would be among the cleanest, especially because those are the ones that make up the smallest percentage of my colossal gray army :( .

  13. Einion Well-Known Member

    To illustrate this point, a couple of mentions of Andrea above yet two of the worst-cast models I've ever bought were from them. The Polish lancer bust was the worst - bad resin texture, bad fit of parts(!), air bubbles - I had to complete it as I was working on a commission but I wouldn't have had I been making it for myself.

    Also, I just got the new Soldiers 90mm Fallschirmjager - #73/999, I think, can't read the number - and virtually every piece has a fine granular texture in part (just to tease me with how smooth it could be) or over the entire surface, one or two have little air bubbles on them too and the MG42 is bent into a gentle sine wave! I'm sorely tempted to ask for a complete replacement :angry:

  14. KeithP Active Member

    I'm sorry to hear about that, Einion. It is very disappointing that these products are packed in the obligatory foam sandwich with the delicate bits in a baggy.. I got the Elite 70 mm Trumpeter Guard (the PM Derek Hanson re-issue). It is a lovely figure. The only disappointment was the bent sabre.

    I am curious as to whether any of you folks would pay a few more $ for a better product pack out?


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