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Citadel Colors and Lord of The Rings Projects

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by MrFrank, May 2, 2018.

  1. MrFrank New Member

    Hello planetfigure forums!
    As you can see I am new to this forum (I am also new in miniatures painting) and this is my first topic!

    First of all, a few things about me: I am 25 years old, I live in a small Greek island with no local access to art shops and specific paints and I just entered into miniatures painting section, in order to accomplish the goal/dream I have since I was a young boy => To build the world of Lord of the Rings from terrains to all miniatures (for both gaming and watching) straight to my house.
    I know it's going to be a very hard project but I have the time, the energy and of course the money needed, otherwise I would not post at all about it.

    Now let's move on to the purpose of this topic...After a 2 week practice on miniatures painting (on cheap/fail minis), I am ready to start my first Lord of the Rings project which is a game I have called War of Ring.

    Here is the thing, even if these minis are small and not so much detailed I want to make them as good as possible in terms of colors matching and tha's why I have gathered information around internet for all Lord of The Rings Games Workshop miniatures since I am planning to move on to them, after finishing the War of Ring, and start building them (I have already won a few of them from ebay auctions so that's realistic).
    However, I am not experienced with Citadel colors so I would not like paying money to colors I will never use. (If you ask why Citadel, remember that I live in a Greek island so I have to purchase my colors from online greek stores to save shipping costs, and most of them have mostly Citadel or Warpaints)

    Below is a table of the citadel colors I currently have (I have all Citadel Washes too):

    Blacks: Abbadon Black
    Whites: Ceramite White
    Yellows: Averland Sunset / Yriel Yellow / Flash Gitz Yellow
    Reds:Mephiston Red / Evil Sunz Scarlet
    Blues: Macragge Blue / Altdorf Guard Blue / Calgar Blue
    Grays: Eshin Grey / Dawnstone
    Greens: Waaagh! Flesh / Warboss Green / Skarsnik Green
    Browns: Mournfang Brown / Skrag Brown / Deathclaw Brown
    Fleshes: Cadian Fleshtone
    Silvers: Leadbreaker / Runefang Steel
    Golds: Balthasar Gold/ Gehenna's Gold / Auric Armour Gold
    Extras: Bugman's Glow/ Zandri Dust / Ushabti Bone

    Now here is a list of the colors I gathered from online tutorials or GW guides on how to paint Lord of the Rings minis:
    NOTE: Some color names were posted with their old Citadel name but I changed them to their new name according to GW color conversion chart.

    Administratum Grey
    Alaitoc Blue
    Baneblade Brown
    Balor Brown
    Bestial Brown
    Bestigor Flesh
    Caliban Green
    Castellan Green
    Deathworld Forest
    Doombull Brown
    Elysian Green
    Fenrisian Grey
    Gorthor Brown
    Hashut Copper
    Kantor Blue
    Karak Stone
    Khorne Red
    Kislev Flesh
    Loren Forest
    Mechanicus Standard Grey
    Nurgling Green
    Pallid Wych Flesh
    Ratskin Flesh
    Retributor Armour
    Rhinox Hide
    Russ Grey
    Screaming Skull
    Steel Legion Drab
    Stirland Mud
    Stormvermin Fur
    Tallarn Sand
    Tau Light Ochre
    The Fang
    Ulthuan Grey
    Warplock Bronze
    Wazdakka Red
    Zamesi Desert

    So here is my question: Which colors do you think I should purchase and why?
    I don't mind buying them all since money is not a problem as I said, but I don't like paying for things that I will barely use or I can create from my current paints and moreover I could invest that "wasted" money to buy minis or terrains so I prefer paying to exactly what I am going to use often.

    Thank you very much your time and can't wait to see your replies guys!
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  2. Oda A Fixture

    Mr,Frank welcome on board!Nice to hear a fellow Greek joins the PF.Also very nice to hear how enthusiastic you are about this giant of a project.Many years ago when I started painting miniatures I tought myself by painting GW miniatures using their range of colours and I have the nicest things to say about them (come to think of it some of them are still usable even today after more than 20 years).I cannot really tell you which to buy,that is up to you.Personal experience has led me to prefer a limited palette of basic colours which you can then use to mix all other shades and tints.You do not really have to buy every existing hue in the catalog.As for your comment on availability I think that there are model shops in Athens where I live that do sell their stuff via mail and do retail other colour brands (Vallejo,AK etc).Best of luck with your project,do not hesitate to ask for help or information.

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  3. Graham PlanetFigure Supporter

    I agree with Oda in that there is no need to buy every colour. Best thing to do is get started on your project and you will soon find out what colours you need. With what you have already, you are off to a good start.

    You also have to be aware that the Citedal range is not just paint. There are washes, dry brushing and other ‘technical’ paints which you may not need anyway, it depends on your painting style.

    Invest in good brushes, ensure you prep your Figures well before painting and just go for it. Above all, it is a hobby. Enjoy it (y)
  4. MrFrank New Member

    Thank you all for your replies!
    Well regarding washes I already have all of them (mentioned that on my first post but I guess was not that obvious), about technicals I purchased Blood for the Blood God for now.
    I placed my order today, here are the colors I purchased (including Medium, a varnisher and 1 set for figs bases).
    Administratum Grey
    Anti-shine Matt Varnish
    Balor Brown
    Battlefields Basing Set
    Blood for the Blood God
    Caledor Sky
    Caliban Green
    Castellan Green
    Deathworld Forest
    Doombull Brown
    Gorthor Brown
    Kislev Flesh
    Rhinox Hide
    Steel Legion Drab
    Stormvermin Fur
    Warpaints Mixing Medium
    Warplock Bronze
    Zamesi Desert
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  5. Tony Dawe PlanetFigure Supporter

    Firstly, welcome to our hobby and to Planet Figure.

    I would encourage you not to buy all the colours in the range but instead concentrate on learning how to use a few basic primary colours and mix up your own colours. It's not as easy as simply purchasing the exact colour online, but it will teach you about colour theory, complimentary and contrasting colours and how to mix and blend to achieve your own specific colour choices.

    Start with red, blue and yellow, add black and white to your palette and then experiment.

    There's no shortage of videos on You Tube that will help explain colour theory and colour mixing, and it's a skill all painters need to acquire. Good luck
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  6. rossbach PlanetFigure Supporter

    I am with the others: try to mix the colours you need from a set of basic colours.
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