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Video Review Chronos Miniatures - Worlds of Fantasy: Another Reality

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by MrBMB, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. MrBMB A Fixture

    dino rider cropped.jpg
    Chronos Miniatures - Worlds of Fantasy: Another Reality
    CHM-75027 - Resin kit
    * Reins not included in kit *

    207 - копия.jpg

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  2. Red Five Well-Known Member

    I'd hate to put a bridle on that!!!
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  3. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    This one's in my GA.
    Just have to schedule a suitable opportunity and get her done....along with a few companions.
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  4. Small Soldier New Member

    That is really nice.
  5. Jim Active Member

    I'm painting this now - let your imagination go! The fit is very good for a resin kit - a bit of epoxy sculpt here and there, but nothing major. I like how the joins of the upper part of the head and the tail are beautifully disguised with the harness. The sculpting is first-rate. A very nice kit.
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  6. Mariobusta A Fixture

    How about sharing some pics of your progress ?

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  7. Jonthan mcmeekin Active Member

    Evening all
    Who's carrying this in the UK?
    Cheers rom Cumbria.
  8. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    No one that I know of.
    It's easy enough to order direct from Russia though.
  9. RonW Member

    I probably am an insufferable grouch, but I would really like to see a woman in battle outfit in a kit like this.
    Nothing wrong with an eyepleasing figure, but I am getting a bit tired of the slave-Leia with humogous tits outfits.
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  10. MrBMB A Fixture

    You might not be a Grouch you just have different wants :) There is a Pegasus Tarzan kit you might like :)

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  11. RonW Member

    Sheesh.... that looks like a walking steroid-add!!
  12. amarok1969 Active Member

    Amazing and dangerous girl. Very nice miniature. (y)
  13. HansDig A Fixture

    Wow, that's a comment that made me really smile and, to be honest, I understand this fully but..on the other hand it makes you wonder if plastical surgery was invented long before our times......
    If it wasn't surgery, one might ask on what diet these girls lived. If I knew that it would make me a millionaire once I take the product to the market. One thing we know though.....in those days there was a worldwide lack of cloth so they only used tiny bits for cover.
    Second, when I would say "she's sculpted very good" what do I referr to? The curves of the girl or the skills of the sculpter.....???
    And Ron, you're no grouch...you're like me when confronted with so many curves.....a kid in a candystore with only a dime in his pocket.....so much to choose from but so little to spend.....
    But anyway...I stated this in an earlier post...I never paint girls shaped like this. It just doesn't work for me. Too much distRACKtion.
    Just kidding, guys.

    Ps, as for the Tarzan-figure.....where the hell did they find a picture of me in my early days and why did they not ask permission to make this to my likeness!!!!
  14. RonW Member

    Hey, I like curvy. Nothing wrong woth a good handful. At all! ;)
    But it just gets.... boring. Did I really just write that?!?
    Unfortunately I am even less skilled at sculpting then I am at painting, otherwise I might just be able to change someone else's wet dream into something that works for me.
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  15. Jim Active Member

    I've finished painting the figure - I'm somewhat out of practice, so it's fairly mediocre. I am working on a scenic base to set it off, though the base that comes with the kit is very adequate and nice. When I get everything done, I'll try to remember how to post photos here. I've probably got a week or so to go...if I'm lucky. It's a nice kit that's a break from the usual military-related ones. I got mine directly from Russia and it was simple and easy to do.
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  16. EPHISTOIRE Member

  17. MrBMB A Fixture

    Love to see your painted figure. Let us know when/where you post it :)

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