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  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi folks

    Following on from my previous reviews of Nuts Planet bust and Ghost Company collaboration , details are here:

    and here:


    In addition to these 2 there is also the PMC bust


    This time the fight continues in the post apocolyptic world where survival is the keyword , warriors have returned to duty some wounded for the cause including our release of:


    Details of the release

    Title: Chief Liam

    Reference: GCB004

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of Parts: 5 plus a transfer sheet

    Sculptor: Ki yeol Yoon

    Box Art: Ki yeol Yoon


    As with previous release this is very professionally done , the distinctive blue box , wonderful colour pictures in quality images on the top ( single and the side ( 3 views )

    Nuts Liam 001.jpg
    Nuts Liam 002.jpg

    Parts consist of Main torso , head , piece of armoure suit , base and the transfer sheet.

    Nuts Liam 003.jpg

    Parts are held in between good sized foam layers , keeping the resin safe and clean.

    The transfer sheet was placed under all foam at the base of the box ...this itself was given its own protective layer!!!

    Note the transfer sheet is the same as the one in the Martina release

    Nuts Liam 004.jpg


    Main Torso...Remove small plugs and excess resin from underside and sand area to remove slight raised edges

    Head...Remove casting plug from underneath neck and fit to torso

    Armour piece...Reove casting plug from one edge and fit to rear of torso

    Base...Remove excess and pin to underside

    General Comments

    Resin is very smoothly cast

    All undercuts are some of the sharpest I have seen

    Definition of the separate areas again are extremely well done and very tightly done

    The overall casting quality is very very high indeed


    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets go rumbling on the resin

    Main Torso

    The first thing to say is I am surprised the arms did not come cast separate and as a result the casting department needs to be given a huge pat on the back .

    Nuts Liam 005.jpg

    Casting quality is wonderful and a pleasure to look at , no flash to remove in between the arms and body , the edges of the armour is sharply done with excellent separation with the undercuts being equally the same .

    Our Chief wears a full protective suit articulated when in use and this is shown in the sculpt ..this sculptor is a really talented man .

    At the neck we see a protective inner the back of the armour raised at the neck , the neck area is smooth and ready to take the head

    Nuts Liam 012.jpg

    At the rear we have a locating circle ( one on each side for the additional armour piece )

    Nuts Liam 010.jpg

    On the underside a central circle point for the base to use as a guide to drill for a brass rod

    Nuts Liam 012A.jpg

    I think lets let the other pictures do the talking !!!!

    Nuts Liam 006.jpg Nuts Liam 008.jpg Nuts Liam 009.jpg Nuts Liam 010.jpg Nuts Liam 011.jpg Nuts Liam 007.jpg


    Again we are talking quality this is an older man who has lost an eye in a battle long ago and one he prefers to forget , but survived with the evidence of a eye patch ..making him look a little pirate like.

    Nuts Liam 013.jpg

    Liam is bearded , well styled and smart looking , facial features are of an older man as said high cheekbones the cheeks sunken in a little , the nasal area and the mouth are nicely formed as are the ears .

    Nuts Liam 019.jpg

    Neck muscle and tone is very good as expected from the sculptor , the voice box is prominant

    The hair is swept back , good detail work on the strands of hair , combed over to his right , slightly raised at the front , what is good to see is the eye patch strap actually looking like its pulling into the hair ,

    The patch strap leads at each side to the front securing onto the patch itself by a cross of thread ...tiny detail but adds more to what could have been a plainer area.

    Bring on those pictures....

    Nuts Liam 014.jpg Nuts Liam 015.jpg

    Nuts Liam 018.jpg Nuts Liam 020.jpg

    Nuts Liam 016.jpg Nuts Liam 017.jpg

    Additional Armour piece

    This fits easily into the locating circles , suffice to say its simple and again the detail work and the casting is well up to the other pieces in standard.

    Nuts Liam 023.jpg Nuts Liam 022.jpg Nuts Liam 024.jpg

    This is the same as in previous releases a simple straight edged post , easy to fit but pin it is my suggestion .

    Nuts Liam 025.jpg

    Final thoughts

    Well as I thought its another winning piece from Ghost Company and Nuts Planet , sculpted by who I think is a star in our miniature world ....and he paints so well !!!.

    Casting quality is very good indeed , this will be popular with the minimal prep needed and of course the use of the transfer sheet adds more details helping those modellers who find freehand a little illusive.

    A nice addition and I can imagine the whole set looking particularly impressive on a single display base or perhaps as a bustorama with street debris on the base with the busts scattered amongst it .

    Highly recommended

    Thanks to NutsPlanet for the Review model and I look forward to sharing more with you very soon

    For more information on this and all the products from Nuts :


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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets end this review with some pictures of the box artwork painted of scourse by the sculptor Ki yeol Yoon ( pictures from the Nuts Planet sites)

    ENJOY ...I certainly do !!!


    zzzzzzzz.jpg zzzzzz.jpg zzzzzzz.jpg

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  4. MrBMB Well-Known Member

    Some of these busts are so cool but I am left wanting the full figure...wish they did both
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  5. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for a great review Nap:).
    I like the fact that NP give you the decals.

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