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Cheap and Easy Carry Box for Figures

Discussion in 'Post Your Own Articles & SBS' started by Ray Welshman, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi There,

    Recently I was at the Chicago Show but before I traveled there I was in a bit of a dilemma. I had a 120mm mounted figure to take but no travel box. I had grand plans to build something but because of work and life I ran out of time.

    So the following is how I solved the issue. Cost was only $25 or so Canadian and an hour of my time. I basically went to Staples and purchased a plastic file folder carrier. Measurements are as follows:

    14 1/2 inches Long
    6 1/2 Inches wide
    11 Inches High

    This is within flight carry on size and will fit in an overhead bin or under your seat


    I needed something to to secure the figures to so I measured and cut out a 1/4 inch plywood so it fit snugly on the bottem of the case. I then attached two wooden dowels to each end of the wood. The dowels are the handles to put the wooden plate in and out of the case. Ensure the dowels arent too long so you can close the case.


    I then drilled holes in the plate for the screws that will secure the figures to the plate. You can drill as many holes as necessary for different bases and sizes.


    Here the base is inserted into the case. Use the handles to push it in snugly so the base doesnt move. In my case its very secure but you can use blue tack putty on the corners to make sure. I didnt on my way to Chicago.


    Here I have two figures attached to the base one is 120mm the other is 70mm. Screwed to the base with simple screws and a washer.


    Here the figures are in the case and secured. For our friends at airport security I just had to open the case and they were able to look in as needed. If I had to I could have easily taken the figures out by using the handles.

    Just a quick look to show others if they run into the same issue I did to come up with a quick easy way to build something to transport your figures.

    Some advantages are:

    - its cheap $25 for the case and time
    - Its light made of plastic
    - has a handle for easy carrying
    - fits in most overhead bins and under the seat.
    - easy for airport security to see the contents.

    On my flight to Chicago from Edmonton the flight had smaller overhead bins so I had to put it under my seat. It fit no problem, kind of took away some leg room on a cramped flight but my figure got there in one piece.


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  2. housecarl A Fixture

    Similar to mine Ray.(y)
  3. Helm A Fixture

    Heres mine
  4. mikec55 Active Member

    under your seat? did you need to lay it on it's side or could it stand upright?
  5. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi Mike,

    It stands upright under the seat not on its side. Helm my figures have looked like that before just like on my way to MFCA this year :)


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  6. housecarl A Fixture

    On about you carry case, not home Steve.;)
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  7. DEL A Fixture

    ...... and this years Turner Prize goes to ..............
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  8. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

  9. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

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  10. badger Well-Known Member

    its a great idea, that I will copy, very simple and inexpensive. well done / badger
  11. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Just to be clear Badger, do you intend to copy Ray's or Helm's ?:woot::woot:.
    Merry Christmas, Gary.:)
  12. badger Well-Known Member

    well I have already tried helms, so it will have to be rays the next time. I am impressed by it. / badger
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  13. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Glad you liked it Badger


  14. ghamilt1 PlanetFigure Supporter

    I have the same case in the studio, but was worried about the overhead problem, and then not being able to jam it under the seat. That won't be a problem next time, and I won't have to lug that heavy solid maple box around anymore!
  15. badger Well-Known Member

    yes ray, it seemed the best solution to a big problem, well big to me anyway, so thanks again. / badger

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