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Review Chasseur of the Old Guard from Legion Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all ,

    Its good to be able to share something from a Russian company and one that has a lot of releases often in different subjects, model types and scales

    The release we will look at was received along with another ( to be done in a while) in the same box ...yes 2 in 1 box !!! ....I would hasten to add they are of course available individually

    The release was announced here: https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/legion-miniatures-news.156479/


    legion 003.jpg


    Title: Chasseur of the Old Guard

    Reference: LMBT-076

    Scale: 1/9th

    No of pieces: 4

    Material: Medium Gray resin

    Sculptor: M. Vaapov

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: N/A

    Received in a good laser cut wooden box with tinted pink sticky labelled pictures of the subjects in this case 2 ( the other being a Bavarian)

    legion 001.jpg

    legion 002.jpg

    On opening the box we are greeted by a layer of foam top and bottom with the resin in resealable bags inbetween

    legion 005.jpg legion 006.jpg

    The parts consist of: Main Torso , head, bicorne , and the plume

    legion 030.jpg

    Initial Impressions:

    • A high quality resin has been used with no air holes being evident
    • Smooth resin surface
    • Sharp casting
    • No misaligned pieces
    • Dryfit test is good
    • Minimal prep needed ( see below )

    Torso : Casting plug to remove from underneath and edges need a tiny bit of sanding ( casting line )

    Head : Remove casting plug from top and fit to torso ( test fit the bicorne as well) ,remove casting line from rear

    Bicorne : Remove casting plug from underneath and tassel edge , also some tidy up on centre inside is in order )

    Plume: Remove small casting plug and fit on inside of front of headwear

    Note : There is a cut out to fit the plume in and you will see a hole in head top , this matches up with a small resin blip on the underside of the bicorne

    I will provide suitable references at the end of the review

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Let us look at the resin


    Our subject is ready for the delights of the local town wearing undress uniformwith a cross belt with the lower edge of the bust being tapered towards the front

    At the rear there is the hair all tied up and cast onto the collar which has the stitching lines in place

    The surface has a slight textured look about it which I like

    Folds and creases are in place but not overdone

    The belt has the distinctive edging seen in use and pulls into the uniform just enough , making its way under the epaulette

    The lapels are sharply sculpted with a nice edge slightly lifting where it meets the actual uniform , buttons are rounds with no details on , buttonhole edging has been worked on

    Seams are shown on the rear

    Epaulettes are on both shoulders and are very naturally sculpted particularly the fringes which blouse out onto the shoulders , the fringes are well done and washes and detail brushwork will really bring these out well

    The details on the bound hair is well done and sharp ...there is a small grenade pinned to the ensemble

    As the release title says "Old Guard" I would have liked to see service chevrons on the left upper arm and possibly a Legion d'honneur being worn..presented by his beloved emperor

    legion 031.jpg

    legion 034.jpg legion 033.jpg legion 032.jpg
    legion 036.jpg legion 035.jpg legion 037.jpg


    This is a really nice sculpt of a veteran for sure , taken part in so many battles and given his all for France and his Emperor

    The face when in place looks to the right looking defiantly ahead , mouth closed tight

    Facial features are excellent we are treated to a furrowed forehead , bags under the eyes , wrinkles ....painting this will be a pleasure

    Eye definition is very sharply done

    Eyebrows are slightly raised , his moustache and sideboards are perfectly worked , all have good surface detailing

    The hairpiece is again a gem of a sculpt with the hair braided at the sides lovely defintion

    You will see a casting line running at the back , nothing severe and easy to deal with

    legion 045.jpg legion 042.jpg legion 043.jpg

    legion 044.jpg legion 046.jpg

    Fit into the collar is very good indeed as you can see here:

    legion 040.jpg legion 038.jpg

    legion 039.jpg legion 041.jpg


    This is the classic image of the period proudly worn and displaying the cockade proudly

    As in the original the rear is higher than the front

    The edging and the stiffeners are all very well done with the cockade and the retaining strap being well defined and sharply cast

    There is a edge tassel on each end personally I feel the details here are a little soft but painting will bring the strands out better

    legion 047.jpg legion 048.jpg legion 049.jpg

    legion 053.jpg


    We now come to the last piece ..the "carrot" shaped plume , tapered and formed to blouse out at the top which shows surface texture, I would suggest you pin this as well

    legion 052.jpg

    Final thoughts

    A good subject to choose for release , depicting a well known unit in the french army , good details are sculpted , it has conversion potential and painting will really bring this to life particularly in respect the face which is excellent

    Its nice to see a Legion Miniatures piece up close and I look forward to sharing more with you all very soon

    RECOMMENDED without doubt with a website that is easy to get round:)

    Legion are members here ( user ID Andrey [IMG] )

    ....so you can order direct from him here or via the website which is:


    They also have a FB page:


    I see in another releases thread that PF members will get a discount as well ...very much appreciated offer by them

    To finish off here's some pics from the website :

    z000000.jpg z000.jpg

    z0000000.jpg z00000000.jpg

    Thanks to Legion for the review item and to you all for looking in(y)

    Enjoy the benchtime

  3. Nap A Fixture

    As promised here we have some references for you

    Firstly some very good reference books:

    Y.jpg Y1.jpg Y1A.jpg

    YY.jpg yya.jpg YYYY.jpg

    YYYYY.jpg YYY.jpg


    Enjoy everyone

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  4. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    This is going on a want it list....now.........soon!

    Nice review Nap!
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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Mine will be on my bench ..soon ...with additions !!!

    Happy benchtime

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  6. misfit151 A Fixture

    Lovely figures.....when first released I contacted them for the price of the bust and shipping costs....unfortunately they must have had an off day as the didn't give me any information on cost and shipping but wanted wanted to sell me more figures..:(. Glad you got yours Nap happy bench time..Mike
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  7. Andrey A Fixture

    Hi, Mike! Write me in personal correspondence. We are ready to provide any of our figures. Let me remind you that we represent a small discount to all the brothers on the Planetfigure.
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  8. Tonton Well-Known Member

    One problem: how to fit earrings! But what a beautiful figure.

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  9. Ronaldo A Fixture

    Is the uniform at the bottom of the thread authentic , as it is so much darker than the illustrations which to my mind is correct and always mostly too light especially for Garde Imperiale. nice bust
  10. DaddyO A Fixture

    Nice review Nap of an excellent looking figure (even if he's a bit lacking in the downstairs department for me personally) ;) Love the bicorne which I always thinks looks very smart and the hair is nicely done. All in all a carcking looking representation of one of the Old grumblers (y)


    ps - The second bust looks an interesting choice too
  11. Small Soldier New Member

    This looks like a nice bust. Sculpting and casting look spot on. Nice work!
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  12. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    This looks just up my street Nap, great review mate, certainly on my list.


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