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Chasseur a Cheval

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Jim Patrick, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Ok, FINALLY, I'm posting my work again. I have been painting figures, just have'nt been taking pictures. These pics are especially for Joe, Ray and Stephen. These guys (well, not so much my buddy Stephen) have rode me pretty hard (yes, I deserved it for not posting as much :lol: ) to post my work more often. OK guys, good enough? Now......Joe, you've posted ONE figure (he's not finished either) and Ray and Stephen............... :lol: Where would we be without good, make that GREAT friends to push us along when we hit those "dry spells"? I would'nt be anywhere and that's for sure! Thanks Guys ;)

    Ok, enough chit chat, this is Pegaso's Chaseur a Cheval in his escort dress BEAUTIFULLY rendered by our own, Maurizio Bruno. This is truly an outstanding figure. It's still not finished. There are several areas that still need my attention. Which brings me to my point. If you notice anything that is wrong or needs to be addressed, PLEASE tell me. The hands had to be basecoated again, I'll also probably re do the hair, the face still need some more to make it "pop", (No Joe, I haven't fixed the eyes....yet) and the cross belt still needs more. Even if you see the same things I do, let me know anyway. I'm interested in what YOU would do to fix it or have done differently. It's the only way I can get better.

    OK, enough of me, here are the pics..........





    Jim Patrick
  2. Jason W. Active Member

    Wonderful work, Jim! The green looks great and the lace is especially well done!

    See it at the Michigan show? ;)

  3. Roc Active Member

    Hey Jim, so far so good, the greens look great.

    Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to your next step.

    Roc. :)
  4. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Hey Jim, finally we see some work of yours. I also have this figure (I couldn't miss it anyway) so I will also take your work as reference since I will start painting this beautiful figure soon. Your greens look great, even if I would like to see a photo from a bit of distance and with less light. Lovely lace too. Keep up the good work and I wait for your next step.

  5. Ulrich A Fixture

    Hi Jim. Like the others, I find the green looks great.
    Please, can you tell me what colours do you use for the green?

    I am waiting for the next steps.

  6. DaveCox Member

    Jim, like the others I like the green and the lace (I'd like to know what you used for the gold). I know you mentioned the eyes yourself, but they do really jump out at you as looking a bit large. I reckon that all they need is the lower lid raised a bit.
  7. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Jim,

    Just like anyone else i admire the green that you have done. The golden lace's they are all done extremely well.
    I looking forward to the next step.

  8. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Hi Jim, I have just recently finished this piece myself (posted recently) and I'm sure you'll agree it's a real gem of a figure. If you're not happy with the cross belt, take the right arm off & paint it seperately (it's what I did). Otherwise I don't reckon you have anything to worry about at all. I like the lace on the waistcoat. It beats mine.

    keep us posted mate ;)
  9. John Long Active Member

    Excellent greens and Aurore Jim. Not really easy colors to get right.
  10. Guy A Fixture

    Excellent work Jim..........and darn good photography too.
  11. robbyk9 Active Member

    Hi Jim

    At last a new figure painted by you. Not so long ago I visit your
    bench looking if you already started a figure.
    Its already a great figure Jim,as the others I like the green and the golden lace's.
    I am not sure if you finished the waitscoat if it is I hope you make the lace's a little bit more golden but it's a matter of taste.
    The face is alright with me but you are the painter. I realy looking forward to see your next steps.
    Keep up the good work Jim.

    Greetings Dick ;)
  12. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    great stuff! Keep us posted!

    Jay H.
  13. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Jim, Very nice, the green looks really good. Please continue to show your progress on this figure.~Gary
  14. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Beautiful work, my friend! Can't wait finish.

    best regards
  15. arthur Member

    Nice figure (y) !!!
    I am very impressed how well you painted the little details of the uniform.
    Have a couple figures like this in early painting stages, I just got discouraged by the embroidery :(
    Nice color blending as well :)
  16. Ernest A Fixture

    Great figure Jim, the green color looks awesome....keep the good work
  17. slaj Well-Known Member

    Hey Jim. It looks as if ,after our short discussion, you did some more work in the areas mentioned. In fact those greens look much better than in the pics you showed me.Well done mate. Show us more pls.

    Stephen Mallia
  18. Jim Patrick Active Member

    WOW guys, thanks for the comments. Seriously. There aren't a lot of figure painters around me so it's comments like these that keep me going and make me want to paint better figures. That and the fact that I see so many nice figures from you guys.

    The pics are a little big compared to the last time I photographed something. I was asked to provide larger pics and, well...so I did. My photography is not exactly what I'd call on par with my painting. That's what I'd like to have improved right now. I’ll try to get the pics down to a "manageable" size next time.

    Jason, I fully intend to. Something literally just came up so I can't confirm that 100% yet. We'll see.

    Ulrich, for the greens,

    Base- Andrea Nap. Green
    Highs- (all Vallejo) #823 then 850 then 833 then finally 974. NOTHING was added to the basecoat.
    Shadows- 896 then keep adding Flt. Black. There were more highlights added than shadows due to the basecoat being so dark.

    Anthony :lol: I was looking at yours while I painted mine ;)

    . You nailed it John (not me BTW). The lace is Aurore. A orangeish-yellow. Approx. anyway. I started out with an orange color, then added golden yellow for highs. A dark red for shades. This lace is where I have really struggled in the past.

    Stephen- Yes, I did re work the areas in question. Thank you so much for the pointers.

    Everyone Else- (too many to keep naming :) ) Thank you for taking the time to respond. It's comments like yours that keep me going!

    Thanks to all!
    Jim Patrick
  19. MAB Well-Known Member

    OHHH YYESSS -- Jim this is my hunter..... It compliments like the a lot as it realizes the optimal painting the tonality of the good green and the definition of the decorative clasps, if just I would want to be critical I would increase the shadows little.........but task that you gia know.

    When I see my pieces painted from you painters...... if it can be said..... I excite myself like a Crocodile.

    The thing that to more gratifies me is to see through your hands
    my sculptures to take to life and being interpreted to your taste, I do not add other aspect that the piece is ended.

    It compliments you go strong

  20. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Thank you Maurizio. Thank you VERY much. Yes, I agree with you. The shadows could be a bit darker. Part of me thinks it's the lighting. I'll see if I can get a closer representation next time. Maurizio, please feel free to be critical at ANY time with my painting. It only serves to make me a better painter ;) .

    Thanks again,
    Jim Patrick

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