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Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Chezzie, May 22, 2018.

  1. Chezzie Active Member

    Good evening. I have been lucky enough to get hold of one of Graham’s ‘French Line Lancer’s’ from CGS. As most of you now know I am a big fan of CGS figures and busts so was delighted when this one was released to compliment the Polish Lancer I already have in my collection. I am not an expert on Napoleonic History but have a keen interest in the period especially the final one hundred days building up to Waterloo. Cavalry tactics and units especially ‘float my boat’!

    The Line lancers aren’t quite as infamous as the ‘Red’ or ‘Polish Lancers’ but earned their keep at Waterloo. The British not favouring the Lance until 1816 after witnessing the effect it had in the final days of Napoleons reign.

    There were 9 Regiments of Line Lancers and they displayed various colours on their uniforms including red, orange scarlet and blue.

    A company strength for the Lancers was 120 troops and when formed up had a frontage of 44 troopers wide. Only the front rank carried lances and pistols. The rest sabres, carbines with bayonets and pistols. There were 9 supernumerary on the rear rank who also carried lances.

    The lance was 275cm long with and hand grip and loop at the point of balance. A pennon was hung from the top end prior to the point.

    The Line Lancer Bust

    It arrived quickly following ordering and was in the usual sturdy white cardboard, top opening box.

    The instructions consisted of clear photographs of the finished Bust with painting guide.

    1. Head/Casque (helmet): clean and crisp casting with a good character face. The Helmet sculpting is lovely and will come up nice with various metallic effects. The leopard/animal skin is well done and will look good once complete and a nice contrast to the brass casque. The ‘fish scale’ chin strap will stand out with a good oil wash on top of metallic.

    2. Torso: the tunic is, again, crisply sculpted with lovely detail on the epaulettes, buttons and the chevron on the upper left arm. The French Eagle on the belt buckle is cleanly done and will come up a treat with a slight was and highlight. The buckles on the back of the cross belt are again, nicely done with clean lines and no flash.

    3. Right arm: this will hold the lance and there is a groove provided under the gauntlet for it to sit in comfortably. You can either use the lance in the two pieces provided or get you own brass rod and drill through to make it one piece.

    4. Left hand/gauntlet: cleanly cast. This hand will eventually hold the reins. It fits into the left arm, cast with the torso, and this is located with a plug on the end of the gauntlet.

    5. Lance tip: two tips are provided for the lance and both appear to be in the shape of the 1807 pattern. They are correctly proportioned and crisply cast.

    6. Pennon: the pennon is cast nicely and when on the end of the lance gives to impression of it being thrust forward at the charge. It looks very impressive when put altogether with it painted red over white. The lance tip then simply fixes to the top of the pennon.

    7. Carbine sling and cartridge pouch: the bottom part of the carbine sling comes as a separate part and simply marries up with the top half already cast on the torso. The cartridge pouch comes as a separate piece and is the simple, leather pouch fitted to the cross belt. It is located in the correct position on the torso with a plug on the back of the pouch.

    8. Small resin sprue: there is a small resin sprue included which contains the carbine clip and two parts to the reins.

    9. Metal foil: to be used for the martingale (hand grip/loop) on the lance and reins if you prefer.

    10. Stand: a small resin stand is included for the figure is included if you so wish.

    I photographed to parts with their resin plugs still attached to give you an idea of the minimal clean up required.

    Conclusion: I love CGS kits. They have superb customer service, the kits come with minimal if any clean up and once completed they turn into a lovely piece for the collection. I hope I haven’t bored you with the review but I found the figure worthy of it.

    I will be starting it soon so will keep you up to date with WIP.

    Kindest regards

    8BACA937-0A8E-403F-8458-A9AA8E8FEF87.jpeg CC1EA61A-5FE6-4018-9B86-CEF6D8D76185.jpeg D3A50D19-6537-43C0-B611-44B44AD5BE77.jpeg C17D2DFB-7E29-4BC8-ABF5-F1C0FE5D27E6.jpeg 6EECDEDB-F939-4CFF-9DC1-15CE708EBBB5.jpeg 5465E2D4-DBEE-40CD-8897-BE33BE7AB15A.jpeg 40688644-1BA8-4053-BBA3-75AF5C43BE03.jpeg 35C2863A-E60E-4250-A753-19A51761C7E6.jpeg 0E4BDD68-D390-4F48-8441-79877C8A0897.jpeg 56C3DB25-890A-45C4-AFA6-75FC9D9AF76C.jpeg EC696453-97F4-4E76-9923-4D4099139859.jpeg
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  2. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    Always loved this figure, but it doesn't fit in my showcabinet.

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  3. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice review Chezzie, look forward to seeing him with paint on.
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  4. Chezzie Active Member

    Thanks Bob.
  5. grasshopper PlanetFigure Supporter

    Now that’s a proper review!
  6. Chezzie Active Member

  7. Wings5797 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great review Mark....I am sure Gra will be very pleased,
    Nice to see the build-up notes before you get on to the kit itself.
    Thank you for pulling it all together and sharing it, very useful Mate.
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  8. Chezzie Active Member

    Thankyou Keith. Not written a review before. Quite enjoyed doing it.
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  9. mick3272 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great Review. This is what I call a review from a customer who has no agenda just wants to give an opinion.
    Look forward to more and the paint work.
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  10. Chezzie Active Member

    Thanks Mick
  11. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Chezzie

    Thanks for taking the time in this review ,I can understand why you like CGS releases , very good sculpting and of course customer service .

    Tempted by this so looking forward to your WIP

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  12. Chezzie Active Member

    Thanks Nap. Very nice of you to reply. I can highly recommend it.
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