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Carolus Rex, 54 Mm Scratch

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Braemp, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Braemp Active Member

    My latest. The king himself, Carolus Rex, karl XII.
    This is my first attempt to sculpt a head or more like a face, I cheated little and used an old Airfix Multipose head, I'm to lazy and needed a Quick start. I can't really tell how it comes out until I start to paint it, but I think I captured some likeness with The King or Demirbaş as the Turkish used to call him, Iron Head, (Karl XII lived in exile in the ottoman empire for five years after the battle of Poltava) . It is also my first using mannequin parts that I not made myself, It was a gift from my friend Janne Nilsson, thank you very much. Just a tiny larger than the parts I usually work with, they suited this figure very well since I needed a bit larger head. I'm quite happy with the pose and I'm really looking forward to paint it even though it is rather plain blue uniform.

    Best Regards /Lars

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  2. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I love your work... I wish you would post more SBS pics. I really think they would be educational for us novice sculptors

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  3. blaster A Fixture

    Excellent stuff. More please.

    Rgds Victor
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  4. Braemp Active Member

    This is something like a in between projects and did much of the sculpting during my holiday. So unless you're interested in pictures of me wearing speedos by the pool, there's not much to show. But I have a couple of pics taken with my phone, sorry for the poor quality.
    I do some wrighting for magazines so i usually document my work, but not his time.

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  5. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

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  6. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness, Lars. . . Oh poo poo, I think I'm
    going to be sick! :rolleyes: From being too green with envy.
    Your work is just incredible; and in that very small
    scale. The pose and the stance sez it all, Sir. Oh you are
    so talented. And I congratulate you. Yes, an SBS would
    have been nice. Naturally, you know I am just kidding
    about being sick with envy. I was just trying to be a
    little humorous. . . hee heee. Whew, just beautiful
    work. And the head in profile, just is perfect for that
    stance and pose. The word arrogance comes to mind.
    Hummmmm, arrogance has two "r's"? Wow,

    The Miami Jayhawker
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  7. Mike Stevens PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice Lars. Slap some paint on that bad boy!(y)
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  8. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Lars, beautiful work! , i really like the pose of the figure and certainly you've captured a gallant and proud attitude fit for a King.
    I will follow with interest, i really like your work.
    Best regards
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  9. Braemp Active Member

    Thanks for those kind words.

    That's a really nice bust Joe, I never seen it before. There is a space in my shelf were it would fit perfect.

    Thanks Rick, you seems lika a educated man with Excellent taste, I'm glad you like the piece. ;)

    Mike, there will be paint, I can't wait..

    Thanks Daniel, I'm really pleased with the pose, I was actually thinking of flamenco dancers when i was fippling around with the mannequin .

    Best Regards lars

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  10. Johan Fohlin Active Member

    Excellent pose mate! I am particularly impressed by the re-modelling of the face as I think you captured the kings character perfectly.

  11. MarquisMini A Fixture

    good thinking Lars , knowing dance and ballet always help, my mom is a Ballet teacher but of course i can't dance for shi* :p
    Can't wait to see some paint on the King.
    Best regards
  12. Braemp Active Member

    It's a good thing when you know you can't dance. My doughters keeps telling me this but I'm not convinced yet. I can hear them moaning - oh the horror, the horror..

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  13. MarquisMini A Fixture

    :ROFLMAO: oh well....
  14. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Memorynote, dont put on any music on when Lars is around, simply because I trust his daughters more regarding this matter.

    On the other hand my own daughter(14 and Emocore) informed me that I dont know anything about the internet, not even the hint that I was online before she even was born could convince her otherwise?

    Janne Nilsson
  15. pmfs A Fixture

    Great figure - nice pose, very likeness.
    I am tempted to try sculpting.:facepalm:
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  16. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Tha sad truth is that my 3 year old daughter know how to use an iphone better than me,really sad :(,
    Music certainly inspires, i have a collection of classical and military marches and i feel that i do better painting listening to it.
    I think this is going to be a great figure to display, the pose is great and the quality of your work is amazing to me Lars.
  17. housecarl Moderator

    Very impressive.
  18. Braemp Active Member

    Thanks again everybody, I'm glad you like it.

  19. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    I sure hope you dont mean the dancing?

    Janne Nilsson
  20. plasticbattle Member

    Great stuff Lars .... the pose is fantastic.

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