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Review Captain James Flint from Legion Miniatures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    Lets go to a a time before the period of Treasure Island , approx 40 years before when piracy was in its heigh day and the oceans were full of marauding ships ...full to the top of pirates all eager to get rich ...quick and no matter how ......sounds like this could be a series on TV etc .....well it was ...BLACK SAILS ....

    Now I have to admit I have not seen any the series apart from misc clips on Social media......the part was played by Toby Stephens and like the series the character has a cult following

    The release has been picked up by Legion Miniatures so we can expect something very good


    Here's a few pics of him in costume which you will I am sure find useful when painting

    ffffffff.jpg fffffff-001.jpg f.jpg ff.jpg fff.jpg ffff.jpg fffff.jpg ffffff.jpg

    Details of the release which was announced here on PF


    Title: Captain James Flint

    Reference: LMBT 108

    Scale: 1/10th

    No of pieces: 10

    Material: Medium Gray resin

    Sculptor: Alexander Bodunov

    Casting: In house

    Box Art: N/A on Review box


    As usual the parts were in a laser cut box with the usual side pictures , on the lid a unpainted version of the piece

    One thing you will see is that there is a option to have him bareheaded as well ...nice thinking from Legion

    Legion Pirate Flint 001.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 002.jpg

    There are 9 parts , main torso with head right arm , left side with arms cast on , hat , 3 feathers , sword handle grip handle basket and a Telescope

    This first pics shows something that needs highlighting ....The EXCELLENT PACKING OF DELICATE CAST FINGERS ...SO EASILY BROKEN IF NOT PROTECTED LIKE THIS ....well done Legion (y)

    Legion Pirate Flint 003.jpg

    The 2nd unpacked

    Legion Pirate Flint 004.jpg
    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Let us set sail wih the Captain


    I was not expecting too much after seeing others from this company and indeed there is very little to deal with
    • Remove casting plugs from underneath torso and left side piece
    • Remove casting from right shoulder on arm and from under left elbos
    • Tiny cast line to easily sand off on leftarm on underneath
    • Remove casting plug from underneath hat and from telescope
    • Make up sword and fit
    Legion Pirate Flint 018.jpg

    Lets look at the larger of the pieces

    Main Torso

    As you can see it comes with head cast already on looking to the left along the line of the telescope he holds lower

    The face is a really good sculpt and IMO looks close to the characater in the series , excellent facial work , eyes spot on in shaping . lovely lines around the eyes , lower eye lids defined well , nasal area as good , the forehead shows the lines on the forehead , ears are good well shaped ....absolutely no miscasting

    Hair is well shaped and has the look of the man , pulled back on each side held together in a tie at the rear , the texture and definition on the hair is very good , the details continue on the beard and moustache....one very talented sculptor in Mr Bodunov

    The clothing again is as in the series and is full of lovely details , stitching , buttons are well formed , the full shirt has good folds with the neck areashowing a nicely styled opening , the upper collar cleverly cast away from the neck area

    Around the waist a profusion of belts , beltwork stitching with the buckles different in type but all crying out to be painted

    On the left side we have the sword scabbard , open ready to take the sword with ease

    The left side is designed to have the other piece of the coat fit into ...it does this easily

    Legion Pirate Flint 005.jpg

    Click on smaller images for a fuller view

    Legion Pirate Flint 006.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 007.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 008.jpg
    Legion Pirate Flint 009.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 010.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 011.jpg
    Legion Pirate Flint 013.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 014.jpg
    Legion Pirate Flint 015.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 017.jpg
    Legion Pirate Flint 012.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 016.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining resin

    Left side

    This is a clever way of casting and a good decision with the fingers , packing was tight in the box but careful removal of the protective padding caused no breakages

    The resin again is as detailed as expected , the edging has 9 lace lines ...corresponding with the buttons , no blemishes ...there are another 3 with buttons at the cuff

    Fit to the main torso is spot on with no filler needed , being cast like this allows the modeller to separate paint
    the pieces with no worry about the fit after , this piece seems to wrap into the torso well

    I mentioned the fingers earlier on ....one word ...WONDERFUL ...but delicate in the postion they are cast , finger nails are there and the folds in the skin on the palm also

    Legion Pirate Flint 019.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 020.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 021.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 023.jpg Legion Flint Arms 001.jpg Legion Flint Arms 003.jpg

    Legion Flint Arms 006.jpg Legion Flint Arms 004.jpg Legion Flint Arms 005.jpg Legion Flint Arms 002.jpg

    Right Arm

    The casting continued to be extremely high matching the sculpting ...the arm is bent at the elbow with the folds and creases well done and natural

    The cuff details are good , sharply lined in pace with good button shaping, fit to the torso presents no issues

    The figers are again a great bit of sculpting fully detailed , the forefinger raised , holding what will be the telescope

    Legion Flint Arms 007.jpg Legion Flint Arms 009.jpg

    Legion Flint Arms 008.jpg Legion Flint Arms 011.jpg Legion Flint Arms 010.jpg


    What to say except this has certainly seen wear cuts and indentations at the rim but not overdone , we have a hole ...a pistol ball perhaps ??

    The surface texture is really nice and will benefit careful painting including washes to bring out this

    On the bowl of the hat there is a oval cutout this is to position the additional large feather , I say additional as there is one already sculpted on ...very well done as well

    The remainder of the feathers to fit include a full one and 2 long and thin ones ...all display good sculpting , you could shape the smaller ones by using a warm source ie hot water ...be careful !!!

    The underside is cast to fit onto the head with no problems and certainly looks good in place ...the choice is yours ..if you choose bareheaded then you can really work on the hair details

    Legion Pirate Flint 034.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 035.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 036.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 037.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 038.jpg Legion Pirate Flint 039.jpg


    Consisting of 2 pieces the handle which fits perfectly into the basket and then into the baldrick on the left side

    I must say the casting of the sword basket is excellent , and very well shaped ....but be careful !!!

    Legion Pirate Flint 040.jpg


    Fully extended and sitting into the hands , nothing much else needed you can see it on the main picture

    Final thoughts

    Well this has been a enjoyable look at what is a very well designed piece of sculpting and casting ...going to be a popular piece I am sure . Easy to prep and plenty to get the brushes round(y)

    Be careful unpacking though ...perhaps a slightly bigger box with pieces like this

    I no hesitation is saying this warrants zxx.jpg

    Contact details

    Legion are members here ( user ID Andrey ) [IMG] )

    ....so you can order direct from him here on PF or via the website which is:


    They also have a FB page:


    Thanks to Legion for the review item

    Cheers also to you all for looking in

    Enjoy the modelling

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  4. Alexandre Active Member

    superb piece
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  5. Sgt. Red Active Member

    I like this figure a lot.
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  6. DaddyO A Fixture

    Great review with plenty of information K.:)
    Looks like a fine rendition of the character. Hope it does well for Legion, I might even be tempted . . . .
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