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Captain Elite Hussar 1806 - Pegaso Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Figure review
    Franco Andreone

    PEGASO MODELS 75-901 “Elite Series” Captain of the Hussar in ceremonial dress, Elite Company 1806 – 1812

    Before starting this review I would like to humbly dedicate this review to the memory of Marcello Grimaldi. Marcello was the historical researcher behind this beautiful kit – may you rest in peace.

    Code of Kit: 75-901
    Description: Captain of the Hussar in ceremonial dress, Elite Company
    1806 - 1812
    Scale: 75mm
    Sculptor: Maurizio Bruno
    Box Art: Danilo Cartacci
    Research & Text: Marcello Grimaldi
    Kit review Franco Andreone

    As a fan of Napoleonic subjects I could hardly wait to get my hands on this kit. This 75mm mounted kit comes in a good sized high quality and sturdy Pegaso Models box. All the pieces are laid out and protected by two large pieces of foam and the smaller pieces of the kit are contained and protected in two separate plastic bags. I know that once the figure is painted the box is discarded, but for me what is also important is the way the pieces of the kit are packed and protected before they reach the modeller. I like the fact that all the pieces are carefully laid out on the foam and then packed ensuring that pieces do not rub against each other and get damaged in transit. The smaller pieces are protected in clear plastic.

    There are 33 pieces in this kit and the box art is beautifully rendered by the now famous Danilo Cartacci. There is also a coloured painting instruction pamphlet with the kit providing the modeller with colour information for the 12 Regiments of Hussars (great idea). This mounted figure will be very popular amongst modellers who want to break out and paint something with colour!!



    Historical Notes

    The kit comes with historical notes and a painting colour guide by Marcello Grimaldi. The historical notes come in Italian, English, French and German. The historical notes read as follows:

    The French Hussars were founded in the middle of the XVIII Century and were formed similar to the structures of other European Corps. The first cavaliers to be enrolled to the Hussars by the Monarch were in fact of Austrian and Hungarian origins. These Hussars were soon joined by a French element and the men selected were small in stature (between 165 and 172cm) and mainly originating from Lorena and the Rhineland. In 1812 there was a total of 12 Regiments and this grew to 14 at the end of the Empire. The hussars constituted the backbone of the light cavalry and were given missions such as advance-guard, reconnaissance, rear-guard, escort and confrontation against enemy cavalry. However the Hussars were also assigned to some of the epic and important battles of that period gaining fame and glory throughout Europe. Famous for their bold spirit, cockiness and boldness, the Hussars were considered heroes of the Napoleonic campaigns and became romantic symbols of the grand Army. Even the uniforms typical of Hussars became stereotyped for soldiers in other cavalry units, due to their unique, rich and colourful appearance. The famous dolman with its braiding, pelisse and sabretache were items characteristic of those men who deservedly entered the realm of legend.

    3. The Kit (33 pieces)

    The kit comes in 33 pieces (including 1 piece for the groundwork base).

    Before starting with the detailed review I would like to make some general observations and comments, as follows:

    • The casting of the kit is up to Pegaso Models usual standard - high quality
    • The fit (as dry runs) of all the pieces is also very good
    • The sculpting of the horse is outstanding – this looks like a horse.
    • This kit is definitely not for beginners.
    • The highlights for me are the horse’s face and the detailed rendering of the dolman, pelisse and sabretache.
    4. The Horse & Horse fittings and decorations (15 pieces)




    The horse’s body comes in two separate parts with a good join – this can be checked with the near perfect alignment of the two saddle straps. Please note that the leopard’s head (forming part of the saddle) is included in a photograph below. The tail, horse’s head and ears are cast separately. For me one of the highlights of this kit is the face of the horse – it is elegant and has highly detailed reins and decoration. The horse fittings are made up of the following:

    Two stirrups
    Four small straps – for the reins
    One large saddle strap
    Two bits

    Judging from the photos of this kit the modeller will need to build two additional reins perhaps using foil or thin plastic sheets.

    In terms of the painting instructions for the horse, the instructions read as follows:

    Leopard skin saddle, gold or silver lace, festoon in red or sky blue for the 2nd and 5th regiments. Black harness with studs and fittings in brass or silver. Bit in gold or silver.
    Bronze stirrup with red straps.

    5. Figure (4 pieces)




    The Hussar is made up of four main pieces – the body, head, and two arms. Maurizio Bruno has done an outstanding work on the figure’s face – a very serious looking Frenchman is the result.

    In terms of the painting instructions the painter has a choice of twelve colour schemes – the 12 Regiments of the Hussars (refer to colour painting guide).

    Some additional details are:

    Waist sash in crimson with gold and silver barrels. Buff gloves with white or black gauntlets. Silver sabre with black handle and gold knot and tassel. Boots can either be black, Moroccan red or green with tassels and bow in gold or silver.

    6. Pelisse (3 pieces)


    Attached to the left side of the pelisse, the Captain is wearing a medal (Legion d’ Onore). The medal is made in white enamel with a silver crown and red ribbon. The fur on the edge of the pelisse can be painted either in black, brown, grey or white.

    7. Headdress and other pieces (10 pieces)


    The headdress consist of the colpack’s red bag with gold or silver piping, red plume,gilded or silver chin strap, cords and pendant gilded or silver depending on the colour of the other braiding and buttons. Please see above photo of colpack’s bag and plume.
    Red Moroccan leather sabretache covered with coloured cloth (colouring depending on the Regiment depicted), lace and embroidery in gold or silver. Spurs in gold or silver. The sabretache is well sculpted with a crown, wreaths and Imperial eagle.

    8. Groundwork (1 piece)


    The groundwork comes in one piece and is textured to simulate dirt and ground cover. The base has pre-drilled holes which help to align the completed model.

    Additional Box Art Photographs


    13.jpg 14.jpg

    9. Conclusion

    This kit is of a very high quality. It is a must have for modellers who enjoy Napoleonic subjects and is highly recommended for figure painters who want to have something ‘eye catching and different’ in their display. I hope that this short review has provided you with further details of this wonderful kit.

    Pegaso Miniatures web-site
    click here

    Many thanks Franco for allowing me to post the review. Well done my friend.

    [ click on all of the above images for an enlargement ]

  2. Tommi A Fixture

    Very nice review Guy, I have this kit myself and hope to get round to painting it one day, I have promised myself that I will give the ancients a short break and do somthing different, this could be the one.
  3. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Tommi. I just posted the review. Franco Andreone, from Australia did the review and photography. I guess you could say "I was just the messenger" Franco did an excellent review and has more coming our way.
  4. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks for posting it Guy.
    This is gonna be a classic.

  5. theseeker Member

    Nice review Guy.
    I have this one too and as you point out, it is not for beginners. I have struggled with selling it but I have decided to keep it. I will not start it anytime soon but I look forward to the challenge.
  6. Franco Active Member

    Thank you for posting

    Hi Guy,

    Thank you for posting the review. Much appreciated. Will catch up with you later this week.

    Ciao for now
  7. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Franco,

    Thanks for the review mate. I can't wait to see this figure built and painted one day.

  8. vergilius New Member

    thanks for the review Guy !
  9. MinervaMini New Member

    Many thanks for the posting Franco's excellent review. I happen to agree about the importance of packaging, especially for figures being shipped worldwide.

    I'm hoping that Santa brings me this kit for Christmas. It will probably sit on a shelf until I'm up to the task - but I have to admit I've been in love with this one since it first appeared here.

  10. Franco Active Member

    Thanks to all

    Thanks to all for the feedback on my review. It was a pleasure doing it.

    Julia do yourself a favour and get this lovely kit - it is a work of art or bribe Santa to bring one for you!!!

    Ciao for now
  11. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Thanks for the review Franco ,this is a true masterpiece and one which any painter would love to do and 75mm which is an added bonus.


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