Cannons and Wagons

Discussion in 'Post Your Own Articles & SBS' started by Henrik Laurell, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Henrik Laurell New Member

    Is this possibly the right section to post some info about my military vehicles ?

    I am new to this forum and not quite used to the basics yet ..

    Thanks /Henrik

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  2. Dan Morton A Fixture

    It's the place! Got any more to show?

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  3. Henrik Laurell New Member

    Yes, just finished this this evening, a Carolean limber to my previously made 3pdr regiment piece.

    I did paint both cannon and limber in the true blue/yellow painting it should have from this period. First picture shows another cannon from the same period, in this case a howitzer, taken this summer 2019 when my wife and I visited the swedish Artillery museum in Kristianstad, south of Sweden.

    All cannons and wagons are drawn from the original 1716 Möllerheim drawings, which I got from the Swedish Army museum in Stockholm, complemented with my own measures from the Artillery museum. So they should be pretty accurate ..

    Note that these are only prototypes, both figures and vehicles is printed on my Dremel 3D40 a filament printer. To give them justice a resin printer or print from ShapeWays is needed.

    A lot more work on the figures remains to be done, but I am learning - and having great fun doing so!




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  4. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks for posting these pictures, always good to see something new and unique on the forum.

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  5. Henrik Laurell New Member

    Thanks Keith,

    I did find a new material at shapeways which is almost as good as FUD but not at all as brittle. I am working on a 54mm (1:29) scale drawing now which i will upload and order a print from. I will show you a picture when it arrives.

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  6. Henrik Laurell New Member

    = Mil - Shapeways Gray PA12 =

    Prepared a 54mm (1:32) scale version of the Carolean 3-pdr cannon a while ago, including uploading to Shapeways. Doing so I noticed they added a new material called "Gray PA12" which was supposed to be like FUD but not so brittle. At least I was hoping soo.. I ordered a copy which arrived today, but as you can see it is more like a very expensive WSF material... Yes, not so brittle, but even worse surface then WSF. Sad, it "could" have been a nice development..

    Shapeways changed name of there materials several times, very confusing. WSF is today called "White Natural Versatile Plastic" and FUD is called "Smooth Fine Detail Plastic", but the short names live on among those who are familiar with Shapeways.

    ** BUT, I really like this scale proportions! ** If I had a resin printer now I would defiantly go for this scale! Only a matter of time before I go that route. Gathering all I can find about it on both forums and the net in general now.



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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Henrik

    A BIG WELCOME to PF great to have you and something different along with figures .....

    .... lovely looking artillery pieces and very well displayed

    Look forward to seeing more

    If you have any questions do message me ( have a look in the WELCOME ABOARD part ...threads there that should help you )

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  8. Henrik Laurell New Member

    Many thanks Nap!

    Cannons and wagons is an old love I restarted again. Painting figures is something complete new there I have lots to learn, but also part of the fun.
    During teenage I was a big Napoleon fan, today mostly swedish Caroleans are on the menu.


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