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Can anyone explain to me what is the book this images listed?

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by BlackWarrior, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. BlackWarrior Member

    Dear friends.

    Can anyone explain to me what is the book this images listed?
    i found this images some days ago. the one of my main interests is the old korean calvary.

    this image expressed the koguryo(old korea dynasty) heavy calvary and sui dynasty(china).
    i have all book dealed with china history in osprey series. but, i don't saw this image.

    in my opinion, this image style is osprey ones.

    Could anyone help me about this images?

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  2. garyjd Well-Known Member

    My guess is it's from an Osprey title. Look at the letter/number combinations at the bottom of the page, i.e A1, A2, etc etc. ~Gary

    PS, The downside to the Osprey site is they redesigned it and I think they made it more confusing to navigate.
  3. renarts Active Member

    Definately and Angus McBride painting for an Osprey title. How many did they do of medieval Korean topics? That should narrow your search a bit.
  4. blaster Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    this image is colour plate A from the book "The Army of Tang China" by Karl Heinz Ranitzsch, Montvert Publications, 1995. It was published by Dr Philip Greenough and the colour plates were by Angus McBride. A1 Sui Chinese Infantryman, A2 Sui Chinese cavalryman, A3 Korean Horse Archer, A4 Korean Knight.

    Rgds Victor
  5. Blackwarior New Member

    Thank very much for all.
    i found this image in the book "The Army of Tang China". i'm suprised the price of this book. anyway, your contribution was very helpful to me

    thank you
    have a nice day!!!
  6. blaster Well-Known Member

    You will notice that for A4, the knight, horse and lamellar armour appear to be covered with silvery metal, presumably representing steel. I was at the Korean National Museum and had a chance to look at some of this armour up close. It is clearly bronze including all sword, spear and arrow heads. Furthermore, the upper armour was a single and very solid piece cuirass (not lamellar) with a slot in front. It appeared difficult to get into this suit of armour.

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