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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by aiantas, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. aiantas Active Member

    hallo to all members,after few months of working finally i finished two figures,this is the first one and very soon i will demonstrate you and the other figure,i hope you like it,all the comments are wellcome..

  2. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    WOW this is a really good figure Babis. I really like the epic pose and all detailing on the figure . I am sure this will be a big commercial succes. My best congratulations
    One more in the painting list for sure !!!!!!!
  3. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    My friend Babis that's one of your best sculpts so far. I also like the pose and the fine details of him. Surely a winner. Bravo Babis.

  4. Christos Well-Known Member

    A real beauty my friend!!!
    Looking forward to paint it!
  5. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Well done! Great figure with beautiful details.

    Best regards
  6. vergilius New Member

    absolutely stunning
  7. sisso New Member

    What can i say ? FAANTASTIC!!!
    cheers Paolo
  8. Akritis Active Member

    It is a very nice figure, and it is seems that is accurate too. I like the armour very much and the hellmet too. The sheld is very very good But i can not understand why everybody puts animal skins on an Roman Emperor . This is something that suits better on a savage man. A fine silk and decorated cloth is much more accurate.
    However this is a very nich figure to reprecent a General or a Iconoclasm official or a rich cavalarymen etc. It is a very good subject and we are looking forward to buy it.
  9. dimgall Active Member

    excellent work Babis!!! looking forward to see the painted release and grab it from the store!!!
  10. Graywolf Active Member

    Great work Doc. I am eager to see it in real eyes :)
  11. itifonhom New Member

    Well, the sculpt is really exceptional, very good pose and level of detail. Though, IMO the historicity suffers a lot, I don´t think that any Byzantine Emperor ever looked like that. The animal skin on his back for example. Or most important, his helmet. I can´t bring in mind a single pictorial evidence of an emperor wearing anything else on his head than a crone, at least the byzantine version of it. Another point of critic is the shield, I don´t think an emperor should carry one, he had too many people around him for this job. The muscle cuirass is also a little bit too overdetailed at the belly area and I think with this kind of armour he should wear the well known (from Roman times) band on his chest. But I like to see a byzantine subject and one that is so good sculpted the most. As Akritis already stated, this figure could depict a higher official and for this is outstanding!!

  12. periklis_sale Member

  13. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    AWESOME SCULPT !!!! A commercial success for sure ! Cheers !
    Kenneth ;).
  14. aiantas Active Member

    Costas,Xenofon,Chris,Artur, Paolo,George,Dimitri,Engin,Periklis and all the other members thank you very much for your comments...

    Αναστασιε,οπως πολυ σωστα παρατηρησε ο Περικλης η φιγουρα ειναι βασισμενη στην καλλιτεχνικη απεικονιση του κ. Γιαννοπουλου απο το συγκεκριμενο περιοδικο ,που αν δεν ξερεις γιατι ισως εισαι νεος στο χωρο, ειναι υπευθυνος ενδυματολογιας του πολεμικου μουσειου Αθηνων με εξειδικευση στη περιοδο αυτη.Επισης στο περιοδικο θα βρεις ολες αυτες τις ιστορικες πηγες με βαση τις οποιες φτιαχνει τις καλλιτεχνικες απεικονισεις και που δυστυχως μαλλον ανατρεπουν ολα οσα αναφερες ατυχως....Πριν κανεις κριτικη καλο θα ηταν να εκανες μια καλη ιστορικη ερευνα που να βασιζεται, οχι στο τι νομιζεις η τι φανταζεσαι, αλλα στα στοιχεια που υπαρχουν απο περιγραφες....Δεν υποφερει η φιγουρα ιστορικα αλλα μαλλον οι γνωσεις σου...

    με φιλικους χαιρετισμους
  15. JOHNGE New Member

    Absolutely amazing.
    I agree with Mr Moschakis remarks.
    Get rid of animal skin. I have seen many drawings , paintings of Byzantines
    even from 19th century no one bears an animal skin.
    A clibanarios (kataphractus must be the next project.
    Keep going
  16. megroot A Fixture

    Extremely well sculpted figure. I like it very much. If it is indeed the figure from the cover of the book, you did an extremely good job.

  17. Theodoros A Fixture

    I agree with Major about the pose you have choose Aianta, and further more I admire the way you have sculpted the face, realy very close to a Byzantine icon ! When is released in the market ? I'm sure I 'll paint it till the Athens Show...
  18. Sikander2 New Member

    Great figure, but I'm concerned with the historicity (not that I'm an expert). What era of the very long-lived Empire does he represent? Also IMHO his legs are a bit too far apart - makes him look unbalanced & ready to tip backwards. Great sculpt nonetheless.
  19. rej Well-Known Member

    AWESOME SCULPT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Dear Anastasie, i am afraid that here with your post (thats absolutely respected as a personal opinion of course ) you bring once again out the issue about historical evidence , historical accuracy and the rest

    You talk on pictorial evidence for the look of this figure, at the moment that no camera was available at these times,and knowing also that many portrait painters of all era's , have painted portraits that proved 100 % fantastic or highly exxaggerated due to artistic license, or rumors or fantasy.

    I am also araid that when you say "I don´t think that any Byzantine Emperor ever looked like that " you really really advance the doubt about your opinion since its only your thoughts no based on historical evidence or specific information from texts or anything else.

    This figure as it was said before is mainly based on the illustration of Christos Giannopoulos which is a uniform specialist for the National War Museum , specialised on specific eras (including Byzantine years ).

    Further more you say "I can´t bring in mind a single pictorial evidence of an emperor wearing anything else on his head than a crone".

    Its obvious that when the Byzantine emperors, were fighting you were not born and you could not have seen them fighting and see in what way they were dressed and equipped.

    Too be honest i also cannot imagine a Byzantone emperoro, or any other king or Army leader fighting the Turks , or other enemies wearing a golden crown and a silc scarf . For me this would sound very stylish but also very "gay".

    Regarding the muscle cuirass, i think is well known that these cuirasses exaggerated the muscle tone of the bodies in order to make the look of the warrior more impressive, so since he is an emperor i think this is pretty physical to have a cuirass well made , overdetailed and of high quality.

    As for the animal skin, i think is pretty muchmore suiting for a battle dress, than a silk or other cloak that would offer nothing. Byzantine people had a lot to do with many areas of the world and the ability to import anything (like a leoppard skin for example ).

    Now for the shield , you must never be sure that emperors didnt carry shields in a battle dressing stage. I think even Leonidas, the bravest King of all, used to carry a shield when he went to a battle !!!!

    To my point of view and since many guys everyday say that miniature making and painting is a form of art (in which i surely agree), a nit of artistic license is justified, especially when we talk for figures that represent people we never lived with, we dont have photos of , and we base on texts and descriptions that have been transfered through centuries now with all the possible alternations that happened.

    I surely would disagree to see a Vietnam era US Marine with a golden crown since many guys of the previous generation served, there and we have pictorial evidence andmillions of pictures.

    But i cannot justify a guy that is making arguement on the white percentage of a Templar's cloak i paint since neither he or me have ever dinner with a Templar Knight !!!

    I hope you get the meaning of what i say. Historical Accuracy is good, but if youre not sure and you dont have unmovable historical points you cant make critic on a solid base , especially when the figure in talk has been inspired from an originall illustration, from a well respected professional as this one .

    Further more, as a modeller, i surelly prefer a luxurious and much offering figure that challenges my painting skills diversive to a more simple one , with the excuse of hypothetical Historical accuracy.

    My best regards to Germany , and i hope we will see soon some of your splendid figure works

    Keep Safe


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