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Review "Butcher from" Bustory

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to all

    Its great to be able to introduce to you a new Russian company the name is

    As the name implies they like busts but ones that tell a story and ones that really do come to life in your hands , that's where the name came from "Bust" and "Story" ..simple but effective.

    Where does the ideas come from ...cinema , books and many other human cultures.

    The choice of the 1st release is the subject of the film

    It was announced here by PF member Cartoon Miniatures


    I present:


    00000.jpg 000000.jpg
    The streets of New York were rife with gangs and gang warfare no more so than in the mid 19th century , amongst one of the most famous is William (Bill) Poole .

    But who was William Poole
    [IMG] 000000000000.jpg 000000000000000.jpg

    William Poole (July 24, 1821 – March 8, 1855), also known as Bill the Butcher and Bill the Butcher Poole, was the founder of the street gang the Bowery Boys and a leader of the KNow Nothing political movement in mid-19th century New York.
    Poole trained as a butcher as was his father but gang warfare was born into him and after a bitter feud with the irishman gangster John Morrissey he was shot on 25th Feb 1855 dying of the wounds on the 8th March that year.( a new tombstone was erected in 2004 )
    0000000000000.jpg bb.jpg
    His lifestyle was the the subject of the 2002 film directed by Martin Scorsese called Gangs of New York , he was inspired to direct the film after reading the 1928 book by Herbert Asbury "Gangs of New York" which led onto the sequel "All around the Town" he has also written other crime/gang related books.
    0000000000.jpg 00000000000.jpg


    The film set in 1863 starred amongst others Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill but for the film the name was changed to Bill Cutting with him living past the actual day Poole died , an action packed film , rather bloody for obvious reasons and a good watch.



    a0000.jpg a000.jpg aaaa.jpg
    aaaaaa.jpg aaaaaaa.jpg 0.jpg [IMG]Waistcoats worn in film

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Onto the actual release now after the history and film look!!!

    Details of the release:

    Title : Butcher

    Reference: BS-001

    Size : 1/9 Scale

    Material : Gray Resin

    Pieces : 2

    Sculptor: Stepan Nikolaev

    Box Art: N/A

    General comments:

    The first thing I noticed is that a lot of care and thought has gone into the packaging , you are presented with a high spec wooden box so it was looking interesting to say the least , the box itself was shrinkwrapped in clear film opening the box up is by way of taking the top off completely.

    The quality of the box is very good indeed being laser cut and fitting together very tightly , on both sides there are black images one is the subject wielding an axe ( not included in box unfortunately!! ) and o the other side the New York skyline.

    There is also a numbered certificate ( remember Bustory only do limited runs) , mine was number 11/250

    On opening the box we are treated to the parts being in separate and very well cut foam sections with the each being also in clear bags .

    Gangs of NY 001.jpg Gangs of NY 004.jpg Gangs of NY 002.jpg

    Gangs of NY 003.jpg

    On opening the bags we find 2 parts only the torso and the head , no base is included

    Gangs of NY 005.jpg


    With the 2 piece's only prep wasn't going to be too difficult so out came my optivizor and this is the result:

    Torso....Casting plug to remove from lower edge and a bit of sanding on the left side edge

    Head....Nothing despite the post under the neck which fits nicely into the hole in the neck area ...no filler needed .

    There is a hole drilled on the underside to take a post of your choice for mounting to display.

    The back of the piece has been finished with "nicks" and "cuts" around the edge , perhaps its the sculptors trademark or maybe its a hint at the cuts of the butchers blade, its a nice little touch , also a nice addition is the profile of the skyline of New York at the lower rear edge above this we have the company letter of "B" almost copperwrite in style

    Gangs of NY 013.jpg


    This is in a classic bust style with no arms sculpted the resin sweeps down to a nice angle at the bottom at the front with the rear ending just below the upper shoulders .
    Gangs of NY 006.jpg Gangs of NY 007.jpg Gangs of NY 009.jpg Gangs of NY 008.jpg Gangs of NY 010.jpg Gangs of NY 012.jpg
    Bill is wearing a jacket where we have excellent lapels , with good undercuts as well the edging of these is lined in , in today's market details are most important and TEXTURE is one of these area's , and we have great texture on the jacket , I can feel it nicely by running my finger over the resin ..love it !!!

    Also notice the detailed stitching at the arm tops and across the back of the shoulders

    Next we have a lovely looking waistcoat again well textured , several painting options ( good excuse to watch the film!! ) ...just look at the pictures ! the buttons are well shaped and pulling slightly on the button holes.

    The shirt ...yet again we have the fine textures of cotton this time , stitching detail is visible and again well worked buttons ( one peeking out from the top of the waistcoat )

    At the neck we have a rather flamboyant neck scarf tied in a splendid bow the ends hanging slightly over the waistcoat edges , the surface of this is unblemished as the material , just above that we have the material that went round the neck .

    The neck area is clean and ready to take the head itself by means of a well produced hole which marries well with the post on the lower neck of the head.
    Gangs of NY 011.jpg

    This is what makes or breaks a bust and in this case is very lifelike , extremely accurate to the film portrayal .

    At the lower edge we see the rest of the neck scarf fitting this to the torso showed a fit that is great , just above this we have the collar corners slightly sitting downward , nicely shaped as per the period of history.
    Gangs of NY 014.jpg
    The facial features are some of the best I have seen , I am amazed its an actual sculptor doing this level of work and not 3D but it is a sculptor , one very minor observation is the looking straight ahead the right eye is very slightly bigger but nothing that really detracts ...the pictures will show what I mean .
    Gangs of NY 015.jpg Gangs of NY 016.jpg Gangs of NY 018.jpg Gangs of NY 019.jpg Gangs of NY 020.jpg
    The face has " laughter lines" at the edge of the eyes with the chin having some slight stubble , all very well done.

    Now to the facial hair ...again looking at the pictures of the film Stepan has really gone to town on this , the sideboards are really well formed and positioned with the textures being as good as ever , strands of hair are easily detected

    The actual hair style is again in keeping with the film and again an excellent bit of sculpting like the way it slightly bulges out before cascading in a wave down to the turned up curls of the edge , and again there is excellent hair strands work......all this great details screams out to be painted.
    Gangs of NY 021.jpg Gangs of NY 017.jpg Gangs of NY 022.jpg
    Final Thoughts

    There you have it the first of the releases from BUSTORY and what a start the have made , a very impressive piece of work and I say a BIG WELL DONE, looking at the website the next looks as interesting!.
    Presentation is really well thought out so that's another plus with the casting being very very good and prep being minimal.

    For more details on this and future releases

    Website https://www.bustory.store

    Email for orders: info@bustory.store

    Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/bustory.store

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bustory.store

    Thanks to Bustory for the review piece and to you all for looking in
    Happy modelling

  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi guys

    Thought I would share some pictures from the website and FB

    so enjoy

    Note : The base is only for display purposes and not included !

    0000000000.png 000000000000.jpg 00000000000.jpg 00000.jpg 000000000.jpg 00000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 000000.jpg

    Couple of pictures of WIP on the head from Magnus Miniatures ( just shows what can be achieved with the details on the sculpt

    00.jpg 000.jpg
    Happy painting

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  4. Wings5797 A Fixture

    A superb casting Kevin.
    I can see me going for one of these Fellows.
    Thanks for another great review Mate.
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  5. Jazz A Fixture

    This is a very nice bust, and from one of my favourite movies. My only criticism is it would be nice to have an optional stove pipe hat.
  6. Nap Moderator


    Cheers John the hat would be good and fairly easy to make butt covers up that great hair sculpt

    ......quite fancy a meat cleaver as well

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  7. Jimbo A Fixture

    This is a brilliant sculpt, I've seen it close up and the detail is top notch, thanks for the great review Kev
  8. sippog Active Member


    Yup, my thoughts - great sculpt but the meat cleaver - which is shown in the box art - would have made it more dramatic

    as in this bust coincidentally also called 'the butcher'

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  9. swralph A Fixture

    Thanks for another great review Nap:).
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  10. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Thought I woukd share the finshed artwork painted by Magnus Miniatures



    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  11. RantaN A Fixture

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