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Bust Converision

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Von Bock, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Its been sometime since I posted and here is a Warriors bust i have been converting. I want to thank so people for this, Dan Morton, Chris Morosko, Teasung Harmms, Anders Heinz and many others who have taken the time to talk to me at shows and here on the site. Their comments on my work and and helpfulness have made me try somrthing new. Here he is not sure where I'm going with him. Thsi is my frist real converision other than changing a hat or arms. :) Regards Brock

  2. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Brock, nice job. Are you going to be painting it also?~Gary
  3. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Gary thank you. You are another person that has helped me try something different. I read your post and have been helped by many of them. Yes I will be painting him. Although Not sure just how or what colors. :lol: Brock
  4. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Nice job on the first conversion!! I bet you will never look back now :)

    It is a lot of fun and it opens so many doors for future projects after you take the plunge and start coverting which will eventually lead to full sculpts.

    My only suggestion with this one would be to make the beard a slightly different texture then the fur, although it may very well just be the pictures.

    Keep it up and I look forward to see you again at Master Con and your future progress!
  5. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Anders, Yes I should have done the beard a little different. It is a little rougher than the fur on the coat. As for a full sculpt well I figure at the rate it took me to try this we'll be shaking hands over walkers at Mastercon. :lol: lol. Thanks for the help and comments. Regards Brock
  6. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Brock - Very nice conversion! Looks like a Bolshevik or White Russian commander??

    Your first conversion is behind you or almost and I bet you learned a lot! Keep it up pal! Take the plunge - Let's see a complete figure conversion next! How about starting with a WWI German infantryman figure and converting to a Landsturm. They were dressed in a number of interesting uniform combinations in 1914 - 1915. I don't remember if you have a copy, but I'm looking at page 102 of 'In the Service of the Kaiser', 2 Landsturm of II Corps, 19th Battalion. If you don't have it and are interested, drop me an e-mail and I'll scan that page.

    All the best,
  7. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the comments. A Russian huh I had thought of that along with Fisherman, Flier ect. I do have a book on the great war uniforms thanks for the offer and suggestion. A full sculpt well I might tinker a little more with smaller converision but I will think of giving it a try. My thanks again. Also your work is very impressive and helps to motivate. Regards Brock
  8. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Many thanks, Brock. Kudos are always appreciated!

    If you choose to finish up your bust as a Russian, take a look at the illustrations from either of the Osprey Russian Civil War books. Several ideas there. I noticed that some of the hats have piping around the edges - don't be intimidated by that. That's not as difficult as it would appear. Some also have hat bands and / or chin straps. Again, not that difficult.

    In my earlier e-mail I was actually talking about a figure conversion, but a more difficult one. Incidentally, that's the way I made the transition. Probably true of most of the sculptors. About the 5th conversion, I said whatthehey and started sculpting, making SOOO many mistakes. And still making 'em! Yesterday I had to remove all of the back of a tunic I'd sculpted for the Royal Marine and start over. Groan.

    In a sense, I'm still doing conversions because I'm using heads and hands and bits from other kits. One of these days I'll do one completely from scratch.

    You could start with a 75mm - 120mm German infantryman and by sculpting the headgear and bits of kit that are different convert it to a Landwehr soldier. For example, you could start with Jon Smith's 120mm Bavarian infantryman or Steve Warrilow's 75mm 1914 German infantryman. Probably use a different, older-looking head than either of them. Then it's a matter of collecting photos and researching the differences in equipment and sculpting those items.

    How about a French or Austro-Hungarian cavalryman? As far as I know, other than Tradition 90mm's, there are virtually none of them made in the larger scales, so much more converting would be needed to go from an infantry figure to a cavalryman.

    Just suggestions.

    All the best,
  9. Roy New Member

    Nice conversion Brock...it's great to keep on experimenting..especially when you get such a worthwhile result..and also end up with a unique piece..
    Keep us posted when you settle on a definate theme..I'd be very interested to see how he finishes up..

    Above all, have fun with that putty!...All the best..Roy.
  10. Roc Active Member

    Beautiful convertion, it looks great.

    Keep up the good work.

    Roc. :)
  11. jjgurk Member

    Whoa! That is one fine looking conversion my friend. You've really come a long way with this. Put some paint to him!

  12. Von Bock Well-Known Member

    Many many thanks guys. I have added 2 pics. My wife suggested a pipe so I put one together. What do you guys think Pipe or no pipe? Also lets have some ideas for colors for the hat and coat. I am thinking the fur will be a wool look but am open to suggestions. here he is with a pipe and a chin strap added to the hat. Brock

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