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WIP Critique Buildings

Discussion in 'Groundwork' started by Jay-BFG, May 29, 2017.

  1. Jay-BFG Active Member

    HELP needed....
    Trying something different for me, a building. This is a vig from Verlinden "Battle for Arnhem" 1:35
    Want to use this to push my contrast levels.
    This is the first time I've done a building, and this is where I am at the moment.
    Can anyone suggest any improvements? IMG_0615.JPG IMG_0614.JPG IMG_0610.JPG IMG_0608.JPG IMG_0607.JPG

    There are figures to go on this
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  2. Jay-BFG Active Member

    I know it's not a figure, but surely someone has done a building before?
  3. billyturnip A Fixture

    Having just done an image search of bombed towns and buildings I'd say you could do with more rubble and dust but you're definitely on the right track.
  4. Jay-BFG Active Member

    Cheers Mr Turnip,

    Yes verlindens usual, artistically place rubble I've been told.
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  5. John Bowery A Fixture

    I agree with Roger it needs some loose dust. You can put this were you like and think its needed, it can have some larger pieces also. Then mix white glue and water (Probably 50/50) with a drop of dishwash soap. Stir and put this mixture on the dust rubble with an eyedropper. The soap will make it flow into the rubble instead of sitting on the top. You csn then drybrush this with the rubble colour if needed. You can then follow up after it is dry with some kind of Pastels/Pigments. You can also throw some empty shell casing around here and there. Either brass tubing or rod or stretched sprue painted brass. Also some bits of crumpled thin paper looking like newspaper.
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  6. Jim Active Member

    John's advice is spot on.
    It appears that some of the ruins are chunks of brick, so they should be different dull shades of red; brighter red where the bricks have broken to expose the interior. A wash of greyish-white can be run between the bricks for mortar, but don't use white and paint it; the dust will help. If you have an airbrush and feel confident in using it, misting here and there with tan will also act as dust. An Internet search will show ruined buildings and what they look like. Some burned wood, splintered ends, all sorts of things. Don't forget, unless this is the only building within a wide radius, there'll be rubble from adjacent buildings as well.
    Good luck with the project.
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  7. Jay-BFG Active Member

    Cheers John, good advice with the soap, I'll try that.
    Cheers Jim, the building is grey stone so red bricks don't come into it. Good call on the burnt wood

    Although in reality there would be more rubble than would fit on the base, I'll use artistic license and just add a bit more dust.

    TBH I was more interested in your thought on my painting.
  8. John Bowery A Fixture

    Your painting is fine and you have colours in the bricks which also looks good, so there is nothing wrong there. I would be tempted to highlight the top edges of the bricks and a little below the edges fading to the brick colour.

    Just an example:
    As an after thought you can make rubble from Kitty litter the cheap kind. Put in a folded newspaper and hit with a hammer. This will leave you with Large pieces, smaller pieces and dust. Separate the pieces and keep in jars or just put all in a jar and pick out what you need when you need it
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  9. Jay-BFG Active Member

    Cheers John,
    I think maybe it's time to break out the oils, as the lighter wash of acrylic that I have put on the bricks seems to dissapear overnight.
  10. Jay-BFG Active Member

    Well, taking johns advise I've done half the building.
    Much happier with the pushing of contrasts

    Attached Files:

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  11. billyturnip A Fixture

    (y) Looking good!
  12. Jay-BFG Active Member

    Cheers Mr T,
    This pushing contrasts is a real struggle to me, I keep wanting to blend it all out again.
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  13. billyturnip A Fixture


    Don't worry,I think we've all faced that particular problem, it'll come with practice.
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  14. peedee A Fixture

    Looking great Jay.

    Well worth the extra effort.

  15. Jay-BFG Active Member

    Cheers Paul, still haven't got round to other side yet.
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