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WIP Bugler - Strathcona's Horse Late WWI

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Ray Welshman, May 31, 2014.

  1. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I agree. The new legs work much better indeed.
    Coming along very nicely, Ray.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. housecarl A Fixture

    Coming along Ray.(y)
  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Well done Ray! This is looking pretty great!

    All the best,
  4. chippy Well-Known Member

    Great work on the conversion Ray , this is really starting to take shape .
  5. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thanks a lot for the support gentlemen. I plan to finish a few things listed next then tackle the sword scabbard and add ins to that


  6. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi There,

    I started some vacation and getting back to the bench. The Strathcona is coming along:

    Horse gaps are filled in and sanded down
    Various accoutrements roughed out and put on the rider i.e. gas mask carrier, water canteen, haversack, and bandolier. Straps are on but still have to add buckles, button etc to them.
    Arms are now roughed in, still some sanding and minor carving to to finish up.

    Lots left to do yet, got to put the rest of the add ons on the horse i.e. bandolier, rifle holster, sacks, mess tin, scabbard and spike .....

    Not to mention paint :)

    buglestrat1.jpg buglestrat2.jpg buglestrat3.jpg buglestat4.jpg
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  7. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Coming along nicely... good eye for the details.

  8. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Thank Colin,

    Got to say its a long build but I really like doing Canadian subjects and mounted figures. 120mm is my favorite scale and its getting harder to get it seems so I grab what I can. For the moat part to get both conversions are required. Once I get this guy done got another mountie on the bench, this one will be mine lol. I've done three now and they are all on somebody Else's shelf :)


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  9. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi There,

    The build is 98% complete. I need to put epaulettes on yet but going to wait because I need to put "LSH" letters in 120mm on them. I'm still trying to figure that out :) I'm going to do a final cleanup of the horse and prime it in the next couple of days and start painting. I will do a final review of the rider, prime him and start the face soon. I still need to look at a suitable base and start planning the ground work.

    stratbug1.jpg stratbug2.jpg stratbug3.jpg stratbug5.jpg stratbug6.jpg

    Thoughts, comments, criticisms ?


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  10. valiant A Fixture


    looks great, so far - just one little point, although it may just be the camera angle, but the left arm looks to be slightly longer than the right, if it was extended. Just check it with dividers!


  11. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the feedback, I thought the arm was a little long but it measures right. I will see what it looks like once I prime it and paint it up.


  12. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Very well done Ray!
    Let's see some colour on this guy!

  13. m@rp Active Member

    Hi Ray
    Nice start, Iwill follow your project.
    my website: www.figurines-h-p.net
  14. m@rp Active Member

    It's me again.
    I like that kind of job where we can see the sculpting steps and the different ways used to reveal the final project.
  15. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi Pascal,

    Thanks for the comments. This particular project is more of a major conversion rather than a full sculpt. For example I used a kit torso from a DML german soldier. I removed all the neck detail and cut it off at the waist. The bottom is again a part of a kit from another mounted figure. I again cut the waist away. I then join the parts with a wire. This gives me flexibility on how the pose sits on the horse. I then fill it in with putty and shape and detail it. The putty mix I use is aves epoxy sculpt that I mix evenly with Games Workshop green stuff. I find this mixture great as it has strength in it to do detail work plus it stays workable for about 2 hours. I really like the consistency of the mixture. The arms I used wire then sculpted to shape. Once the basic shape is there its a matter of getting the right details in. For all the packs, bandoliers, saddles etc all done with the same putty mix for the most part. The horse is from Miniart kit, I didnt like the mane so re did it. To shape putty I use tooth picks, hobby knife, and small sculpting tools I picked up years ago. Once I have the basic shape I use an old wet brush to smooth it out. Also I do everything in stages for example the haversack on the left side, I do the basic shape first, smooth it out let it dry. I then add the flap let it dry, then the straps. I generally will have two or three of these types going at the same time because its basically a two three session process. For all my straps, reins etc I just use plain paper.

    Quick overview of the build


  16. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi There,

    While at the Chicago show this weekend a couple of fellow Planeteers kindly reminded me that I didnt finish this thread and post my finished pics. Life just got in the way and I was concentrating on just getting it finished for the show. Well here are some pics of the finished piece. For those guys I hooked up with weekend thanks for all the kind feedback, really appreciated it.

    bugler2c.jpg bugler2d.jpg


  17. Bassman Well-Known Member

    Very nice finish! Did you have him at the show? I don't know how I missed him. Well there was a lot I missed based on the photo reports I've seen. It was great to meet you Saturday, and thanks for coming to my presentation.

    Best Regards,
  18. Ray Welshman Active Member

    Hi Rod,

    Thanks for the feedback and really enjoyed your presentation. Yes I had this at the show and was very pleased that I was awarded a Silver Medal for it. I went looking for your kettle drummer after the presentation and it was great seeing the build then the peice live and close up.


  19. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Ray that's very nicely done my friend. Congrats for the medal, well deserved.


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