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Bugler Royal Marine Light Infantry 1914 From Cgs Military Figures

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all on PF ,

    Following on from this mornings post by Gra30 http://www.planetfigure.com/threads...ight-infantry-bugler-1914.53036/watch-confirm its my pleasure to be able to carry out the review.

    For those that do't know the brains behind CGS Military Figures is none othe than the well respected ex Royal Marine Graham Scollick . It was my pleasure to meet this unasuming man at this years Bugle Call in Bath .

    CGS have only been going for a short while but with Grahams background in modelling there can be no better start (have a look at the website and you will find amongst other David Grieve figures which Graham has now got)

    The subject is something that Grham knows as he served as a Bugler (not I hasten to add in WW1 !!!;) ) .

    As always lets have a bit of history about the RMLI in particular the period covered in the subject namely 1914.

    A RM Brigade was formed in 1914 comprisig of battalions from RMLI divisions at Chtaham, Plymouth and Portsmouth .
    With the German army flowing across Belgium , Winston Churchill who was the 1st Sea Lord sent the brigade to Ostend insisting on high profile with the brigade marching through the street to the sound of cheering locals .
    The siuation got worse and the RMLI battalion from Deal replaced the RMA (Marine Artiller)combining with 2 Naval brigades to form the Royal Naval Division (RND)

    The RND entered Antwerp on October 3rd in an attempt to prevent it falling into the enemys hand , with the Begium Army falling aprt around them they found themselves in a fighting retreat on Oct 8th resulting in many lives being lost and many brave actions. wht was the reslt of these brave actions ...a failure of the Schlieffen Plan and the Channels ports not being occupied .

    The RMLI did not go to war initially in Kharki but wore the distinctive Blue undress uniforms and the hated Broderick cap .

    In the true tradition of the marine they had shown their bravery and determined attitudes at all times both at the beginning of the war and right the way through 4 years of mud filld horror.

    Continued in next post:


    2.jpg rmli.jpg photo (19).jpg rmli 4.jpg william_morris_rmli.jpg RMLI_Cap_Badge.jpg
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    On now onto the model itself , the piece depicts a youg bugler from the 1914 period it was well packed in a strong black cardboard box (similar to the DG range which CGS also have) . the parts were well packed in bubble wrap providing more than enough protection to the parts

    Title: Bugler Royal Marine Light Infantry 1914

    Reference: CR01

    No of Pieces : 9 (including a Length of brass wire for the cords)

    Sculptor:Carl Reid

    Casting by: Grahan Scollick

    The parts consist of the following : the torso, 2 arms , the head, the bugle (with hands) , a gasmask container, a revolver holster and a base.

    Also included is a set of painting instructions and also a SBS on fitting the bugle cords using the wire ...great idea and very useful indeed.so its a (y) from me .

    All pieces have substantial casting plugs and lines ..a great idea as this helps protect the parts also making handling a lot easier IMO.

    Continued in next post:


    k 019.jpg k 020.jpg k 021.jpg
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    `Lets start now with the biggest piece it is of course the torso :

    Cast in a Dark gray resin (as are all the pieces ) prep that was needed involved removing thecasting remnants from the undersides ..very easily done with a saw or a dremel , finishing off with sanding blocks., Once this is removed you are left with a torso that has been sculpted and cat with the modeller in mind ...totally clean . .

    He wears webbing straps over his shoulders , together with straps for the gasmask bag ., his collar is slight open with the famous marine collar badges in magnificent detail as indeed are the shoulder totles showing the RMLI prefix .

    Undercts on the straps are well done and he looks like he is wearing this equiptment , he will be armed with a pistol (a heavy weapon for such a young boy) .Carl has manged to sculpt the buckles and the straps in full detail ..no doubt as result of excellent research from all concerned .

    The folds in the uniform are nicely done as well , nice touch at the back is it lifting where the belt is .
    There are cutouts at the sides for the arms which have corresponding lugs making fit perfect when I dry tested them .

    As this is a Bugler he wears of course the musicians cords and tassels , in this period they were worn exactly as sculpted and not across the chest as in later years .

    Under the tassels is a hole to position the cords (more later)

    Have alook at the pictures to see and I have no doubt enjoy the full amount of detail in the torso .

    Continued in next post:


    k 023.jpg k 026.jpg k 025.jpg k 024.jpg k 031.jpg k 033.jpg k 030.jpg k 028.jpg k 027.jpg k 035.jpg k 029.jpg
  4. Nap A Fixture

    Lets have a look at the arms now :

    These are cast as both down the sides with the wrists positioningg central to the lower torso ready to take the hands.

    Prep is again only the removeal of casting plugs and you will see how close the fit is for the arms into the recesses in the torso ...not an inkling of any filler on my modelling table ., he has pointed cuffs and having positioned myself infront of mirror to check the folds in each arm I found them to be very accurate. .

    The wrists are level with the bottom of the sleeve and will need to be pinned whn fitting the hands ..just for that extar safety factor. ...easily done with a small hand drill .

    Continue din next post:


    k 039.jpg k 041.jpg k 043.jpg k 044.jpg k 046.jpg k 045.jpg
  5. megroot A Fixture

    Looks a great bust Kevin.
    Can we expect less from Carl???

  6. Nap A Fixture

    On now to what I think is the part that shows the pointlessness of war : the head

    The piece is held on several formers and a larger on on the underside of the neck , so be careful when you remove these .

    Shape of the cap is absolutely perfect , from all angles .

    This is a very young bugler , so fresh faced and so involved in the horros of a futile and bloody war , these boys joined so young and saw so nuch in their often short lives .

    The sculpting is very true to the references , so smooth and so young looking , it almost brings lump to my throat typing this ..just goes to show the futility of war .

    Features are soft , lovely cheekbones , details around the eyes are well done ..I will paint mine blue eyed I think (can't wait to see MJ's version)

    What is really nice are the ears ..looking almost oversized but so right , with nice detailing in the shaping ....a true character ...his mothers pride and joy .

    On his head he wears the hated Broderick Cap .

    This was issued in 1902 and ceased being in use by the RM till 1923, it was despised as being very unmilitary like and like those worn by the Russian Infantry , when war was declared it was also considered by many to be too similar to the German "porkpie" cap .

    Our young bugler wears his Broderick high on his forehead , pushed slightly back and at a very jaunty angle

    The badge is a RM one with a Lt Infantry horn at the top (see my Introduction)

    Continued in next post:


    cap.jpg k 034.jpg k 036.jpg k 038.jpg k 042.jpg k 040.jpg k 037.jpg
  7. Nap A Fixture

    On now to the tools of our lad's trade ..the bugle itself :

    This is the classic bugle and has been carefully sculpted with the hands already attached , making postioning easy.....I would reccommend pinning it though as I said before ,

    Details on both the Bugle and the hands are very good , the mouthpiece is finely done and the "music end" of the instrument is well formed , you will as with all the pieces need to remove formers and a casting remnant ...no problems will be encountered .I am sure

    You will also need to add the cords using the brass wire after carefully looking at the SBS instructions included in the box .....nice touch Graham .I will include these details in my next part ,but if you still have any questions contact Graham who will be only too willing to help .

    Continued in next post:


    k 055.jpg k 053.jpg k 054.jpg k 056.jpg BUGLE.jpg
  8. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all ,

    FYI here is the SBS provided by CGS in the box..some good explanation by Graham I feel , making things lot clearer (not the bugle is round the wrong way on the figure so the cords will be crossed .

    Some might want to replace the cords on the figure with twisted wire , or you can reproduce this twist using paint effects ..its entirely up to yyou ..either way it will result in some stunning details .

    Here;s the SBS (note they come with pictures for each step...if you wish please contact me and I will send you the one with pics)

    Using the thin wire (4mm), form a ring around a small drill bit or similar.
    Trim as shown to form a loop.

    Drill a small hole in the indentation at the end of the pistol.

    Glue into pistol griip.

    Use the thick wire (6mm) to pass through the loop and to meet at the lanyard knot, glue in place.
    Annealing the wire will help the wire to conform to the natural shape.

    The front Dress Cord section should follow naturally that sculpted, as shown by the marker.

    Test for size and trim the thick wire to fit, the top section fits in a small indentation under the tassel.

    Using a 6mm drill bit, drill a small hole between the arm and body from underneath, follow the angle of the previously placed brass wire.

    This hole can be marked A to help identify location when fixing the bugle.

    6mm wire is fixed into location hole A and passes across the front, leave enough for trimming later. The wire can be posed as suits but must pass across the front.

    Wire B fixes to the back cord section (sculpted) and passes across the front.
    Both wires cross at the front, A passes OVER B.
    The cords then attach to the ends of the cord looped around the bugle, wires being trimmed as required.
    Using more wire will help give a natural sag to the cords and can be posed as preferred.

    For more information or questions please email
    Please title email RMLI Bugler Information

    Graham ha also sent me pictures of his RM bugle with cords (obviously the RMLI would be green)

    bugle 7.jpg bugle 8.jpg

    Continued in next post:

  9. DEL A Fixture

    Bl;);)dy Hell Kevin.....you should publish this;) brilliant review
  10. Nap A Fixture

    Now onto the equiptment he carries , the gasmask and the revolver (in a holster)

    The gas mask is contained in a cloth haversak fit is tight into the torso when the casting plug is removed (I would suggest you fit this first before the arms , nice folds are also done on the bag .

    The weapon is a revolver (probably Webley) held in what looks like an oversized holster but only because of the youth of the subject ...a true weapon that packs a punch , I can well imagine him being thrown back when firing it .

    Details are good as with bag , a defined securing strap , a good chance to get those worn leather effects out of the acrylics or whatever is your chosen medium .

    Continued in next post:


    k 048.jpg k 047.jpg ww1 a.jpg ww1.jpg k 050.jpg k 051.jpg k 052.jpg k 049.jpg rmli4.jpg
  11. Nap A Fixture

    Now we come to the final piece and my conclusion:

    The final piec is a pedastal base as per other sculpts from Carl , I perhaps would have liked to see a badge being sculpted on it but a blank canvas does give the opportunity to personalise .

    As with othr pieces there is a casting plug to remove then sand off the edges , I again would suggest you ifinately pin the bust to the base as well as using the gkue of your choice .


    I can do no more than 100% agree with Grod in the original post that Graham did :

    and I quote:

    "This is the MUST BUY bust of the year. It is the most stunning piece which just grabs you.

    The subject matter is great, superb sculpting by Carl and Grahams usual top quality casting must be a winning combination.......FANTASTIC"

    Get one as soon as you can its an absolute cracking piece .

    Thanks to CGS for the Review

    Have a look on their website and watch that wallet open up !!!!

    Please see:


    Or email to:


    Fianlly a pic of the piece ,,can't wait to see MJ's box art ..and I think we will see this piece amongst the Euro competitions in 2013 .

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  12. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    It's a nice piece with crisp details
  13. Tarracus A Fixture

    Great review, Thanks Nap! Adding to my Christmas wish list!!
    (The model I mean, not the review:D )
  14. mcsneed17 Member

    so that is wrong with his ear?
  15. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Mcsneed17, not sure what you mean by the ear comment above ?
  16. Figurenfreund66 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nap for this review !

    The Bust is really the greatest this Year - i love it !

  17. Jimbo A Fixture

    Kev, Phew! Blimey! great review! All the stops pulled out on this one mate, some spot on info.
  18. RossM Active Member

    I bought this last Sunday too. It was one of those pieces that makes you take your wallet out without much reservations. However, a couple of comments building on Kev's excellent review. First, the casting blocks are far too big. You will need a dremel to get them off. Considering that I don't own one then that is a bit of pig to be honest! They don't need to be that big. Picking up on the ear comments above. I have to agree that they area bit odd. I assume Carl uses stock ears? As each of his pieces seem to sport the same ears. They are quite angular and could do with being smoothed off in order to fit with the youthful look that has been wonderfully rendered by Carl. A final point, to represent the white cover on the Broderick Cap you will need to do a little bit of work on the hat as it was just that, a cover. The hat does not represent this. It shouldn't take much to make the necessary modification. I know this seems like me picking but I think they are valid points on what is overall a magnificent piece of work. Well done to both Carl and Graham for bringing it to the market at a very competitive price.

  19. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thank you Ross. For removing the casting blocks I used only a saw, the preview figure was made that way using only that and no dremel, some light sanding an emery board. The resin used is lovely to cut and can be easily trimmed with a nice sharp new blade if time taken and done carefully.
    As I wanted to get some stock for the show I did not have time to trim the blocks, I will on future pieces unless it gets way hectic and also it will give more space in the box. The ears are original sculpts as I have the master and I believe Carl copied our little Bugler in the vintage picture and who has sticky out ears :)))
    Best wishes and thanks for the kind words
  20. stu A Fixture

    I can confirm that carl does not use stock ears, each one is sculpted.

    Regarding the casting blocks,,, bit harsh really, graham is casting his own products and is learning all the time. I think he should be given a lot of credit as its not easy. I taught graham in the summer and I know he has been up to Moz as well, thats a lot of effort, but some things come from time and experience. He should be applauded for the huge effort he has made and the service he gives. Its a dying breed these days casting your own products.

    Top product from a great guy and a really great review

    Cant wait for mine

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