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Brommhir the bruiser(zabaart.com)-beginner needs help

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Tyrell90, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Tyrell90 New Member

    Hi guys, I ordered this figure Saamo (not Bromhir...my mistake) from zabaart, I wonder, which colours to use. I have no idea about the pallete I might buy, the avaiable here is citadel, army painter, valejjo as far as I know. Im lost and looking for help, if someone here could be so kind and give me small assist. Also dont know as a beginner how to apply shades etc if to start with light tones and go to dark..I would need someone to explain me a bit or at least link some youtube channels. I was thinking about some starting set if not individual colours, but aswell, have no idea what to buy. Please, excuse my English, not my first language and many thanks for help. Iv forgotten, which brush do I need? Ill be not using airbrush, so only handpainting with brush, also glue, is some cheaper glue ok or its worth to invest into something better? Thanks and great evening to everyone
  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi there


    I presume you mean this figure belowv

    I would suggest you first wash your figure to remove any casting residue

    then when fully dry take off all the exceeds casting resin ,

    prime in a colour of your choice some use white, gray, black

    Use the pics from the site as a guide for colours

    Paints what are you wanting to use , oils, acrylics

    Brushes ..get the best you can afford ...probably no more than a size 1 in this scale

    Glue ...superglue and pin if you wish

    Have a look at the welcome aboard part as well as Just starting ...lots on there

    Hope this helps


    image.png image.png image.png
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  3. Nap A Fixture

  4. DaddyO A Fixture

    Welcome on board Tyrell90 :)

    Nap has given some excellent advice and suggestions for getting you started. Watch the video's and have a go. Don't expect too much from your first figure - it's a question of developing skills and improving with each one you paint. You'll find that you enjoy the hobby more if you set your own challenges rather than aspire to a 'world class job' :D

    Specifically to answer your questions.
    I used a small plastic pallet when starting with acrylics (I bought 6 of them to save washing up every time) I now use a 'wet pallet' which helps if you are trying to paint when the sun is shining! (The paints don't dry out as quickly) You can make one of these easily, but I'd start with some cheap plastic pallets with wells for the paint.
    Brushes are something not to skimp on as you improve, but I'd start with a size 1 & 2 with nice points (Synthetic are okay, but won't keep their point for very long) Pretty much everything I paint uses a size 1 with a good point (I like Series 7, but they are expensive!)
    Paints - try a few. They all have slightly different properties. I used Model Colour when I started, but found them slightly gritty when thinned out so I now use the ones I've got for ground work. Generally I now use Vallejo, but I've started with a few artist 'tube' acrylics which work as well. Hardest thing to get right when you are starting is the amount of water to add. I aim for a thin milky consistency which needs a couple of coats to cover the area without showing brush marks - again play about a see how you get on.

    Remember to post some pictures and ask questions if you are struggling. There's lots of help here

    Most important thing to remember is have fun because that's why we do it!(y)
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  5. Tyrell90 New Member

  6. Tyrell90 New Member

    Actually this one....Samo, I edited thread
  7. Tyrell90 New Member

    Thank You very much for welcoming Paul. Greetings from Czechia!
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  8. Nap A Fixture

  9. franck edet A Fixture

    a big welcome aboard Tyrell90,

    regarding your questions, i would first begin with acrylics paints as they are easier to use (you just need water for dilution and cleaning) some basic colors like primaries : red, yellow, blue, of course black and white and then it depends on your budget
    but to begin you don't need a set with 200 colors, it will just disorient you.
    brushes : as said Paul, use the best brushes you can afford, but do not get mad and buy a 200$ brush, it won't help you magically. look for brushes with fine tips, size 1 is the all around size for miniatures, allowing surface coating and fine detailing.

    most important : do not fix you impossible goals, yes looking at masters works is good but do not think those miniatures as a goal for your first one.

    you asked a specific question about "where to start" : i found it easier to begin with the darkest colors and going to the lightests the other way is really hazardous :)

    do not hesitate to ask any question you could have, you'll find here a lot of painters to answer whatever you can think of !

    happy painting !
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  10. Tyrell90 New Member

    Hi and thank you very much, I just ordered some tools like army painter wargames hobby tool kit and I think four brushes...which I dont think are too high quality from army painter, one was insane detail or somehow like that. So am I set with these? I bought colours vallejo introduction game set, do I need somethig else?
  11. franck edet A Fixture

    sounds like a good start to me, i don't know army painters brushes, but it will surely do the job for starting as long as you take care of cleaning them correctly, i personnaly do the following with my brushes :

    once i've finished my session of painting i open the tap to obtain mild-warm water running, i use Marseille's soap on my fingers and gently "massage" the brush then i keep on under the running water, i do this for 1 or 2 minutes
    and then let dry the brush ... cleaning is the important part in order to keep your brushes in good state. :)
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  12. Nap A Fixture

    I would suggest once you get settled get some brushes from Rosemary's Brushes ( Rosemary and Co ) series 33 , you can use the AP ones to basecoat as well

    Don't go buying lots of paints ..see how you get on with the set you have

    Enjoy the benchtime

    Stay safe


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  13. Tyrell90 New Member

    Thanks, you too, due to corona I have lot of free time, not sure for how long could two figures last to complete. Additional question, which else colours do I need to do the shading and other after finishing the base colours, or I should end up with base only as a beginner? Thank you for help in advance. Also I ordered a moulding knife, do I need that small razor blade or its unnessessary
  14. Nap A Fixture

    I woukd work with what you have ...have a play mixing the colours starting with the base

    A modelling knife is good ..be careful ....a razor saw is useful to remove casting plugs


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