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Boudica in progress

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by MattMcK., Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Nap Moderator


    Big Ditto there from me

  2. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Great progress Matt.
  3. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Coming along very nicely,, great work

  4. Oda A Fixture

    You've definitely got me hooked on.Following with interest.

  5. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    A bit more, I think the cloak will look ok once shaded & weathered. The chariot is getting there.
    D8C0893A-1D83-419C-A830-1A2916F89B8F.jpeg 0D13D5ED-E4C8-496D-BFD7-BAFE42BA65D0.jpeg
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  6. harrytheheid A Fixture

    That cloak looks pretty good to me Matt.
    I'm interested to see what you're doing with the yolk for the horses.
    CORRECTION - just realized the entire chariot sub-assembly is upside down in your photo.
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  7. Nap Moderator


    Good on you for that cloak , impressive work , like you say once shaded etc will look even better

    Like the pattern on the wheels as well

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  8. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks, though I'm having my doubts about my color scheme. I need to damp it down a bit.
  9. Nap Moderator

    Hi Matt

    I agree with you it looks too bright and new but weathering etc will help

    Look forward to more

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  10. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    When I lament my slow pace on this project my wife reminds me that this is supposed to be fun :). That said, I’m slowly having fun...
    A1BC6992-835E-4351-B41B-363A9EF5D464.jpeg 4761F077-B61E-4352-AC1F-2F2FF679587C.jpeg 87640AA8-58AE-4745-8D63-CBE2DACB7A4B.jpeg
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  11. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Huh, if that's what you call slow progress, then what's happening with my stuff must be glacial....;)
    I really like what you're doing with both the Chariot and the Icini Queen.
    I also note the progress on the 2HP motive power.

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  12. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Working on a standing stone and raven for the background. More work to do on the bird...
    8AB2EFF4-DE29-4966-A246-C17AEDBE845A.jpeg 8AC7515F-CEE5-4FEF-A0EF-9B458534D053.jpeg
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  13. Roc Active Member

  14. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Boudica herself is finally assembled; I need to go back over her to clean up a few spots and unify things a bit. The trim on her dress needs some attention, among other things. I need to think about shading her woad, too, though I dread it. She’ll get some pastel weathering/dust once I get the whole shebang onto the base.
    C0CF628C-B5E4-4270-A92E-86A83FC81BD4.jpeg DED78578-FB1A-4F3C-B0DF-3853BBED4579.jpeg C0CF628C-B5E4-4270-A92E-86A83FC81BD4.jpeg DED78578-FB1A-4F3C-B0DF-3853BBED4579.jpeg 3F1E4F8F-94C5-4CA1-A76A-86E8741A9D84.jpeg B7B20C7D-FA71-4236-9B73-4008B860BB61.jpeg 9A07AB35-BA73-47F9-83BE-BCAE9FD2F50F.jpeg 0EC586C8-7004-4A9E-B2D5-3B2DE3808282.jpeg
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  15. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    A few of the stone and raven:
    158F9A5B-CDF5-4798-8AB5-3136D6FBEC2E.jpeg 0D963ABB-6440-411D-B5E8-84851AA10BE1.jpeg 7916D6B9-8E4B-4CF0-9A3F-FB52043E258A.jpeg
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  16. balder PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice. I’m enjoying this build Matt.
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  17. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    That face you make when you need to drive the Romans out again... First pass over Boudica’s charioteer, face & trews.
    AAEFBAB4-7214-4A31-8564-18129E4C0BB0.jpeg D6A233B6-DE6B-4F54-922A-02121DEC70D2.jpeg
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  18. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Our charioteer is almost ready!
    8E6A1ED2-CA91-4C99-8D6E-419B3DE50B75.jpeg 53AF26BB-2407-4329-BCE9-42906DCDD23B.jpeg E3AA986A-CEBE-4BD3-B72B-FCE445621D54.jpeg C35F7E66-12D0-4DE3-A662-BEB05FC2C382.jpeg 5F080423-12B3-4859-806E-999BE9C9B981.jpeg
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  19. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    The lovely couple.
    DE43B18D-F65C-41CA-8932-86901E41B372.jpeg B8BC825F-578C-401F-8E6E-E0D4D57E754E.jpeg 6E461349-1E85-4AA7-84BD-D191D87F49CA.jpeg
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  20. harrytheheid A Fixture

    That's phenomenal progress Matt.
    Well done....(y)

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