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Boudica in progress

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by MattMcK., Apr 6, 2019.

  1. 1969 A Fixture

    I agree cutting the ground back to widen the ford will work perfectly and allow you to add the water effects (y) Looking forward to seeing more when you are better.
  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Nice concept and quite ambitious. Look forward to seeing the end result. The Roman running in either direction works for me.

    - Steve
  3. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Finally back at this after being on my rear end sick for a week and a half. I cut back the bank to widen the stream and laid in the basic ground work. This pushed the horses up into the water, so I can try lots of splashing. It’s starting to take shape. I think I have too much dead area on the hill, so I will add shrubs, etc. unless I can find a 75 mm figure or two to add.
    D1F8E32D-806A-48A8-A2CB-128FADB5278E.jpeg FE104EC1-C837-4275-B9F1-169792CDF1C6.jpeg
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  4. 1969 A Fixture

    Looking good so far Matt (y)

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  5. Helm A Fixture

    That's really coming together, I think shrubs/rocks etc would be a good add just to be a bit of fill in
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  6. Redcap A Fixture


    I think you will find that Leg. IX (Hisp) "ran away" during the Boudica revolt....the ones who had access to a horse including its Legate are recorded as having done whilst those who were unable, were mauled very badly in an ambush. Hence, Leg. IX was ineffective for the rest of the campaign.

    As such, this imagined scenario is perfectly realistic and viable.

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  7. harrytheheid A Fixture

    I love those updated photos Matt.
    My order for the Chariot should be turning up this week - all being well.
    Still deciding exactly which 75mm Romans I'll use in my own diorama though.
    I do have that same running Roman on order as well, but obviously I don't want to copy your idea.
    Dunno, I need to think a lot more about it once the Chariot kit is delivered.
    Meanwhile, I'm following this thread with immense interest.
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  8. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    I got the base coats of color on, now onto the individual work on each figure. You can see the dead space in the back in the overhead pics, I need to figure out something for that. 511DC0F0-76A1-4F18-881C-FDDEC675A3A8.jpeg 2A3DEAD5-4853-4D65-87D3-AEC8D295EFC5.jpeg F9D74D42-554E-433B-B3B1-A6DCA765C156.jpeg 4A40B190-6D64-4FFB-BB4C-2F819AD0B782.jpeg 4875F572-3F38-422D-A95B-322D0F93DC4F.jpeg 452C5B86-8C14-4178-B953-3464CC0F6687.jpeg 3BF4D248-0F21-4813-B0B6-9C13912FE7A2.jpeg
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  9. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Love the progress report Matt.
    Just a thought, and I've no idea whether it would be historically accurate, but how about a drystone wall at the back with a path leading down to the roadway the chariot is racing down?
    It could be what the locals use to access their fresh water supplies at the stream. The rest of the dead ground could be filled up with bushes and maybe an additional small tree?
    My own example of Boadicca's De-Lux 2HP Coupe GTi circa 61AD turned up this morning, but it's going to be ages before I get present projects completed. So I'm a long way behind where you're at right now.
    03. BGTi_23-Apr-2019.JPG

    The box had a slight bash in the corner, but no damage caused to the contents, which were very well packed.
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  10. Helm A Fixture

    Some sort of rune stone possibly, I believe they used them but not sure if any have survived in mainland Britain, some from Ireland shown below
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  11. harrytheheid A Fixture

    Hi Steve,

    My immediate and extended family have strong ties with Midmar Kirk in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
    Within the Church grounds and set to the side of the graveyard is an ancient 4,000 to 5,000 year old stone circle. I took these photos during my last visit there back in November 2013.
    12. 23-Nov-13_m.jpg

    10. 23-Nov-13_k.jpg

    13. 23-Nov-13_o.jpg

    15. 23-Nov-13_q.jpg

    14. 23-Nov-13_p.jpg

    There's several interesting on-line articles on the subject of this particular stone circle and here's a good example on this link;

    In addition, there's a strong tradition in North-East Scotland that the Battle of Mons Graupius in 83AD took place either at, or around the immediate area of the prominent hill of Bennachie in Aberdeenshire - which is only a few miles to the north of Midmar.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I'm intending to feature the recumbent stone and the two flanking upright stones (as per the 3rd photo down) in the scene I have planned for RP Miniatures chariot, and the diorama is to be set on the fringes of the battle while the outcome is still in the balance. This was what I had in mind when I mentioned in a previous post that the model doesn't necessarily need to be Boadicca's Chariot - and adds just the slightest personal touch to the planned display, which is something I tend to include in my dioramas, one way or another.
    Incidentally, no-one knows what use that recumbent stone was put to thousands of years ago, especially when so much of our ancient history has now been lost, but it's difficult not to let the imagination run riot.
    When I was in my early teens, wild horses couldn't have made me remain on the grounds of Midmar Kirk after nightfall, and even today it's still a somewhat seriously creepy place on a cold and windy November evening when I took those photos - and please notice that the setting sun is shining directly onto the recumbent stone in the 3rd photo down.

    Here's some additional photos of the plaque in the Kirk grounds; which I believe may have been placed by the Historic Scotland government agency way back when.

    1. 23-Nov-13_f.jpg

    4. Midmar Stone Circle.jpg

    2. Recumbent Stone Circles.jpg

    Just thought this might be of some interest to readers of Matt's thread.

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  12. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looking forward to seeing it! Clear off the bench and get to work!
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  13. harrytheheid A Fixture

    You have no idea how tempted I am to do just that mate.
    I've had real-life official stuff going on down at the local Bureau of Public Security this week that would try the patience of a saint and form the basis of the script for a TV situation comedy.
    That's what has been eating up most of my time recently; although it's an almost funny situation and ought to finally be resolved tomorrow, which will free me up for some serious hobby time again.

    I've a bunch of half-done 54mm figures that can wait, and my 75mm RP model of Sun T'zu is almost finished - so he could temporarily be put on the shelf of shame with no overwhelming sense of guilt.
    I'm waiting for more skulls to be delivered before I can finally finish off my wee Nut's Planet Demoness, so she's been shuffled off to one side for the time being anyway.
    I'm also awaiting delivery of the Roman opposition and that's what will determine the size of diorama base I end up using with the chariot as I don't want them too crowded together, so there's no point in starting any groundwork at the moment.
    Plus I'm still trying to figure out how I'll model the Standing Stones. I've never been able to find insulating foam locally, so white goods packing material and paper mache is likely the way I'll have to go.

    Given all that, I could probably justify getting to work on the chariot this weekend while I'm waiting for the primer to dry on those two 75mm Chronos Miniatures Dancing Girls that turned up yesterday.
    The charioteers and horses would then demand full attention though.
    Hmm, I better have a real good long think about this - but as problems go, it's a good one to have.
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  14. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    First pass in oils over the horses and Boudica’s face. 83BAED0E-47D5-4446-92CB-E27B0118ED63.jpeg E8684CC4-A068-4134-A0BC-9A89B01D8834.jpeg
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  15. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    I don't want folks to think I'm slacking! I have painted and stripped the cape twice because I just can't seem to get the $#@&* tartan I'm envisioning to work out. Hopefully, third time's a charm. If not, she'll be getting a solid one :)

    I hate to bury this question here, but does anyone know of a source for 75mm ravens? I have an idea for the dead space, but would love a bird for accent.
  16. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Apologies for not posting on this ....missed it for some reason ....it's a great project and boy is this going to be impressive

    As for the dad space ..what aboutva warrior cheering his queen on

    Great information and details

    As for Harry....get it on the bench ...LOL .......when it's possible ....

    Following with much interest


    PS Ravens ...suggest you contact Himini as they have a standing Raven in their new 75mm Northern Chronicles , Vasily is a great guy sure he might cast some for you ...message me if needed
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  17. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks for the tip! I’ll check with Himini!
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  18. harrytheheid A Fixture

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  19. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    So a little to report. a tad more progress on the horses and the lady herself. I’m getting closer to happy with the plaid, which still needs doing on the outside of the cape.
    CDD1430A-5237-454A-A5A9-D66DB7544809.jpeg 7A3AA429-0A58-478B-8DB8-17FB0FA4C639.jpeg 580217FF-CA62-4512-B87A-E5EDB0B06AAF.jpeg
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  20. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Very impressive progress.

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