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BOUDICA by Origen Art

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Origen Art, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. MalcC A Fixture


    Can you hear all those jaws hitting the floor? :)

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  2. custer760 Well-Known Member

    Got one of These at Euro and Frank Miniatures picked up 5 so drop Frank a line if interested...Excellent bust
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  3. frank h Well-Known Member

    Its a fine sculpt.... unfortunately sold out when I got to the stand
    I have been told by Origen... give them three weeks
    and then order
    This I plan to do

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  4. Franco Active Member

    Thanks for the photo Tommi - really looks great.

    Anybody manage to get a photo of the bust painted as displayed at Euro? Would love to see that version as well.

    Also what scale is the bust?

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  5. Trex Well-Known Member

    Excellent sculpting on this bust!

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Here it is painted by Pepa Saavedra.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    35 copies were sold within an hour at Euromilitaire 2014

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  6. legend69 Well-Known Member

    I think I am in love:love: ....must have this!!!
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  7. Franco Active Member

    My jaw has now hit the floor and I too am in love ......:p
    Anthony you have competition;)
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  8. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Granted this is a lovely piece of work. Slightly smaller than I had envisaged, but it still has a nice feel to it! :)


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  9. blaster Well-Known Member

    Very nice bust of a lovely young woman. However, I thought that Queen Boudicca was an older woman, with two daughters during the height of her fame. Perhaps this represents her in her youth.

    rgds Victor
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  10. Nap A Fixture


    You are not wrong [IMG], reminds me when I fought with her ...no really !!!! not sure about her actual age but reckon this is a beautiful piece of work that hair is awesome for sure and the painting really fine work especially on the patterned cloak , rather pretty face as well IMO

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  11. Origen Art Active Member

    Well, we are back from Folkestone.

    We have already published a statement on our Facebook to clarify your doubts.
    The 36 units of Boudica (and the stcok of "Sirena") were sold in just over 1 hour. But don't worry, only was its "premiere", but in about three weeks we will have the Pepa Saavedra's box art, with the painted finish, and you can buy it at our new website, which we announced a few days ago.

    PS: Blaster, Boudica had two daughters, but not was a old woman. Keep in mind that in those days girls were married approximately with 13 years, so she was a young woman still. However, when available, on our website you can read the awesome "Legend of presentation" that the writer Pepe Gallego wrote both Boudica, as our other figures.
    The scale of bust is 1/10, if I don't know what I said before.
    A greeting!
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  12. Piotrec Active Member

    Lovely bust. This is a must have for me. Cannot wait for it to be available online! Three weeks plus shipping will definitely put my patience to the test.
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  13. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Superb bust, outstanding painting, especially the hair.

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  14. elgreco Well-Known Member

    We are pleased to announce that we will be shortly adding Origen Art to our list of products and adding their products online, including this bust as soon as it becomes available from Origen Art..
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  15. Nicolaos Active Member

    Surelly, a must have! Great sculpture, that's already a lot of signs it will be a succes.
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  16. Gerry Active Member

    Pedro Fernadez Ramos sculpting at his best! got a one in the first hour, it is simply stunning!
    and worth the wait, Pepa's painted version is looking brillant so far too!
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  17. Robert Laclavik Active Member

    What a lovely piece of a young woman, of sorry a lovely piece af fine art. And a realy big motivation from Pepa Saavedra´s box art, so when I consider the fine sculpt and the box art it equals me: I must have this!!!
    Cannot stand to wait 3 week though... hurry guys
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  18. blaster Well-Known Member

    I looked up wiki and mention of Boudicca and her husband being king of the Iceni etc was recorded from AD 43 until AD 61. What you are saying thus seems plausible and to help that logic along, it makes sense that a stunning young lady would draw more followers than an old crone. I sincerely hope you do well with this piece.

    Rgds Victor
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  19. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Thanks for putting up an actual picture, isn't it a lovely sculpt? Just a quick snap with my phone camera, HAA! I couldn't get results like that with a full studio set up:(
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  20. RobH Active Member

    It's a beautiful sculpt!!! And lets not get too wound up by accuracy......She was an older woman, but I'm pretty sure that at some point prior to that, she was a younger one. Prior to that, maybe even a child.....:)

    And I loved the fact that Origen Art teased us with a small photo......it added that bit of excitement prior to Euromilitaire that can so often be missing in these days of the internet!!!!!!

    (and I got the first one they put out on the table.......they were late setting up and didn't really get there until 10ish on the Saturday!)
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