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Bothrag the Hunter

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Mally Anderson, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Mally Anderson New Member

    Our first release based on the artwork of Paul Bonner from the original concept of Christophe Muradi, with full licence.
    Sculpted by Joaquin Palacios
    This piece stands 110mm high and is cast in high quality resin and cones in 14 pieces.

    We are offering this at a special pre order price of £65 with P&P to follow - limited to 120 pieces.
    Regular price is £80
    Orders are taken on a first come first served basis.

    Payments of £65 via PayPal to Journeymanminiatures@gmail.com 4D60AB64-7EE1-4C6F-93C4-E78F763A38B6.jpeg
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  2. NeilW Active Member

    Not for me but an interesting looking piece.

    Otherwise, it's interesting to see this confirmation re licencing (see recent discussion ref unlicensed figs... it's all down to individual conscience and ethical boundaries).... see General Figure Talk for more on this :)
  3. Mally Anderson New Member

    I wouldnt list anything as having the full permissions / licence unless we had it. We are a new company and want to do this right. We have been liaising closely with Paul Bonner and Christophe Muradi.
    IP theft is something we take very seriously and we will never release anything without that. You will only ever see original concepts from ourselves.
    Thank you for your thoughts though, it is important that the issue is covered as it helps protect us small businesses and the original artist
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  4. NeilW Active Member

    No, I wasn't disputing it; I was congratulating you on the fact that you have it, and say so (y)

    It's an interesting dilemma (unlicensed re-casting wrong; unlicensed fig manufacture OK)... see General Figure Talk for more on this :)
  5. Mally Anderson New Member

    Our own opinion is IP theft is IP theft. In what way this harms the company is irrelevant. Get your permissions in writing, pay what you have to pay (if you are happy)
    It has taken years to get this piece to a reality, which makes it even more special for us.
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  6. NeilW Active Member

  7. JOEYR Member

    Hi Neil,
    in my opinion the reason that unlicensed fig manufacture is generally percieved as OK is a combination of all the things you have listed and others (some people just dont care:)), but the main one is as you described it: "fig manufacturers are perceived as 'our friends' without whom our hobby can't survive" or in other words this strange idea that fig manufacturers are basicly operating at a loss and working from a goodness of their hearts so that we could enjoy our hobby, which results in hypocrisy and double standard when it comes to fig manufacturers.

    You can see this notion clearly in a reaction to a critique of a Vampire Queen miniature I have posted recently, where the users reaction to me describing a shoddy workmaship of an expensive figure Ive just bought was that I should stop (as he puts it) "complaining, whining and slagging off" the manufacturer because:

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  8. NeilW Active Member

    Hi Joey... I'll confine myself to saying 'I agree' (y)

    Then (try) to shut up on this topic :censored:
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  9. JasonB A Fixture

    I would be interested in what the licensing fee was from an was for this, compared to some numbers I have read about fees from studios, etc.In those cases, I recall something like $10,000 (maybe 100k) fee plus a per figure cut. Just a guess, but I would bet that this one didn't cost the maker that kind of scratch. And again, (beating the dead horse , and my opinion only) there is a big, huge, massive difference between little old fig manufacturer selling a likeness of a figure from a movie, tv show, whatever, and figure piracy. Its funny that something like this raises its head, when its been going on forever (Andrea) and was raised recently over one figure of Sansa Stark from Doleman Miniatures, yet there have been literally a dozen or more figs from various manufactures of GoT characters (including at least 2 of Sansa) with nary a peep. Funny what sticks in ones crawl sometimes...:inpain:
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  10. NeilW Active Member

    Point made (there's no ethical/moral difference- you can't kill someone a little, it's all or nothing).

    ... see General Figure Talk for more on this :)
  11. Forté Well-Known Member

    Fees vary depending on where the IP is from and what sort of agreement.

    Certain companies completely ignore IP and use likenesses from TV and Film. Recently GoT (Sunshine and Dolman) and Pirates of the Caribbean (9th Gate) have been used blatantly and without agreement which runs the risks of legal action.

    Using concept art from artists is very different and less expensive. Some asking for a fee, others just wanting more exposure and future work (thought there should always been so kind of payment personally).
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  12. Mally Anderson New Member

    Thank you for all the comments. It is emotive subject.
    Obviously I will not post any private discussions we have had with Paul Bonner or any artist, Nor will we disclose what fees are involved.
    We hope that the figure is admired for what it is, an original piece of art that obviously we would love people to buy so we can continue to produce more original pieces.
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  13. Mirofsoft A Fixture

  14. Helm A Fixture

    A very interesting piece this, I really like it. Shame the piece got hijacked by the usuals
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  15. NeilW Active Member

    Do you mean the discussion about licencing?

    It's a perfectly valid discussion... ... see General Figure Talk for more on this :)
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  16. Mally Anderson New Member

    I sincerely hope there is no finger pointed out way with any IP or concept theft. We have worked diligently with the artists to produce this piece. You are welcome to ask them.
    I appreciate the discussion but perhaps this should be on a different thread as it seems to be clouding the issue around our work.
  17. Helm A Fixture

    My point exactly Mally. It's a superb piece and should be judged accordingly
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  18. NeilW Active Member


    Hi Mally,

    Not from me: indeed, I started the discussion on re IP piracy by congratulating you on the piece and that you specified that you held a license.

    However, I agree that the discussion has rather got out of hand and taken the spotlight away from your excellent work (mea culpa). So for that I apologise and have now moved my postings to the General Figure Talk forum (see: here). I can't do anything about those who've quoted my postings: perhaps they could edit them out?

    So, again, apologies to you and others who I've upset (though I stick to the principles of what I said).

    Best of luck with your figure,

    Neil (y)
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  19. Steve Brodie Well-Known Member

  20. Babelfish A Fixture

    Shame the thread went off the rails. Totally unnecessary after Mally had even stated "with full license" in the very first line.

    I'm not familiar with the character at all, but it looks very well done. I think the fantasy guys will have a ball with this one. I anticipate seeing a few on show tables.

    - Steve
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