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WIP Critique Borodino- The Figures

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ChaosCossack, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Aveleira A Fixture

    Hi Colin, you are doing good with this... Unfortunatly I can't give you technical advices, but I think you're going
    in the right way. Maybe try to smooth down the surface... some other details (folds etc) you can always paint them, instead of trying to
    sculpt them. I can remember Metal Models figures don't have great folds but they look great... Maybe that's where you want to go. Anatomy, great details, main folds,
    the rest the paint does... I think in my humble opinion ;)

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  2. MarquisMini A Fixture

    I have to agree with you regarding greenstuff, also i fing greenstuff a little fatter when you fold things ( maybe i am useless sculpting:p ), but i find magic sculp and a little bit of greenstuff together make a right move when you looking for both best things of each product.
    I don't like Milliput,i have tried in the past and is too grainy and i am not happy with it, but just give a try mixing magic sculp and greenstuff,normally i use 40/60 (GS/MS).
    As for what i can see in the pics, the pose, the jaclet and creacess looks great to me colin.
    I admire your project. Best regards
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  3. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Thanx everyone, this is some great advice...

    My main issues are with materials right now and figuring out what works for which application. With the GS, I was practicing on a scrap piece and it worked great (60/40 yellow/blue)... very smooth, folds worked great, handled ok, even fiddled wtih some piping details. Then moved to the figure and the wheels completely fell off :mad: It was sticking where it shouldn't, tearing when I tried to manipulate it, fingerprints that wouldn't smooth... ARRRGGGH and what you see is the end of a frustrating session.
    I guess every sitting is a learning experience... but damn!

    As for magic sculpt... It's the one I haven't tried. Is it self-setting or does it have to be baked? Where did u get it Colin?

    I'll try anything once... twice if it doesn't hurt too bad

    Thanx for the imput guys, much appreciated

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    Colin - its self hardening (air) in about 2 hours (faster if lightly baked). Once dry, you can sand, drill, shave etc. Smooths excellently with a wet brush. Great for tails, coats, flags etc if soothed. Mixes with other putties. GS is too plastic like for my liking. It astounds me that most 28mm modellers use it. I couldn't use it to sculpted anything except medals etc.

    I ordered MS last week from a supplier in Western Canada I got off the MS site - hasn't arrived yet. I think it was:

    AAA Supply House Ltd.
    #3 2235 – 30 Ave. N.E.
    Calgary, Alberta
    Canada T2E 7C7
    Toll free phone 1-877-250-8995
    Toll free fax 1-877-291-3808
    Email Address orders@AAAsupplyhouse.com

    I recommend the 5 lb tubs natural colour (greenish grey). I think the 5 lbs cost me about $45 Cdn before shipping.

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  5. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Thanx Colin
    Yet ANOTHER tub of goop stacked up on the workbench
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  6. Helm A Fixture

    You'll be alright with magic sculpt Colin even I can use it so it's fairly idiot proof (y)
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    Probably the rest can go...keep the GS for fine detail.

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  8. MarquisMini A Fixture

    I agree with colin (crf) , but once you get proficient or confortable with magic sculp, try some mix the grenstuff first, then a ball of magic sculp and mix it together,experiment a little.
    I have done almost all my hats this way.
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