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WIP Critique Borodino- Cuirassier 1

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ChaosCossack, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Hey All

    I think I've got the main outline for the Cuirassier whose riding the modified horse.
    The legs were modified as described in the last thread. The torso was filed down to lean to the left with a bit of a left twist. The left arm is stock Historex filed slightly to reach across the torso more. The right arm had the shoulder clipped, drilled and pinned to the torso. At this point, I'm not sure about angle of the elbow but I won't really know until the shoulder gets filled in to look more natural.
    The head is a Hornet 54mm with the neck filed down and pinned to the torso. Again, unsure about the length of the neck until I start to sculpt the stand up collar.

    IMGP0265.jpg IMGP0266.jpg IMGP0268.jpg IMGP0269.jpg IMGP0270.jpg IMGP0271.jpg IMGP0273.jpg

    I positioned him on the horse with Blu-tac and lined him up with the figure he is "charging" to make sure everything fit... I think, "so far so good"... On to the next step.

    IMGP0274.jpg IMGP0275.jpg IMGP0277.jpg

    As always............ HELP!!!!!!

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  2. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Colin,
    Great project, I certainly can empahise with you I had similar problem with my build of Fighting Bill and had a few attempts at getting the pose right which included a full strip back. I think I wanted to line everything up first rather than get the correct posture. But got somewhere close after some great feedback.
    I certainly am no sculptor Colin, but Gaudin give me some excellent advice which improved the dymanics of the piece no end.

    I think you are right about the right arm position, needs to be lowered to look more natural, so this is throwing everything else out. The only way too get the sword in the position you want is to twist the torso/hips and push the torso forward. Once the upper body is correct you can alter the head position to suit. I think with the horses head pulling to the right I would bring the left arm round more as this might help the balance.

    Colin if you search for Fighting Bill you will see that the altered pictures say a 1000 words, hope this makes sense mate.
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  3. DEL A Fixture

    For someone who doesn't sculpt I'm finding this Work in Progress really interesting so thanks for posting Colin.
    Without claiming to have any anatomical expertise whatsoever I can see what Ritchie means, looking forward to progress.
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  4. Aveleira A Fixture

    Can't help you much with the sculping thing, but I think is becoming pretty good!!! Nice positions, great deal of action.... Very Nice!!!!
    Keep up!

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  5. Helm A Fixture

    Might be easier to show him as a casualty with his right arm blown off ? :shifty: And that is why I don't sculpt :LOL: I'm sure with the folks on here you'll get it sorted Colin the neck IMO does need tucking in some, those niggles aside it really looks good

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  6. taffjones Active Member

    Looks good Colin, when are we in for some paint? (y)
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  7. Colin_Fraser A Fixture

    I like the feeling of motion and the sword coming across the crupper (is that the right word?) to threaten someone on the left side. Good job highlighting the thrusting use of the cuirassier sword too.

    Watching closely.

  8. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Thanx to Derek, Pedro, Steve and Joel your support is much appreciated (y)

    @Ritchie, thanx for the advice... I've followed your projects and it is from them that I was inspired to take a shot at this kind of thing. The pose I was going for is something like this:
    Looking at my guy again, the high elbow wasn't the problem so much as the placement of the arm on the torso... kinda like an arm coming out of the ribcage. I will try to lean the body into the thrust a bit more to give it some aggression.

    @Colin... The French believe the point always beats the edge. The crupper is nearer the stinking end than the thinking end I believe
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  9. Colin_Fraser A Fixture

    As they say in the UK, I guess "I came a crupper!" Sorry - couldn't let the pun chance go by.

  10. GregMcEvoy Member

    Looks good, coming along nicely. couple quick comments...You might want to build up the thickness of the horse's neck itself a bit...it seems somewhat skinny (I'm assuming you shimmed the halves to widen the body?)..Also you might want to straighten out his left leg a bit as if he's standing up in the saddle to add force into the thrust of the sword. I may not be right but I feel like it'd add some urgency to his pose.

    Nice work man!

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  11. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    I had added some to the neck, it won't take much to add a scosh more. I did want him standing over the left side of the horse, that's why the right leg is balancing back... You are right though, I should have straightened the leg a bit more. I think it can be done without affecting the rest of the angles with no problem. Pass the scalpel.

    Good catch Greg! See, this is why I post before I go too far... fresh eyes :D


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