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Book - Andrea Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. amherbert Member

    Good guess!! :lol:

    ...or it's printed on gold leaf.

    300 pages for $100 isn't so bad. The Elting Napoleonic Uniforms books are listed at over $200 for two large volumes.

    Nonetheless, there are a few things on my list before the book, although I'd love to see a copy.

  2. milminwh Member

    After reading so many posts of PF members who want the book but dont want the price, I'd like to make a one time offer. I'll take orders on this book from my site (or by e-mail), and hold a special low price for one week (till 11/18). After week is up, I'll place the order for quantity I receive from you.
    The price is $69, which will include shipping & handling (covers some of my expenses also, such as credit card transaction fees, etc.). Believe me, at this price, I am not making any profit at all (and am not losing anything either!) i'm guessing the weight of the book will make shipping expenses high.
    I'm doing this special as a thank you to the pf site & pf member support I've received from you.
    I've set up a special link to this page on my site, which can only be accessed from this link:
    Horan book
    Order instructions are on this page. Please remember offer expires 11/18 and this URL link will not work after that date.
    I'll ship all orders as soon as I get my delivery. I am asking for payment first, since I will only order same amount of books you order from this limited offer.
    Best Regards,
    John McNenney
    Military Miniatures Warehouse
  3. garyjd Well-Known Member

    I just e-mailed my order to John, it's a great deal. Get this book while you can.~Gary
  4. Robin Active Member

    HI John

    What a great offer from you thanks, will this cover costs to UK if not let me know the additional costs please and I will pay those too, if you will ship it to UK

  5. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Hey John,
    That's a great offer and i would like to take advantage of it. I hope that you ship to Greece. I will e-mail you so i can see if i can place an order.

  6. Billhoran New Member

    Hello Everybody,

    Just wanted to thank John for his very kind offer concerning the preorder price for the book. John, I hope you don't mind - I e:mailed it to a bunch of people I know!

    The book will sell in Europe for 75 Euros (that is suggested retail). The expected US Price of $100 is based to some extent on the lousy Euro to US$ exchange rate of E1 = US$1.30 (a record high right now!).

    I saw the book on the Andrea Press computers in Madrid last week and it really looks great! It will be in stock in Madrid on 11-26 - it went to the printers yesterday!!

    Bill Horan
  7. Guy A Fixture

    Welcome to the planet Bill.
    Thanks for the note about your upcomming book. It was a real deal that John offered and I am sure many will take advantage of his offer.(me included) I know many of us look forward to spending hours pouring thru its pages.
  8. RobH Active Member

    Welcome Bill

    Do i assume it's an English language book only? I ask because I was thinking of ordering direct from Andrea; the Euro;pound rate is respectable and didn't want to get sent a spanish version! Have emailed them but awaiting response.

    Glad to hear it's out in time for Christmas!!

  9. Billhoran New Member


    Yes it is in English. If sales go well, they plan to put out other language editions at a later date, but for now only English is available.

  10. RobH Active Member

    Cheers, Bill
  11. Robin Active Member

    thanks for info Bill

    I wondered if you would wander in here eventually.

  12. Automata Member

    Thanks a lot John! That's a great deal.

    Bill - Thanks for putting this new book together. I've been hoping you would come out with another one.

  13. Johan Well-Known Member

    ... Me too ! ;) Welcome to the "space" club ! ;)
  14. Guy A Fixture

    For additional views of Bill's book, Glen Phillips, of Squadron.com, emailed me that they have additional views available at Squadron's website and all you need do is click on the "additional Views" button at the bottom of the picture.
  15. Guy A Fixture

    Here are a couple more images Bill sent me of his figures that will be featured in the new book.

    Guarde Mobile 1870


    Officer Imperial Guard 1815

  16. milminwh Member

    Hello again,
    I've had more inquiries for orders outside the US than what I expected. I went to the Post office & received estimate on shipping outside US (using a hard cover 250 pp book), so I've updated my site to include ordering instructions for outside the US.
    Bottom line, outside of North America, price is $75 including shipping. Inside North America (US, Canada, Mexico) price stands at $69 including shipping & handling.
    John McNenney
    Military Miniatures Warehouse

    PS - Here's the link again -

    Horan book

    If you get to this link, and these new ordering instructions do not appear, try refreshing the page. I just changed this page on web site & it may take some time for your server to pick up the revision. No revision made for US customers.
  17. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Woot, i just order it as well :) Thanks a lot for your effort John.
  18. poch mahone Active Member

    Thanks for the info John, Ive just sent you my order. Looks like this book will be on the best sellers list.

  19. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter


    Ive been looking all over Andreas site to find anything about the book(at least I think I have). Could you point me in the right direction. Or anyone else.

    The price of 75 USD for orders outside the US seems like a good deal. But it feels kind of akward ordering something produced in Europe over the US. (Not that I havent done that befor :) ).

    It seems like this would be the perfect christmas gift for me from Santa(namely myself).

  20. Guy A Fixture

    Sorry about the link Janne......they must have changed the link code as it took me right to the link after posting it yesterday. As Andrea's website can be hard to manuever. I will try to find it and replace the old link.

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