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Book - Andrea Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Guy, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Squadron Shop has announced a New book by Andrea Miniatures for advanced orders.

    "The Complete Bill Horan"

    A detailed study of master Modeller Bill Horan
    Step by step articles
    Over 400 color photos and 250 pages

    Squadron Shop website

  2. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Guy,

    Thanks for the heads up. I think this is going to be a really nice book but what is up with the price? I am not so sure about that one! :eek:

  3. Guy A Fixture

    I saw that too Joe, but with 400 photographs in color and 250 pages......makes the price more bearable. Especially if the book shows all of his works.
  4. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    I know it is a ton of pictures and I know that I will end up picking it up but it sure going to hurt! ;)

  5. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Guy

    I seriously want this book

  6. KeithP Active Member

    Well. I thought about Xmas... but Santa may have a hard time justifying that $100.

    I think I'll wait for some "reviews" :)

  7. RobH Active Member

    I hope it is out for Crimble. I'd rather have a book like this for inspiration and eye candy than socks etc!

    Funny; call me daft, but when you get older it's still nice to have a few things that get you excited with child like enthusiasm! This is one of them! :lol: But that's just me!
  8. Robin Active Member

    Don't care about price I gotta have it

  9. Manfred Active Member


    Good to see. His old book is one of the most browsed in my collection. Lately it's showing some wear :)

    Hope the price will get down a little however.
  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Though I'm not thrilled about the price, it would be hard not to buy. I'm also thinking that those that buy them will be the lucky ones, those that don't will be without. In short, if you think the price is bad now, imagine what it will be when the book goes out of print.~Gary
  11. Einion Well-Known Member

    A hundred bucks?!! Are they out of their minds? Pardon my French but chee-rist.

  12. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    A must have at any cost !!
  13. mcsneed17 Member

    i will buythe book when it is half- price only because that all i can afford sorry about that!
  14. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys,

    I just received a e-mail from Bill Horan and he was letting me know some things about the book.

    Here is part of the message.

    "It contains over 500 color pictures (of virtually everything original I have ever done) on more than 300 pages, with a very nice intro by Shep, and three new step by step chapters. It is a hard back with dust jacket and all glossy color pages."

    I asked about the sbs and this is his reply "The step by steps are on the Yogi Berra figure, the 21st Lancer at Omdurman and the vignette."

    He also included a few pictures of his latest figure and the vignette. I just can't load them here, maybe Guy can if I send him the pictures.

    He was concerned that the price may turn some off but as Gary said, it may not be there when you decide to get it. ;)

  15. megroot A Fixture

    Well Guys,

    In the USA it is about $ 100, but when it is in Europe maybe $125,-. that is to much. Even Santa says. ;)
    For that price you got a lovely figure, where you maybe sometime come into a book. (euromilitaire, Leon Rampante Portfolio). :lol:
    Now i wait for about 10 years when it come to ebay for maybe $25. I also bought his first book for $ 10 and i read it maybe 20 times. But thats it.
    It is out of my range of money.

    Thats just my two cents.

  16. Pete_H New Member

    Not to knock on Bill at all, but I must echo Einion's opinion: "ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS?!" Duuuuuuuuuuuude .....
  17. Guy A Fixture

    Some "Previews of Coming Attractions"

    21st Lancers


    "His Face To The Enemy"


    I have a very well worn copy of Bill's first book. It was 30 dollars back then and if this new book has over 500 photo's..............then it would be alot of inspiration and well worth the 90 dollars for this newer book.
  18. rafaelega Active Member

    I just bought it and recommend al the people do the same.

  19. Guy A Fixture

    Rafa just furnished me a link to the Andrea website advertisement for Bill's book.

    Bill Horan Book
  20. Guy A Fixture

    I have been in contact with Bill and he just emailed me in regards to his new publication


    Thank you for your kind offer, which I gratefully accept. Attached is a zip file with 18 sample photos. Please feel free to run the following message on the website…

    I too was surprised at the high price of the book. However, when I was in Madrid last week, reviewing the final revisions of the book at Andrea Press, the price made more sense. The book will actually be over 30 pages, with something like 500 color photographs on glossy paper. It will feature a brief autobiography, and step-by-step chapters on the creation of a single figure (Yogi Berra), a mounted figure (a 21st Lancer at Omdurman), and a vignette (a 3-figure scene from the Franco-Prussian War). But the book is really a “Collected Works” at its core, and it features photos of every original figure I have made – some 400 or so. The photos are not “shoe-horned” into a montage format, but are given room and space to be appreciated in their own right. It is in hard cover with a glossy dust jacket and a lengthy introduction by Shep Paine. Cesar Alvarez and the guys at Andrea Press have really done a remarkable job with the book. It has far surpassed what I imagined when I agreed to do it.

    It really isn’t like any other book on the market. I hope you all like it – I am very pleased with (and proud of) the result.

    Bill Horan

    I think the quanity of pages is a typo and will clarify with Bill.

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