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WIP Bomber, Cheshire Rgt, 1916

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by valiant, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. valiant A Fixture

    Hi Guys,

    Some progress pics of a commission I am currently working on. Based on MMMs 200mm Lancashire Fusilier, 1916, this has had some minor surgery/additions to make it a little different from stock. Purchased by a friend of mine, he asked me to assemble it and to add a bomb harness to represent his grandfather at the Somme, in 1916.

    The main issue was the slightly odd-shaped helmet and the sit of it on the figure's head. I rectified this by band sawing it into 3 segments, then blending and reshaping the rim and the dome. The figure's head was sanded down to improve the "sit" of the helmet and to take the exaggerated jauntiness away. Ross at MMM has kindly remoulded this item for me - thanks Ross!

    The kit pouches were completely removed and the bomb harness was fashioned from Miliput, with pin fasteners. I also replaced the tunic and epaulette buttons, resculpted "Cheshire" on the brass shoulder titles and added a woven grenade patch on the upper right sleeve. Trousers above the puttees have also had some work, as has the fit on some of the kit. The shovel was repositioned on the outside of the pack, with the handle and shaft remodelled from thin dowel. This came about after a discussion at club last week as to how irritating it would be to have the shovel banging against your helmet whilst marching...!

    The arms have also been slightly repositioned to ensure a good location with the cast-on hands on the rifle.

    I will not be painting this one, it is now over to it's rightful owner for that task...!

    thanks for looking in,


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  2. megroot A Fixture

    Excellent work.

  3. Mike Stevens A Fixture


    Bold to tackle the helmet issue but great result. Overall looks excellent.
  5. Monstie Member

    I agree with the comments above,bold decision but all the better for it ... Looks great.
  6. MCPWilk A Fixture

    This is looking good, but the right wrist needs to be cocked back - the angle the SMLE is held in doesn't look quite right. You'll probably need to adjust the left hand's grip as well - I didn't this looked right on the original either.

  7. m@rp Active Member

    Hi Steve,
    I like your project although personaly I don't like the extreme scale of figs.
    I see you have made some modification i.e. shoulder badge, add of belt (really structured), grenade pouches, remodelling of the shovel, ... it's good but I think you should add some crease and folds on all the packs (backpack, shoulder pack, grenade pouch) to show more volume! what do you think about that
    have a nice day
  8. stoffy New Member

    I like the attention to detail you're putting into this figure, it will be all worth it once finished.
  9. valiant A Fixture

    Many thanks for all your comments, guys. Thanks for taking the time to look in and comment. There are several areas on the figure which, if I was being picky, would benefit from some minor remedial work However, unfortunately, time is of the essence as this is to be done for my friend's father who is terminally ill and my friend would like to get it painted ASAP.

    Mike - I agree with the position of the hands, but this could potentially turn into a lengthy job if I start on that!!

    Im not sure if the new helmet will be included in the new run of kits, but again, thanks to Ross for turning it around in such a short space of time. Maybe he can clarify this?!

    thanks again,

  10. peedee A Fixture

    Great stuff Steve spot on is that, spot on.

    Pascal sorry, but that's wrong, bombs were a loose fit in the pouches, otherwise they would stick... Dangerous.
    The large pack was also very stiff, and would only crease at the top when overfilled.
    If anything, he is carrying a light load for the first day of the somme and could
    be burdened by more kit, from a pigeon basket to wire, flags, water, signal panels,
    any number of items.
    No.... It's looking fine as far as I'm concerned..

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