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Completed Critique BlackSheep 120mm Unterscharfuhrer, Kharkov

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Hi all!

    Here we go with a figure from Stormtroopers "Black Sheep" line...

    BS120/2 SS Unterscharfuhrer "totenkopf" Kharkov 1942 to winter 44/45

    A higher part count than my last figure, he comes with an array of equipment and a mix of clothing.

    Here is the partly primed figure and obviously I have started the head!




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  2. pmfs A Fixture

    Good morning Mark!

    great start on the flesh.(y)
    Following with interest.:)
  3. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Mark,

    A promising start mate. All those folds and creases add to the dynamic pose.
  4. sarouman A Fixture

    Hi Marc,
    very nice start and flesh tone is amazing!!

  5. rheath Active Member

    Like your skin tones Mark - march on,march on, look forward to further progress.:)
  6. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Pedro ... Thanks :)

    Tony ... Thank you! Yes, there is a lot going on here ;)

    Alexandros ... thank you! :)

    Rob ... Thanks :) And onwards!

    Here is where I got after a couple more hours on the face ( before I went away for 36 hours of roadie hell ;) )

    Mostly I worked around the middle of the face, nose and the creases radiating out from there and around the mouth.

    Only 3 colours used to add the detail at this stage were GW Dwarf Flesh, AV Basic Skintone and AV Light Flesh.... Next I will need to reinforce the shadows, reds and blues


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  7. tonydawe A Fixture

    Interesting to note that you paint the skin first and then the eyes. Most of us, including myself, were taught to do the eyes first. Do you always do it this way,and are their any advantages for the painter in using this method?
  8. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Hi Tony!

    Up until the last few pieces I always paint the eyes first, but recently ( I think the last 4 ) I have started to do the eyes towards the end of the face paint...

    How strange :)

    I think I may be treating the surface of the eye ( the white ) as another plane of the face ( which it is :) ), at this point I am painting the eyes as I paint the lower lid etc

    Thanks for pointing that one out Tony, I was only peripherally aware of it until you mentioned it :)

  9. gothicgeek A Fixture

    just been checking .....




    Yes, this is a definite trend in my painting ... Bizarre!!
  10. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Lots of reds and blues added.... hair based in :)


    Softening transitions, eyes sorta added and cap based in ;)

  11. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Looking good so far Mark, I sometimes don't paint the eyes at the start either depending on the figure.

    Cheers David
  12. Ferris A Fixture

    Another excellent face you got here Mark!
    You have quite the recognizable style. I think you are using some interesting colour combos that make the faces stand out very nicely. Very eye-pleasing!
    Will be following this one again...!
    Oh, and I also love your pictures!

  13. mil-mart A Fixture

    Mark, a great start and following with interest.

    Cheers Ken
  14. gothicgeek A Fixture

    David ... Thanks :) ... Yeah it's new to me but it seems to work :)

    Adrian ... Many thanks :) Getting your photography right is a major step forward, you see everything! ;)

    Ken ... Cheers :) and welcome back! :)

    I have pretty much finished the head now, some minor work around the cap badge and the hair... On to the toque and the tunic next, both shades of Field Grey :)


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  15. 1969 A Fixture

    Lovely work on the head mate, really nice result with the fleshtones.

  16. pinsel Active Member

    hello mark
    lovely BUT PLEASEEEEEEEE do not kill me the pink framing of sidecap is not correct.it was never worn that way.the exeption where officer sidecaps first modell with silver piping on crown-second modell like on yours in silver framed.but never on any sidecap of common soldiers an piping in weaponcolour was worn.the SOUTACHE was an wedgeshaped piping around the cocard in weaponcolour.that was on early caps the only weaponcolour and was omitted on later modells
    hope you do not mind.but i think its no big deal to overpaint it,would be pitty to foul this fine headpainting this way.
  17. gothicgeek A Fixture

    Steve ... Cheers :)

    Markus ... So that top bit should be field grey? I was not sure, but as you say it's easy to alter :) And the collar soutache would be pink ( panzer ) or white? :) and thanks for the help :)
  18. pinsel Active Member

    hello mark
    the collar piping in silvery white is correct.because this is the normal NCO piping of the collar.he is from rank UNTERSCHARFÜHRER.the piping of the sidecap is not correct.the sidecap not piped at all.you have done the stormtroopers bust of the soldier in winter.here you see at front the two bars beneath the cocarde or the deathhead.this would be then the right thing.but because the SS rarely wore any soutache at all i would let it off.this would then mean no piping at the cap at all only grey.
    in any case an nice painting.the pink would look nice and is done with shading and highlights very nice.alas is not historical correct.if you choose to do an soutache on cap then pink for- PANZER-is not likely because the cap is grey not black.the cut of collar does show its an infantry figure.so the soutache should you do one can be white for infantry or if you want do an PANZERGRENADIER then its middle green.
  19. megroot A Fixture

    Excellent work Mark. Like what you have done so far.
    I also painted the eyes at last.
    Can you explain how you get that cold look in picture O.

  20. unknown01 New Member

    Hi! Mark.
    Wonderful facial painting.
    I'm thinking I could learn many things from this SBS.
    I'm looking forward to progress of your figure.


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