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WIP Bill Sykes 1838

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by smudger1960, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    bill sykes 002.JPG bill sykes 001.JPG bill sykes 003.JPG bill sykes 004.JPG bill sykes 005.JPG bill sykes 006.JPG bill sykes 007.JPG bill sykes 008.JPG bill sykes 009.JPG bill sykes 010.JPG bill sykes 001.JPG When i first became aware of this figure i just knew it was going to be popular with painters everywhere and being a dickens fan i knew i had to have one,its a nice change from military subjects and it gave my the idea to create a small scene which is another area of modeling i really enjoy,having built dioramas back in the 80s i like to keep my hand in with scenic work all be it on a smaller scale now.
    I recieved the figure a couple of weeks ago and started to draw the scene out on paper before creating it,the great thing about this project is just recently we have seen 3x beautifully painted examples of this figure on the planet from carl / brian / Luca and these have been a complete inspiration for me to drive the subject forward,i'm hoping to complete it before the BMSS nationals before the end of the month and if i can reach anywhere near that level of painting ill be well satisfied.
    I dont normally do WIP subjects but i thought i would add this one in to give the planeteers an insight to the materials within the scene.

    The scene i wanted to create was perhaps the backdrop of an ale house in a dark a seedy corner of the docklands of victorian london,according to the dickens novel sikes lived on the south bank of the thames river in an area called jacobs island where he lived with his prostitute girlfriend nancy,the area being virtually a slum area,i wanted to portray bill waiting for his next victim to rob as that was his trade and later a murderer.

    The 2 wall sections were cut from 0.80 black plastic-card,one piece being cut again to accomodate the window on the left,once the wall sections were cut i added 2 sections of embossed brick sheet,these were cut and glued to the 2 sections of plastic-card again the left section being cut to accomodate the window,these 2 sections were then joined together and glued to the wooden base on 2 sides.
    I added a small piece of 0.20 yellow plastic-card to the window area and added some small holes made with my scalpel to represent the windows broken,the window fromes were added using matchsticks (the long type) and glued in place,the facia stonework at the top and bottom of the window was cut from 0.40 white plastic-card and glued to the brickwork,before glueing i added small nicks to look like the stonework had been damaged over time.
    The drain pipe was added using 0.188 plastic-tube,i angled this at the bottom because i plan to add water dripping into the corner barrell.
    The wall lantern is a resin casting from verlinden from my spares box,it has the victorian look about it so i thought i'd add it in the scene.
    The barrels and bucket are also from the Verlinden range and a company called Armand + Bayardi,these are also resin items.
    The loading platform on the right wall side is made again from 0.20 plastic-card and added to a piece of 5mm Balsa,once the card was cut i scribed a wood pattern into the plastic and i used the same process for the door section as well,during the research i noticed that these loading platforms were all different heights and sizes on the relevant buildings which gave me the idea to add it into the scene,the supports for the platforms were made from balsa section.
    The widow is quite low in the scene but again,on some of these victorian buildings they were quite low in places.
    The piece of coiled rope was made out of milliput with a rope patteren added using the scalpel.
    The cobbled street was also created using milliput and the individual cobbles were scribed into the wet milliput before curing,once the cobbled pattern was achieved it was smoothed over with a wet brush to eliminate the rough edges,in the foreground i added some cobble damage as i wanted to create a wet puddle area which was also evident in these slum areas.

    I hope you enjoy the pictures,any coments always welcome,i will keep updating as i progress.

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  2. housecarl A Fixture

    Sounds good.
  3. davidmitchell A Fixture

    Looking great Brian cant wait to see it painted, hope to get mine started soon so will use yours and the ohters for inspiration.

    Cheers Davie

    Nice cornered scenette. Looking forward to seeing it move along.

  5. kagemusha A Fixture

    Cracking start Brian. Looking forward to this.

  6. DEL A Fixture

    Watching with interest :shifty::D
  7. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Good construction work Brian.
    Following closely.
  8. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Brian,
    I hope you are going to paint him in a night setting, illuminated menacingly by that lamp.
  9. Aveleira A Fixture

    Amazing scene!!!!!! Can't say much more Brian... it's wonderfull!
    I think that a dark environment is in order...

  10. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

  11. mil-mart A Fixture

    An excellent scene Brian, following. (y)

    Cheers Ken
  12. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks carl (y)
  13. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks dave for your coments,i feel privileged you would find inspiration from my work (y)
  14. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks colin (y)
  15. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks ron (y)
  16. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks del (y)
  17. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks keith (y)
  18. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi richie,i've never painted a figure before where the light reflects on it but that is my aim,i hope i can pull it off :nailbiting:
  19. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks pedro,yes i want to create a dark scene with part of the figure in shadow,i've never painted like that before so i hope i can pull it off (y)
  20. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Many thanks ken (y)

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