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Bill Horan's December Project

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Billhoran, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Billhoran New Member

    I got an email from Bill with photos of his current project. Below is an exerpt from his email:

    The figure will depict a Private of Batalion de San Blas (Mexican Coast Guards), as he would have appeared defending the fortress at Chapultapec in 1847 (Mexican American War). He is in the act of loading his flintlock Brown Bess musket (now a Shenandoah Springfield to be modified a little later). Putty used is mostly Duro/A&B mixture, with straight Duro straps are details.

    The fortress was made using a plastic card frame, filled with A & B, with straight A & B stone work,





    Thanks Bill for the photos


  2. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member

    Hey Bill,

    This looks like another really nice figure. Thanks for sharing the in progress shots.

  3. frank h Well-Known Member

    Thanks bill for the pics Have saved them
    Thanks Guy for posting

    Frank (y) (y)
  4. Le Lancier Member

    Thanks Guy for posting these pictures. As always Mr. Horan, your work is highly inspirational. All of a sudden, I have this sudden urge to try my hand at sculpting something (preferably a figure ;) ).
  5. TomRiddle New Member


    Thanks for the photos...something different!

    How do you smooth the Duro out? It looks like very fine finish.

    Tom Riddle
  6. Billhoran New Member

    To smooth out the Duro - remember most of what you are seeing is actually a mixture of Duro and A & B - I use a variety of means, my sculpting tool (a round toothpick coated in superglue), a brush moistened with thinner and even a wet pinky finger!. In this case, I also polished it when dry with some super-fine steel wool ("wire wool" for our UK Planeteers).

    I also went back after each trouser leg had dried and carefully carved and sanded the lower hems to get a nice, crisp edge.

  7. daredevil New Member

    Bill--this is just terrific. I like seeing in-progress work becasue there just isn't enough in the books to help me get the idea sometimes. I also look forward to seeing the finished product!
    I also like the baseball figures I saw of yours on the SCAHMS website!
  8. Guayo New Member

    Hi Bill, thanks for the photos, this is a really original project, I have you think of doing some Mesoamerican figures(Aztec, Mayas, etc...)
  9. Evan August New Member

    Guy, thanks for posting these. Bill, thanks for showing us these in progress pics. I love seeing these in progress sculpts, especially from someone as talented as you. I can remember looking at your work in the local library's copy of Shep Paine's figure book, and being inspired to take up the hobby. Thanks man.
  10. Kisifer Well-Known Member

    Looks awesome so far Bill, i'm sure everybody will be stunned by the finished figure. I can't wait to see him painted.
  11. marvin Member

    Hi Bill,

    It's really great to see how you build up your figures. I only hope I'll get that smoth a finish someday ;)

    I was wondering how you achieved the stone texturing on the groundwork? Could you elaborate? Thanks !

  12. Franco Active Member

    Dear Bill,

    Just wanted to say thank you for always willing sharing your expertise with me. Not only in photos on the web but the content of all your books and all the help and inspiration you have given me over the years. I know your guidance has helped me become a much better figure painter than would ever be possible.


    PS Will need to send you some of that 'Mum's home made pizza' but this time from Australia and not South Africa
  13. Guy A Fixture

    Here is the figure one day later. Note the rolled and cut Duro/A&B sheets used for the coat skirts – later detailed and feathered with a fresh batch of the mixture. Hopefully he will be ready to be primed tonight or tomorrow.






    Bill's Planet Portfolio

    Thanks for the email Bill, We appreciate the steps.
  14. Billhoran New Member


    The stone texture was created by pressing ... a stone ... into the wet putty. Actually I need to find a new stone. My "old faithful" is getting a little round about the edges.


    Great to hear from you again, and yes your Mum does make excellent pizza. Is your whole family out of South Africa now (in Australia)?

  15. Ernest A Fixture

    Bill you are very fast with your sculpting :eek: one question, did you sculpt the head?....

  16. btavis Active Member

    Bill, when you apply the putty to appendages that are bent at right angles are you doing it as one piece or two halves like this:

  17. Billhoran New Member

    Very helpful diagram, Bob. Yes, I am now doing it in two halves as you have shown. I used to do it in one piece, but I was having trouble with build-up around the knee joint and upper shin. This method provides better thickness control.

  18. Automata Member


    This one's looking very interesting. I can't wait to see him finished.

    What do you use to make the more delicate flintlock parts like the cock and frizzen when you convert one from a Shenandoah type?

  19. Billhoran New Member

    Good question. I'm doing that tonight and I'll take a picture when I'm done and post it here.

  20. JP PRAJOUX Member

    Thanks a lot Bill,
    I've always loved your SBS but with you "in flesh" answering the questions this is absolutely perfect, thanks for sharing all this stuff. This is very inspiring...
    Thanks also for your conference in Girona, I had the chance to be there... ;)

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