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Big Thank you to Chuck @Red lancers and Jose @Benieto Miniatures

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Chris K, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Chris K New Member

    Dear Planeteers , I just want to publicly thank two shop owners who In my opinion offer first rate support to their Customers

    I am a chemical Weapons inspctor and my work takes me all over the world often to fairly boring, locations, The hobby helps to keep me sane (almost:) during frequent six week Rotations, so I haul my figures and paints every where that I go.

    At the moment I am in Utah USA, whenever I am in the states I take the opportunity to order figures / paints from Chuck at the redlancers, on this trip I forgot my credit card, However Chuck trusted me enough to send me an order in excess of 300 US dollars based upon my promise to send a US money order ia the post (which I hae honoured) this to me was a really good thing that Chuck did , not only is his stock of figures the best in the world in my opinion, but he is also a fantastic service provider - So heart felt thanks to Chuck !!

    Secondly my Girlfriend bought me the Benioto Badajoz Vignette for Xmas directly from Benieto, I have been really enjoying working on this- when tragedy struck, I had the three heads sat in a cup with washing up liquid in my motel room for clean up prior to painting, I went on shift and to my dismay the cleaning lady had thrown the cup and contents away !!Imagine my dismay !!!! , so I contacted Jose and he kindly said he would give me a new set of heads gratis with my next order , again what a gentleman (I hae just ordered the new legionaire and british Chindit) again what a great guy.

    Its people like this that make our hobby a real joy, I think that service and support like this should be highlighted, on this forum we often hear of bootleggers and sharks, I just wanted to publicly thank two gentlemen and reccomend their companys

    Chuck / Jose - I will always be a customer of you both

    Warm Regards

    Chris Kirkpatrick
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  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Well said! Thanks for sharing :)
  3. Bone Active Member

    Chris, that's really great !

    Now what fascinates me about your post is the part about "Chemical Weapons Inspector". I bet there must be some juicy stories somewhere in there.... :)

    ~ Basil
  4. Chris K New Member

    Hi Basil,

    Its an interesting Job....... can be exciting but is often fairly boring, I think when I finally hang up my respirator in aout 6 yrs time I may write a book, before this job I did 13 yrs at Porton Down too, so If anyone out there wants CW related advice for a modelling project I am happy to help, if you are interested check out www.opcw.org , that is the organisation I work for, incidently my best mate and work mate is Stanly Cheong who is from singapore , a really great bloke !
  5. custer760 Well-Known Member

    I second and third the remarks you made,especially about Chuck Robinson !! There is no better person in the hobby,thats my opinion !!You can trust Chuck with your life !!
    Peter Shaw
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  6. brian A Fixture

    Best 2 companies i've ever dealt with here in Britain is SK miniatures and El Greco miniatures.I've been buying figures for well over 20 years and these 2 companies can't be beat in my opinion.Their service is brilliant.

    Probably El Greco just gets the edge as when your 64 years old it's not often you can phone a delightful woman as Celine!!!!! Sorry Steve just a wee joke mate.
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  7. Paul Kernan A Fixture


    Bang on, mate. Steve is an absolute gentleman, even though he supports Sunderland;)
  8. Whiteraven_2001 Member

    Hope you get a chance to tour Utah, especially the southern part of the state. Gorgeous scenery!
  9. pmfs A Fixture


    Beneito and Red lancers are top noch.:)
    I bought many things as well, but never 300usd material as you.:D
    Like Brian said, Skminiatures and Elgreco are very good companies, but we have others like: Historex agents, EVD, Ares Mytologic, Darius Miniatures, and many others... we deal with good people in this hobby.(y)
    Last month I purchase 7 wood bases from DrTekla (Poland) and Mr.Rafal sent me the basis without payment in advance.(y)

    Keep the good work!
  10. Chris K New Member

    Dear all,
    Many thanks for your replies, i think this hobby attracts some great people and all of these fantsatic suppliers are well deserving of our support , and recognition of the service and support that they provide.

    This Forum is also awesome, our hobby could be quite isolationist for those of us without easy acess to clubs, I think planet figure is a real asset and a fun , instructional place to belong
    Once again thanks to all :)
  11. Kirtles Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind comments everybody - much appreciated.


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