Beware of lost hikers..........

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by fogie, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. fogie A Fixture

    A regular feature of my day is taking the dogs for a walk - peace and quiet,
    cliff tops, green fields, what's not to like ? Today, however, I met a lost hiker
    and volunteered stupidly to guide him back to civilisation.

    On our way back he started on about climate change - something few of us
    with sense would deny. He pointed towards the grassy fields and headlands
    suggesting they were wasted land and should at once be converted to growing
    vegetables. A nearby herd of cows also caught his attention which he felt should
    be immediately eliminated to stop their emissions (from both ends) that were
    such a threat to humanity and we should all become vegetarians or vegans.

    I reminded him that as cows were herbivores it could be reasonably argued
    that said noxious gasses were actually caused by vegetables, and if the entire
    human population of these islands followed their example might it not cause
    more problems than it solved. After all. we're fast approaching that time of year
    when vast quantities of Brussels Sprouts are consumed, and we all know their
    legendary effect. Would the accumulated burps and farts from some sixty-odd
    million people rather outweigh that of the cows. He dismissed this out of hand
    using the words "specious hot air".

    Cheeky bugger! Me ?... full of hot air ?...whatever next !!!

  2. kagemusha A Fixture

  3. Henkm Active Member

    Fortunately it's hot air, not green house gasses; imagine that.
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  4. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    Living on the Limburg heath, I can't give any advice on the handling of hikers lost on cliffs, but if you care for a good recipe to reduce the collateral damage caused by eating Brussels sprouts, I can help!

    (born in Brussels!)
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  5. HansDig A Fixture

    Nothing more to add..
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