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Review Beneito Rorke's Drift ref. MV-121

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Richie, Jul 2, 2014.

  1. Richie A Fixture

    Hi All,
    El chimpancé can finally let the pressure valve blow. The chimp has been sat waiting for this one to get released for a good few weeks. I could see from the master sculpt, what you later viewed and knew how this kit would be received on here when José put up a new figure post – Beneito Rorke’s Drift.


    24th at Rorke's Drift.jpg

    I purchased a few kits from José and asked him if it was possible to put this new Rorke’s Drift kit in aswell, even though it was weeks off release to the general public. So this review does not have the standard Beneito quality outer carton and box art as you would expect.

    and here are the box art photo's paint by our own Jose Hidalgo. No more to say..........just enjoy(y)(y)(y).

    box4peq_zpsf012726c.jpg box300_zps5469d78c.jpg
    Also while this was on the way to me, José decided to add an additional ítem, which was the assegai. So mine is a pre public release and these other ítems you should receive as a customer of Beneito Miniatures when you order MV-121.

    This 24th figure is beautifully sculpted and painted by José Hidalgo. When I first saw the original sculpt (as I was privilaged to see this before the pubIic) I could not believe this was a 54mm figure, it looked so much more imposing and I think this is down to skill of the sculptor in the way the figure is posed.

    The next thing that grabbed me was the post battle look on the face and I just thought WOW full of character. The facial expression sets the whole tone and tells the story for me. Colin commented in the figure news post “Has a bit of a war memorial look....never a bad thing”.
    I could not agree more with his comment when I saw the original sculpt I had a similar thought and thought someone who has the skill to paint that as a weathered bronze statue could give this figure yet another dimension.

    This figure of Jose's would make a stunning full size war memorial for the 2nd Warwickshires 24th Regiment of Foot, in a similar vane to these. I have searched for a 24th memorial many times with no success.


    A few other things I liked (and I kept going back many times to have a look at the photo of the original sculpt I was sent) was the, stance, the battlefield look, the tunic and trousers are torn, he has not had time to put his gaiters on, maybe just out of the hospital and I thought a nice touch and something a little bit different again. The way the barricade was constructed and how everything just worked together.

    The kit is cast in white metal/resin and consists of 13 parts, that is taking into account the assegai. The kit was well packed in a sturdy box and foam lined to protect the parts. Smaller parts are secured in a zip lock bag.

    The parts lists consists of;
    1. Metal base with Zulu shield.


    2. Resin barricade.

    CIMG7146.JPG CIMG7142.JPG CIMG7144.JPG
    3. Metal broken wagonwheel.

    4. Metal head.

    5. Metal left arm holding the Foreign service helmet.

    6. Metal right arm

    7. Metal Martini Henry with right hand sculpted on.

    8. Metal ammunition pouch.
    9. Metal ammunition pouch.

    10. Metal bayonet frog.

    11. Metal right leg.

    12. Metal main figure body.

    CIMG7159.JPG CIMG7160.JPG
    13. Metal assegai. (not shown here)

    All parts are nicely cast and there is not a lot of clean up to do. The dry fitting of the parts is also very good. Not having worked much in metal I would recommend pinning due to the weight difference.

    CIMG7163.JPG CIMG7164.JPG CIMG7165.JPG

    I've got so much W.I.P. on the go at the minute and now this little beauty, I think the chimp is going to go banana's, but I just could not resist this one.:woot:

    In conclusion this is a fabulous kit, just look and admire Jose's sculpt and paint job, some people may say, another Rorke’s Drift figure……but you just have to look at this and know it is something a little bit different again. As usual I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but I would highly recommend this kit for any fans of the Zulu war or Victorian soldier.

    A very satisfied chimp.:)

  2. pmfs A Fixture

    Thank you very much Richie.

  3. clrsgt A Fixture

    Excellent review. I had already decided that this was a must have. I will be getting this one for sure
  4. Nap A Fixture

    Nice review El Chimpy ...looks to be a lovely figure , really like the pose as well...

    now get those banana's peeled , eaten and then paint .

    Thanks for sharing

    Funky50 likes this.
  5. Funky50 Guest

    Nice looking figure with a well thought out pose....surely you can never have too many Drift Figures just as you can't be too rich or too thin....LOL.....looking forward to seeing this painted Richie...by the way how's the 120mm Rorkes Drift Diorama progressing.......Kevin
    Richie and napoleonpeart like this.
  6. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Kevin,
    I agree on all three counts, but who cares if I'm fat and skint as long as the other is in abundance;) :). As for mine, slowly, OK then it's stopped for the minute:( .
    Funky50 likes this.

    Thanks for the review Richie. Personally I would have preferred the gaiters on as that is the iconic Zulu War look to me. I can't help but think they were missed in error. Nevertheless it's an easy fix if one feels strongly.

  8. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Colin,
    Not missed in error, somethings just a little bit different and I always respect your views mate, but it was not uncommon for soldiers to be without the gaiters. Jose has sculpted 24th figures in the past with the classic marching order look to know if has has missed them out. He did ask me about this look and I liked what he sculpted and gave him my reasons for leaving the figure as it was. As you say for anyone who want to change the figure to be wearing gaiters, it's an easy fix.(y)
    crf likes this.
  9. 1969 A Fixture

    That is a nice looking figure, love the barricade and the way the figure is posed upon it.

    Good to know Richie. Guess it's my suspicious auditory mind always assuming something not of the norm is indicative of error. Sounds like were the historical advisor on this piece. Hope you got a screen credit :)

  11. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Colin,
    It's all Jose's excellent work, he just ran a few things passed me and all I did was support his portrayal.(y)
  12. T-34/85 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great review Richie,(y) I had this on my list as soon as I saw it. That's a great idea you have about a memorial statue. It would make a fine vignette, having it on a plinth, with say a father and son gazing up at it. You could even go so far as to make it a period piece, with the father being from the 24th and his son looking on in admiration. Good grief, did I just type myself into another potential project:facepalm::nailbiting:
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  13. Richie A Fixture

    Yes you did, so that's two sets you will need to buy:ROFLMAO:.
    T-34/85 likes this.
  14. Jimbo A Fixture

    Great review Richie, I like the look of this figure...very classic heroic pose.(y)
  15. Dennis Active Member

    Thanks Richie, great review, this is a must have; but when it will get fitted in is anyones guess.
    See you soon mate.
  16. arxo Active Member

    Not my kind'a era, but I have to admit this is a formidable looking figure. The posture is just great , worthy indeed of a memorial. Very tempting!!!
  17. Ventress Well-Known Member

    Not my scale but tempted, very useful review.
  18. swralph A Fixture

    Great review thanks for showing
  19. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Richie! Awesome review!!!

    Many thanks for your time! Certainly this miniature is one of the finest releases of this year. After the great Fernando Martin Beneito passed away, I feared for the future of this great company. However, with novelties such as this, their future success is assured! José Hidalgo is unquestionably one of the finest names in the small scales - his work is outstanding and once again he raises the bar! What a great tribute too, to Bill Horan's unmissable style. It is breathtaking!

    I would like to place a question. And please I hope I can express it positively:

    How do you feel the castings are? Sharp?

    Please allow me to justify my question, I noticed this shot of the head - it is, of course bigger than real size, and a difficult shot to make, so is the blur a consequence of photography or do you feel the castings are somehow a bit on the soft side.


    I hope I could express myself clearly. There's no pun intended: I rarely buy small scales but I have this great piece in my list :)

    Thanks once again Richie!
  20. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Nuno,
    I can honestly say that it is my photograhpy that is at fault, all you need to do is look at my posts:LOL:, if you want anymore testament to my skill with a lens just ask billyturnip(Roger), Helm(Steve) or Dennis they can voutch for me.:ROFLMAO: Just look at Jose's painted version. If I can get a good photo and post it I will, mind you might be waiting a year or so for a good from me.;)
    I agree with your sentiments and comments whole heartedly about Beneito and Jose(y).
    billyturnip likes this.

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