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Belgian officer on hippo

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Marijn Van Gils, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Steve Well-Known Member

    That is one of most original and best executed minatures I have ever seen. Simply excellent!--Steve Scott
  2. frank h Well-Known Member

    Hi Marjn
    It was good to meet you at Euro
    This was one of my favourite pieces at the show

    I did not get as close to it as stephen
    but close enough to appreciate
    what a great piece of work you have produced

    Thanks for the close up pics

  3. MAB Well-Known Member

    Great Job ;) Compliment
    The Ippo is very Nice.

  4. wimpie New Member

    Hey Marijn,

    Weeral een zeer mooi stukje werk.
    Spijtig dat ik je op Euro niet heb kunnen spreken, maar één van de weken kom ik zeker eens naar de club.

    C U

  5. Johan Well-Known Member

    Nice one ! Brings back memories of visits to the African museum in Tervuren !
    Congratulations on how well you overcame the challenge of modelling the Hippo with open mouth : you could have done it the easy way with mouth closed, but this extra effort you did adds so much more to this beautiful piece.
    Well done ! ... May I hereby express my hope that you will someday do a vignette of a Belgian colonial soldier and a COMPLETE African Elephant ? :lol: ... just joking :lol:
  6. BHowe New Member

    I think it's all been said already, and I agree wholeheartedly! Simply....brilliant!
  7. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    One of my favourites at the show!

    Was great to meet you and talk to you at the Southcliff Sat night!
  8. megroot A Fixture


    Ik heb niets meer toe te voegen. De foto's zijn dichter bij dan ik het op Euro heb kunnen zien. Het is eigenlijk zo goed als echt.
    Wonderbaarlijk mooi.

  9. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Marijn, Excellent figure. Your creativity seems to know no bounds.~Gary
  10. Joe Hudson Well-Known Member


    Another real beauty. I really enjoy just looking at the hippo. You continue to do great work. Any chance of some in-progress shots of this one? :)

  11. maui Active Member

    This figure is very particular.

    ;) ;) ;) maui
  12. rej Well-Known Member

    Truly Inspirational work Marijn........

    I have apologised in the "The Great Escape" thread :( for upsetting the piece of paint brush.......I know you took it with a pinch of salt but still I was very upset about it :(

    Keep it up!!

    Ray ;)
  13. 43rdMichael Member

    I saw this piece in a photo gallery from Euro and knew the second I saw it who's it was.

    Marijn, your work is orignal and beautifully executed. Inspirational !!
  14. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    What more can be said other then perfection!
  15. kovanen New Member

    Exceptional piece!! Hippo´s skin texture & mouth are amazing. This one and "One way ticket" vignette are my favourites of your latest work...

    Petri Kovanen
  16. Christos Well-Known Member

    Great piece of work,painting of the hippo is excellent!

  17. Major_Goose Well-Known Member

    Absolutely amazing. "Thinking out of the box" works again !!!
  18. MINOS New Member

    Marijn.....you're a monster :D
    Fantastic job....all i love :yes
  19. jerry Member

    great idea, great job ... in few words amazing.

  20. Marijn Van Gils New Member

    Thanks a lot for all the nice words everybody! :)

    Many thanks also for the comment about the neck, Ernesto. I will pay more attention to that area on the next one!

    Christian, that one was by Geoffrey Illsley. Great piece indeed from a modeller who is not afraid to do something different!

    Thanks Ivan! Pleasure to talk to you too!

    Thanks Samuel! See you next week indeed for “the big job”. Don’t worry about the judging: all they can ask from us is to use our eyes and give an honest opinion... And don’t worry about your English either, as it is fine and we all speak the language of modelling anyway! Congrats for your medal(s) too!

    Thanks Frank, it was good to meet you too!

    Inderdaad straf dat we elkaar niet tegen het lijf gelopen zijn Wim. Vrijdag kom ik normaal naar de club. Trouwens nog een dikke proficiat met uw zilveren! De MiG was ook heel enthousiast van uw vignette...

    Thanks Anders! It was great talking to you too, and I hope you’ll be back next year! With some figures, this time... :)

    Hello Ray! Thanks a lot, and please don’t worry about that little accident. It could have happened to everybody, including myself, and took about half a minute to fix. You would have to do a lot worse to wreck a friendship. Believe me, it didn’t bother me at all! This over-apologising on the other hand... :lol:
    Are you coming to Saint Vincent too, so we can talk some more about other things?

    Thanks Joe! I’ll see if I can find some shots before painting.

    Thanks again everybody, and best wishes,


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