Beginner needs help - Charlotte de berry, Pegaso

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Tyrell90, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Tyrell90 New Member

    Hi guys, I bought my first figure, Charlotte de berry figure as I was allways hooked to fantasy, pirates etc...any interesting other figures from this or different companies I may take a look for? Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Coming to my tools, I didnt know much wat to buy and my budget was limited. I have Tamiya surface primer, I have 4 or 5 brushes, not sure now, I bought Flesh and skin colours from AK, zap a gap glue and 6 or 7 Tamiya acrylic paints....this was adviced to me to buy as an absolutelly essential for start, so I end up like on probably 170 USD for this basic stuff. Now, I would like to know what else I would need or if I can start up right as with these tools I have, the lady in the store told me, that this is enough. I have several other questions as a beginner and I hope, that Im not bothering You, maybe faster would be if You send me some youtube link or any youtuber doing this historical and fantasy figures. But if someone here has time, he can help me. I would need to know how to go step by I paint the each part before glueing them together or do I first glue the parts together and than Im starting to paint? Eventually would you use tweezers to hold the parts while painting or is there any trick how to do it simplier? Last, but not least if you can list me some interesting youtubers, books which might help and also as I mentioned before some other tips on interesting figures which might catch my eye. As for whats interesting for me, are mainly fantasy, but not much of a warhammer lover, at least I never even think of going into it, so that put aside, any other fantasy figures, dragons, stuff I can use for Dungeons and Dragons aswell as Im interested in ancient period, especially Romans, Greeks including mythology, Persians, Celtics, Vikings and other ancient civilizations(but main focuse is fantasy)
  2. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    A half-round needle file might be a good idea for cleaning up mold lines, etc.
    If the budget won't allow a needle file right now, then raid the wife's or girlfriend's dressing table. Those little emery boards they use for their nails are pretty useful - and cheap.
    Other than that, LH has provided some good advice on your other thread.
    Good Luck.
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  3. Tyrell90 New Member

    Thank You for support and advive, itll be my first figure, so hope I wont spoil it, actually my wife is in Ghana hehe, so I guess either Id need a lover or put in some extra cash:)
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  4. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    I think you'll find that buying a few emery boards is the much cheaper option....
  5. Landrotten Highlander Well-Known Member

    and most likely the safer one.....
  6. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    Very true....:nailbiting:

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