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WIP Battle of Pelagonia

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Akritis, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Akritis Active Member

    In the Diorama we see the last moment of the Battle as it is being described in the “Morea Chronicle”.
    The Lord of Karytaina Hugues de Bruieres, the second and most important knight after prince William Villehardouin and his vassals and Sergeants, are surrounded by Byzantine troops.
    He refused to surrender to common Byzantine solders, considering that it was not possible a lord to be captured alive by inferior common infantry soldiers and archers.
    Then the commander of the Nicean Byzantine army, Sevastokrator John Palaiologos, who was afraid for Lord Bruieres’s life (the Byzantine wanted to capture the most of the lords alive for many reasons), came closer and asked him to surrender to him.

    He also swore at his sword for the life and honour of the prisoner. After that the Baron of Karytaina surrender, and was sent to captivity together with many other Knight and Prince William. He was also used by the Byzantines as a middleman, during the negotiations with the Principality of Achaea. Historical notes for the battle are below.
    Thanks to Amss memmbers and Marcel Boerrigter for the photos.

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  2. Akritis Active Member

    The Battle of Pelagonia took place in September of 1259, between the Empire of Nicaea against the Despotate of Epirus, Sicily and the Principality of Achaea. It was a decisive event in the Near East history, ensuring the Byzantine reconquest of Constantinople and the end of the Latin Empire in 1261, and marks the beginning of the Byzantine recovery of Greece.
    The exact location remains unclear. It has been called also Battle of Kastoria because the three Byzantine sources (Pachymeres, George Akropolites, Gregoras) informs us that the Epirotic camp was firstly attacked there[ in a location called Boril's Wood (Βορίλλα λόγγος)]. However since the warfare includes also a siege of Prilep it is justifiably called “Battle of Pelagonia”.
    Nicaean emperor Theodore II Laskaris died in 1258 and was succeeded by the young John IV Laskaris, under the regency of Michael VIII Palaiologos, who was determined to restore the Byzantine Empire and recapture all of the territory it held before the Fourth Crusade. In 1259, William II Villehardouin married Anna Komnena Doukaina (also known as Agnes), daughter of Michael II of Epirus, cementing an alliance between the Despotate of Epirus and Achaea against Nicaea. They also allied with Manfred of Sicily who sent them 400 knights.
    In 1259, the Nicaeans invaded Thessaly and in September the Achaean and Epirote army marched north to meet them. The Nicaeans were led by the sebastocrator John Palaiologos, the brother of Michael V`III of Epirus. According to the French Chronicle of Morea, the Nicaean force consisted of the main Byzantine army, with Turkish mercenaries, 2,000 Cumans, 300 Germans, 13,000 Hungarians, and 4,000 Serbs, and Vlachs and Romans(Byzantines). There were supposedly 27 cavalry divisions, although all of these numbers are probably exaggerated. The Nicean commander also gathered all the local peasants and their flocks and placed them on the hilltops, so that from far away they might appear to be part of the army.
    Theodoros Doukas you was with Niceans, then sent a false deserter to Michael II Doukas and William, exaggerating the number of Nicaean troops and chastizing Michael for attempting to attack a family member. The baron of Karytaina,Hugues de Bruieres, did not believe the deserter, and convinced the Achaeans to stay when they decided to flee. Still, Michael II and his troops deserted during the night and fled; according to George Pachymeres this is because Michael's illegitimate son John quarreled with William.
    On the next day, the Frankish knights attacked, first at the German heavy cavalry mercenaries of the Byzantines under the duke of Carinthia on the Nicaean side. The duke was killed in the fight. The horce archers of the Byzantine army then, killed all the Achaean horses, leaving the knights effectively defenceless. The Achaean foot soldiers fled and the knights surrendered; Prince William fled as well and hid under a nearby haystack where he was soon captured. Theodore brought him to John Palaiologos, brother of Michael VIII, who was in command of the expedition, and William was forced to give up strategic fortresses in Achaea (including Mystras) before he was set free.`
  3. Akritis Active Member

    The Rolls of palaiologian Dianasty and the coat of arms of Villeardouin

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  4. Akritis Active Member

    Convertion at old elisena figure (Cuman Archer)

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  5. megroot A Fixture

    I saw this in real last weekend and it was great. A well deserved medal.

  6. Akritis Active Member


    Thanks a lot Marc. Next year we will get metal at COLMAR resturant!!!
  7. Sambaman Well-Known Member


    Jay H.
  8. Christosjager A Fixture

    Great work George, it's always a very nice feeling seeing another one medieval Greek history lover.
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  9. Sergey Popovichenko A Fixture

    Beautiful, ambitious and high-quality work! My congratulations! Breath is intercepted by the abundance of figures and details on the diorama! But I want more different photo from different angles.
  10. Black Army Well-Known Member

    As earlier we could seen it's a great work! Congratulations to the medall!

  11. rheath Active Member

    This is a beauty - however some closer shots please as I'm sure we are not seeing the best of this piece.
  12. FigureLover A Fixture

    Looks impressive from the photos given. I too would love to see some close ups to be able to see the great work you have put into this awesome piece.
  13. sarouman A Fixture

    Γεια Γιωργο!!
    Εχω πραγματικα πολυ καιρο να θαυμασω ενα τετοιο διοραμα με καταπληκτικο κατ' αρχην θεμα, αλλα και με τοσες πολλες φιγουρες.
    Συμφωνω απολυτα με τον Χρηστο, γενικα η Ιστορια μας εχει αμετρητα θεματα για φτιαξιμο.
    Very great job my friend!!!

  14. unknown01 New Member

    It's very dramatic and magnificent.
    The work which is a spectacle.
    Indeed it's wonderful!

  15. pmfs A Fixture

    Great work!
    Well deserved medal.(y)
  16. gordy Well-Known Member

    Fabulous work and congratulations George! (y)
  17. Joseph Brubaker New Member

    Great dio,full of action drama very well done sir,thanks for posting
  18. JOHNGE New Member

    Sir, I would dare to say it's a Masterpiece! Congratulations and lot of respect. The concept is unique! The action! The painting!
    I would like, if it's possible, more pictures and details concerning the figures (company, conversions).
    One more time thanks a lot for posting.
  19. John Bowery A Fixture

    Excellent rendition and loads of detail and figures very well painted and action.
    How long did this take you?
  20. milten2004 Active Member

    EXCELLENT diorama, Excellent painting but give us some more pictures.

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