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WIP Battle of Austerlitz 1805 - The Struggle Before Telnice

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Daniel.M, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Daniel.M Active Member


    Thanks a lot, dear friends. Your praise makes us very happy;-).

    Dan& Katka
  2. Marco22 A Fixture

    great dio
    cant wait to see the rest ...
  3. Daniel.M Active Member

    Thanks for the compliment:) . We are corrected some inaccuracies on the uniforms. On the other figures for dioramas already in the works. And tomorrow at midnight (Central European Time) we are starting two new threads here. It will be two pieces of Napoleon's generals. This time we will try to SBS, in this case it will be a Top Quality sculpting. Recently, we work only on low cost figures, so we welcome this challenge. So keep your fingers crossed;) .

    Dan & Katka
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  4. Daniel.M Active Member

    Greeting to all. Here are three next figures for this diorama. Senior officer of jaegers, line musketeer a subaltern of Novoingermanland regiment. Figure pose and movement of this pieces designed by Borek. More photos we will posted in the end of week:) .

    Dan & Kathy


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  5. Lasalle A Fixture

    Where and When Ican buy It?
    It's FANTASTIC!!!
  6. Daniel.M Active Member

    Thank you very much. Still being finalized two infantrymen and we are working on the last three mounted figures . Availability figures and distributor announce here as soon as possible.

    Here are the promised pictures of these new figures.

    MN1.jpg MN2.jpg MN3.jpg MN4.jpg MN5.jpg MN6.jpg MN7.jpg MN8.jpg MN9.jpg MN10.jpg
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  7. Daniel.M Active Member

  8. Daniel.M Active Member

  9. Lasalle A Fixture

    Ok, thanks! (y)
    Best regards
  10. Borek A Fixture

    Nice work.

    To jste zvládli strašně rychle, vždyť jsem vám ty návrhy posílal před několika dny. Spíte vy vůbec:wideyed:?
  11. kasyan Member

    very impression scene

    little mistake - russian officers is not wearing the shaco till 1809 - only becorn hat (ln light infantry too)
  12. Borek A Fixture


    No, this would not be a mistake. Lower Russian officers in 1805, often wore shako of ordinary infantry decorated according to their own taste. It even seems that these shakos were decorated according to the same pattern, as shown by the findings part of this decoration on the battlefield at Austerlitz. On this figurine shako created according to this finding: decorative cords from the center of the cockade slack and attached on the shako sides on the small tzarist two heads eagle.From this decoration is probably later derived form of of regular officers shako model 1809.
    If you know Dan consulting that with an expert on the Russian infantry in the Battle of Austerlitz.

    Cheers Borek:)
  13. kasyan Member

    where is information that they "often wore" and espessially "decorated according to their own taste" ?

    where i may look at this?

    things, that was ordered for the shaco in 1809, derived from the "decorated according to their own taste" in 1805?

    no, I dont know :) who is this?
  14. Borek A Fixture


    Hi Kasian

    Sorry, wrong translation, there should be "as far as I know ...:D

    Austerlitz 2005 - Collection of lectures and Studies - Russian Army in the Battle of Austerlitz 1805 - Author Karel Klátil

    The finding is currently part of the private collection of a collector from Prague, here is a reconstruction of the Grenadier Shako (compared to infantry junior officer shako accompanied by the garnet and plume) (these are non-regulation Shako often used by junior officers/ober oficeri/)


    I'm not an expert, just a quote from the expert text. I do not know more, need to contact Daniel.

    Cheers Borek:)
  15. kasyan Member

    sorry i was (may be) some wrong - in this book there is a mention of such non-ordered cap whearing in mid of the 1800 , but it is doubtful that in such caps were in battle orders

    but here still there is a mistake :D
    on the miniature are made both an a chinstrap, and a "chinchain" (whith same function) - must be somethig one
  16. Daniel.M Active Member


    Hello Kasyan:)
    Borek wrote quite correctly . At the battle of Austerlitz definitely some junior officers had these shakos.
    I enclose translation of the text on the matter:
    Decorated version of the infantry shako vz. 1803 it was extended to lower infantry officers before the start of the campaign in 1805 (to procure it at your own expense). Fitted with feather plume from the regular shako, subject to the decorating tastes of the owner (but it seems that it was a few variations of each). Initially only allowed off duty and on the march - later became practically the only hat junior officers (except for ceremonial). The generals and staff officers persisted until 1807 with the regular hat (bicorn).

    For corrections relating to the chin strap thanks a lot(y) . We will fix it.
  17. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Mousouri kapiça yoteh

    This make an interesting set
  18. kasyan Member

    I can seem annoying, but where the facts? any memoirs of eyewitnesses Austerlitz battle ?

    its not OFFICIALLY extended
    OK, russian author, in the text of the book that i placed above, (no one better than russian to know about Russian Imperial Army) - is mentioned of use this shaco in 1805 by the officers (not only lower, junior)
    but there is no ward about of the battle
    like an other army, russian officers had full dress, servise dress, etc
    for example, on Austerlitz field russian guard (heading the tzar) was in full parade dress
  19. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Time travel . Let's not forget time travel .
    H.G. Wells ( Warehouse 13 staff officer )
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  20. kasyan Member

    OK, OK sir
    finally, all the authors have a right on their own vision

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