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Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Lancer, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Lancer Active Member

    Finished this one a couple months back, got to love a larger figure where you don't need the brushes!

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  2. Lancer Active Member

    Another view!

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  3. KeithP Active Member

    Gosh, Batman's been working out, huh?

    Mark - Looks pretty cool. What scale is tthis figure?

  4. Lancer Active Member

    One more!
    P.S. What kind of light bulbs are you using when you photograph your kits, regular bulbs always seem to wash out the colors when I try???

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  5. Lancer Active Member

    Hey Kieth
    I'm guessing about 1/6, he stands just shy of 8 inches from his toes to the tip of his ears. I ordered him from Frontier models in the U.K. and I suspect he might be a recast since he arrived in bubblepack with no instructions or information about the manufacturer.
  6. KeithP Active Member


    I think your photo's are fine.

    But, as a general rule, I try to photo my figures under the same lighting conditons that I painted it. Also, a tripod really helps keep the vibration down.

  7. PJ Deluhery Active Member

    Wow! Mark, it's a knockout. As a long-time fan of the balck knight, I have to say this is the best figure of this guy I have seen so far. Great "brush" work!! thanks for letting us in on this one.
  8. Calvin Member

    Try to avoid the direct light from the bulb (for example using a tissue to filter the light). Aside the reflection, your pictures are nice, I like the background.
  9. Kandor8 Active Member

    Whoa, That's some take on the Dark Knight! The bat-ears almost look like they're dorsal fins! Great paint job and presentation! If your flash is seperate from your camera, bouncing the flash off of a nearby wall or the ceiling gives a nice diffused lighting effect or taking the subject outside on a slightly overcast day works well also. That's my main complaint with digital cameras - the loss of flexibility when using artificial lighting (flash). Another thing you could try if you have a strong zoom feature is to stand as far away from the subject and use your zoom to get closer without moving the camera. This will distance the flash from the subject and reduce "hot spots" on the subject.
    Ric :)
  10. Lancer Active Member

    Thanks Guys
    I'll try using some tissue over the spots I'm using, I guess its like painting, keep trying until you get the hang of it!
  11. MSzwarc New Member


    That's definitely a different Batman! Not the one I remember from the rather embarassing TV show of the 60's or 70's.

    Since you did him with an airbrush, perhaps you can answer a question for me (if he was painted with acrylics that is!) What procedure do you use to clean your airbrush after a painting session? I've never had any trouble with enamels, and I've even used mine to spray 2-part epoxy paints and not had much trouble cleaning it. But for some reason, whenever I've used acrylics I've had problems with the cleanup. Even when I've thought I had cleaned it thoroughly, the next time I picked it up, the mechanism would be "glued" together. I've used plain water, detergent and water, rubbing alcohol, and Windex. Now, however, I usually don't even consider spraying acrylics because I dread the cleanup :( . I expect that either I'm not using the proper solvent to clean with, or I'm not cleaning as thoroughly as I think I am. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  12. Lancer Active Member

    Hey Mike
    I almost never use acrylics, except for the whites of eyes and a few of the metallic colors I'm strictly an enamel guy. I'm still struggling after 15 years with enamels and oils and while I love some of the work our planet guys can do with acrylics I'm too far gone to try learning a new painting technique. Sorry but I don't have any advice for you!
  13. D.Lesko Member

    One thing ive found that helps is adding a little Flow-Aid retarder to the acrylic paint. Ill add one or two drops in each bottle of thinned paint. The retarder helps keep the acrylic "wet" and prevents it from building up on the tip of your needle. Give it a try, it works real well. Also, i use badger airbrush cleaner between colors and this does a great job on getting the acrylics out of the brush. Also, fill a bowl with airbrush restorer and soak the airbrush parts in it between projects, this will desolve any lft over residue. Hope this helps :)
  14. megroot A Fixture

    Great painting Mark

    I really enjoying looking at your Batman.

  15. MSzwarc New Member

    Mark, you can't imagine how true that rings to me today :lol: ! Suffice it to say that this is a day I'm glad I went through, but I hope never to go through again (you had to be there)! Thanks for the response.

    Dave, thanks for the advice. I was thinking I probably didn't do enough to prevent the acrylic buildup. Soaking the airbrush in pieces between use sounds like a good idea.

  16. Roc Active Member

    Mark, extremely well done, one of the best Bat Man figures I have ever seen

    Keep up the good work and keep on posting.

    Roc. :)
  17. scubatwo New Member


    Great looking Batman! Super job on the colors and the highlights on the cape.

    Do you know who sculpted and produced this one?


  18. phc35 Active Member

    I checked out Frontier's webb site and didn't see that figure.How long ago did you
    buy yours?

  19. Lancer Active Member

    Hey Scott, Jay
    Picked it up from Frontier Models about a year ago, the only info I have about it was the inscription on the back, probably the sculpter "Canale". Someone told me it was a limited run peice. They do have a similiar piece called Nightfighter on Frontiers site! Thats about all the info I have on it!
  20. fsdesimone Member

    Then the sculptor was Martin Canale - he does *incredible* larger scale stuff. You guys should check out his website: http://www.goregoregore.com/

    Very nice paintjob Mark!


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