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Completed Bath Time Surprise

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Glen, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Glen Active Member

    washday_dwg_web.jpg washday_sculpt_web.jpg washday_paint_web.jpg

    I'm still working at sculpting and painting flats. This is a scratchbuilt piece using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, assorted hobby knife blades, a couple of scribers, and a needle in a pin-vise. The putty was rolled out over a drawing covered with waxed paper and the outline trimmed away. Once cured it was flat sanded to reduce some of the little hills and valleys. The drawing was then transferred to the flat.

    The piece was carved/engraved in three basic layers. The numbers on the drawing represent the thickest (1) to thinnest parts of the carving (3) and were a basic means of keeping me on track during the carving process. The foreground portion of the tub, the shoulder/foreground arm, and her hair are one layer (and the thickest part of the piece). The body and head are the second thickest, while the back of the tub, the rearmost arm, and her neck are the third (and thinnest) layer. I also carved in some shallow depressions for the eye sockets and the hollows of her cheeks. The eyes and mouth are engraved, while the nose is a combination of carving down the far side of her face and a little extra putty to build it up. The tub's slats and rings were engraved as well. The piece ranges about .5mm to 1.25mm thick or so.

    The piece was primed with Floquil Model Railroad Primer (although any fine grained primer will do) and painted with Reaper Master Series acrylic paints. The basic skin tone is a 1:1 mix of Tanned Skin and Rosy Shadow. The shading used the basic skin tone darkend with Redstone Shadow. It took a couple of attempts since to much Redstone shadow resulted in a dark sunburned look. As I learned... The lighter tones were done using progressive amounts of Linen White and Pure White added to the basic mix.

    As always, questions and comments are welcomed.



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  2. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Nice work on the skin tones and the illusion of depth. The foam looks nicely done.
  3. John Bowery A Fixture

    Nicely done and I also like the foam.
  4. mil-mart A Fixture

    Hi Glen saw this on another forum and must say I do like this, great sculpting and painting.

    Cheers Ken
  5. Glen Active Member

    Thanks everyone! Ken always good to hear from you. The soap suds are basically very thin white and cool greys stippled on with a small brush. Stippled in layers of course to very the opacity. The soap running down her side and arm was a thin wash stroked on, then given the stipple treatment. I was also pleased the way it turned out, since it was shot in the dark. Usually, it's a case of 'oh, crap, that didn't work', but sometimes I surprise myself...
  6. FigureLover A Fixture

    The way the foam is running down her body is perfect
  7. Glen Active Member

    Thanks Ben. I have another one planned with a different style tub and a side view of a girl with her arms up washing her hair. The suds might be useful for hiding her naughty bits. Or, not... ;)
  8. hazmat Member

    Thanks for sharing !!!
  9. Mike Stevens A Fixture

    Well done Glen. Hopefully you'll bring it to the Dallas show.
  10. Glen Active Member

    Thanks! It will be at the LSF Show; that way everyone can see the warts... :D

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