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  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi fellow modellers on PF,

    After my recent review from Corsar Rex ( in which I promised another look at a bust from them ...well here it is :


    This time we have a Basmachi Commander (to be honest I had to do a lot of research on this as I initially though Basmachi was a type of rice used in curry;)) ..............well this Basmachi is just as tasty in Resin !!!!!

    Lets have some background details on this conflict and the people it involved:

    Basmachi Revolt, Russian Basmachestvo, insurrection against Soviet rule in Central Asia, begun in 1916 and largely suppressed by 1926 with sporadic fighting continuing till 1934. An amalgam of Muslim traditionalists and common bandits, the Basmachi were soon widespread over most of Turkistan, much of which was under regimes independent of but allied to Soviet Russia.

    At their height in 1920 through 1922, some sources claim that the rebels had twenty to thirty thousand men under arms, controlled the Ferghana valley and most of Turkistan, and enjoyed widespread popularity among the indigenous non-Russian population

    The revolt threatened the Soviet government with the permanent loss of much of Turkistan. But the Bolsheviks enjoyed military superiority, greater discipline, and a singleness of purpose. The Basmachi, on the other hand, were nearly as inclined to attack each other as to fight their common foe. By conciliating nationalist sentiment in Central Asia, the Soviet government defused the revolt and paved the way for successful incorporation of the area into the Soviet Union.

    For additional reading about this period I suggest that you get hold of the Osprey MAA books on the Russian Civil War (MAA 293 and 305 ) ...both gives the reader a great insight into the conflict during the time ...and with great colour plates as well!!!
    MAA 293.jpg MAA 305.jpg
    The sculpt was I feel inspired by a film called "White Sun in the Desert" so here are the images from that:
    vlcsnap-2010-06-08-23h12m12s127.png belt.jpg bas 2.jpg

    and now some images of actual Basmachi :

    1.jpg bas.jpg

    Continued in next post:
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Let the fun begin .................(y)

    What are going to be sharing today I hear you ask :

    Title: Balmachi Commander (Miitary Movement) 1916-1933

    Scale: 200mm

    Material: Resin

    No of pieces: 3

    Sculptor: Travianskiy Sergey (Menelay)

    Box Art: Vorobiov Ruslan

    As before the model was received quickly and efficiently , well protected from the ravages of our Post Office , it is contained in the very nicely presented yellow box with raised Logo and Blue details , the top of the box had a full colour picture to use as reference if you wish .

    C 1.jpg C 2.jpg
    Sculpted by someone who is very familiar to us on PF and modellers everywhere , it is of course Menelay ...a great start to the review.

    Consisting of just 3 pieces , the main body with head and the 2 weapons which fit into his belt , these being a pistol and a knife .
    C 3.jpg

    Lets begin with the main chunk of resin , out came my optivisor and all could find was the tiniest of casting lines running up the sides and up through the hair and turban , nothing difficult in dealing with this as it is so fine ...but be careful not to loose the detail on the piece .

    C 4.jpg C 5.jpg C 6.jpg C 7.jpg

    Starting at the top , the turban is an absolute masterpiece of sculpting , beautiful folds of the cloth , hanging naturally down at the side , tension on the material on the top ...lovely start .

    C 10.jpg C 12.jpg C 13.jpg C 11.jpg C 16.jpg C 14.jpg

    The hair is finely done , the face is another area which is nothing short of excellent , keeping to the references used, eyes and nose features are cracking and are crying out to paint , he has a well kept beard , again a fine area of work , neck muscles have been studied well (as expected) , his head is turned to his left looking serious and like a leader .

    He wears a military style jacket , ruffled up open at the chest exposing the chest hair ..almost individual strands ..lovely touch this. !!! .

    The uniform is really a wonderful area , fine undercutting on the lapels and pockets, , the material is dishevelled with great folds , the lapels has seams sculpted , the pockets look like they have something in them almost making me want to try and undo them., butons are spot on perfectly circular with button holes behind.

    Across his chest he has a leather belt , this looks like it is actually being worn and has been worked well pushing the lapel in.

    C 8.jpg
    Over this uniform he has the distinctive and traditional robes , hanging naturally , folds are sculpted so well ..I am nearly lost for words ..except to say ALL the SCULPTING is BRILLIANT.

    At his waist he has a studded belt , in leather as per the picture from the film ...traditional patterns ... its a great touch and makes the piece even more special , it has been sculpted ready to receivethe knife and the pistol , being pushed slightly forward by them .

    C 9.jpg

    On now to the weapons themselves , we have a pistol (a Mauser K96) and a knife , both have casting plugs to remove ..easy using a razor saw .

    C 37a.jpg C 38a.jpg

    Looking at the pistol detail is spot on , trigger and mechanism are all there , there is a ring on the top of the handle so be careful , the knife is a tribal one of which there are many variations all prized by the owner , it is sheathed with tiny details at the top and also on the handle .

    pistol 2.jpg pistol 1.jpg pistol.jpg knife1.jpg knife.jpg

    My Final thoughts :

    This is one of the best busts I have seen for sculpting , such care and attention to details has been put into it .....WONDERFUL .

    The presentaion from Corsar is 1st class as is the customer service .

    Currently there are 4 busts on the website (this one , the Thracian,a Teutonic Knight and the Journalist Francois from the film in 1976 called The Toy)

    All are great , I am very tempted by the other 2 !!!!

    I do hope there will be more from Corsar....soon please.

    Have a look at this and the other products on offer from them you wil not be dissapointed


    Finally lets have a full picture from the front and a look at the box art again and another version have found .....Enjoy

    C 4.jpg bust.jpg 20001s.jpg

    Thanks for sharing this with me its been a pleasure

  3. Gaudin A Fixture

    Very interesting and rare subject, the story of Russian Civil war isnt that well exposed in the West anyway, even for majority of Russians - these events describe the spread of the fire of revolution into the outlays of Empire.

    "White desert sun" is a cult classic, I grew up with it ( albeit not understanding historical implications and not aware of ambiguities that Soviet line tried to iron out) generations of kids grew up playing the heroes and nearly every second phrase in the film is a Mem now, frequently used today.

    This fellow is the main " baddie" of the film, brutally kills a numptie sidekick of the main hero.

    This bust can also be easily converted into some Afgan camaigns in variety of settings

    PS he has a proper wooly sweater too
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