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Base Title Plates

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade/Accessories' started by lpa53, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. lpa53 Member

    I did a search here but came up empty. What home-made name plates for bases do people use? Long ago (I'm just now getting back into the hobby) I used custom metal plates but that got expensive. Then I used parchment card stock and printed my own. I liked that but am having a hard tome finding card stock locally and on line find only reams. What other solutions are used?
  2. DEL A Fixture


    If you work your way through the Articles SBS forum you should come up with a few.
    Here's one I did a while back, I've modified the process since then resulting in a more 'polished' end product.
    One thing to consider is the time cost factor, sometimes it is more economic to go to the professionals, but not as much fun.
    Here's another from Marta
    and finally
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  3. arj A Fixture

    Many moons ago my method used to be Letraset (very time-consuming and sometimes not particularly successful)
    These days I use the computer and print on photo quality paper.
    My preferred software is MS Excel, and I find the use of text boxes superimposed on each other very simple for simulating borders etc. Fonts can be chosen to suit the subject.
    Any additional items such as motifs can be added as jpgs, and sized to suit.
    Once printed and cut to size, the white edge is coloured with a Sharpie felt tip (my predominant edge colour tends to be black).
    With all my labels having a similar appearance, I end up with a unified display.
    Also, if a label is damaged, it's simplicity itself to print another one.

  4. lpa53 Member

    What color background do you use? In the past I used parchment paper. I like the look of a black background but the lighter lettering isn't sharp

    when using normal paper. Does using photo-quality paper help that. Also do you use matte photo paper? ... and what thickness?
  5. lpa53 Member

    Wow, those labels you made were great. Since I'm just getting back into the hobby and not even sure I can still paint, I'll stick to something simple for now!
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  6. arj A Fixture

    My main background is black with white lettering. A Bold font tends to be better than the basic one.
    My photo paper is glossy and gives very satisfactory results (for me anyway).
    I often check out how the label looks by printing it on ordinary paper before doing the final print, and I agree that the general look might appear poor.
    The final print on photo paper is much sharper and brighter.

  7. arj A Fixture

    Following on from my posts above, it's always better to have a picture instead of a load of words.
    Here's one of my labels and a breakdown of how it went together:-

    Elias label.jpg

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  8. lpa53 Member

    The photo on the label is a neat idea. By layer, am I correct in assuming you mean a digital layer?

    After realizing I had several packs of glossy photo paper that had been packaged with ink cartridges, I made the label below. It's for an ancient Stadden figure I painted decades ago that needed a better base but that I could experiment on. I considered creating some sort of thick backing for label to lift it off of the base's surface but in the end thought it looked fine sitting in the same plane. In future I'll probably darken the cut edges.

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  9. arj A Fixture

    Yes, it's a digital layer system.
    As I said above, I use the art elements of Microsoft Excel; but any art package that you're happy with will suffice.
    I also use a Sharpie felt tip to blacken the edges.
    Run the edge of the tip along the label, holding the label with the face in the same direction as the tip. That way, if the pen slips it will only mark the back of the label.
    That's a nice label you produced.
    Have fun experimenting.

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  10. lpa53 Member

    I tried several programs but ended up liking PowerPoint best. The net go round I'll definitely use the Sharpie.
  11. krow113 Active Member

    I've been using my laser to good effect on wood:
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  12. yellowcat A Fixture

    Free hand lettering with a pen nib on wood base.
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  13. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I think above average artistic ability is required for this Yellowcat.....LOL

    Great result.


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